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Gossip Column: Patrik Antonius Shatters US Live Streamed Poker Record, Wins $1,978,000 Pot

Patrik Antonius
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  • RUPAM THAKUR February 20, 2023
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Finish poker pro Patrik Antonius made headlines on Sunday night by winning the largest pot ever live-streamed in the US, an eye-popping $1,978,000. The previous record was set by Alan Keating, who won $1,158,000 in Hustler Casino Live (HCL), but it pales compared to Antonius’ latest feat.

Official records are scattered, but the largest televised pot reported is from Triton Poker’s Jeju Cash Game in 2018. Tom Dwan was on the short end of it that time. He was all-in pre-flop with A-Q against Paul Phua‘s pocket rockets for a pot worth $2,353,500.

Antonius is no stranger to setting records. He previously won the largest online poker pot worth $1,356,947 in 2009 on Full Tilt Poker against Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. This record was disputed recently, as Tony G apparently won a pot worth $1,820,783 against Leon Tsoukernik in January 2022, though the hand took place in a crypto game on CoinPoker. However, Antonius`s latest accomplishment is the largest ever in US televised poker history, a historic moment that will go down in the chronicles of the game.

The historic pot took place on the third night of the “No Gamble, No Future: Cash of the Titans game, a high-stakes poker game that saw six players buy in for $1 million, with an additional $100,000 side bet for the player who finished with the most profit. Each player had a pair of $500,000 bullets, which they could use to either buy in for the $1 million or start with $500,000 and add on later.

To start the game, each player opted to start with $500,000, and a pair of three-hour levels were played each day.

The excitement came early in the game, as the hand that saw Antonius win the historic pot took place just 30 minutes into the game on Day 3. With the blinds at $1K/$2K /$2K, Eric Persson opened to $7K from the hijack with . Rob Young on the button called with . Patrik Antonius from the small blind raised it to $30K holding .

With a paired board and a nut flush draw, Antonius bet $40K into the $94K pot. However, Eric Persson raised to $140K holding an inferior flush draw. Rob Yong folded, and Antonius popped it back to $250K, leading to Persson calling.

The turn led Antonius to bet $150K, and Persson responded by pushing all-in for $692K. Antonius, who had $542K left, took about ten seconds to consider his decision before making the call.

With all the players agreeing to run all-in pots only once, the meaningless was dealt on the river, and Antonius raked in the nearly $2 million pot.

Commentator Jeff Platt couldn’t contain his excitement and exclaimed, “That is the biggest pot in US televised poker history.”

Co-host Brent Hanks added, “We have just witnessed something extraordinary.” A moment that will go down in the poker hall of fame.

You can watch the hand below.


PokerGO tweeted the news.


Despite winning the giant pot, Antonius was still significantly behind Andrew Robl in overall profits. Robl came out in the green for an astounding $1,296,000 after the seven levels of play, well ahead of Antonius’ $149,000, while Markus Gonsalves was the only other player in a profit ($585,000).


Robl ultimately emerged as the “Cash of the Titans” winner by making the most profit throughout the game. He also encashed the $100K side bet set aside by each player, making the total pot $600K for finishing the game with the most profit.

Andrew Robl$1,796,000$1,296,000
Markus Gonsalves$1,585,000$585,000
Patrik Antonius$1,149,000$149,000
MJ Gonzales$970,000-$30,000
Rob Yong--
Eric Persson--

Content & Images Courtesy: PokerNews & PokerGO

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