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Gossip Column: Phil Galfond Wins Third Consecutive Heads-Up Challenge After Chance Kornuth Concedes 

Gossip Column - Phil Galfond and Chance Kornuth
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis January 25, 2021
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Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Galfond sure does know how to win heads-up challenges as he remains undefeated after running through three challengers in his much-talked-about Galfond Challenge.

Galfond has reason to rejoice after coming out on top in the third heads-up challenge against poker coach Chance Kornuth! The duo started off their challenge in September last year, and after 25,000 hands across 50 sessions, the latter conceded the challenge on Sunday, January 24.

The entire poker community had been following the challenge closely, and it was a swingy one, at least through the mid-way stage. By November, Galfond was pretty much on the backfoot, staring at a near six-figure deficit. But by December, Galfond was back to his winning ways, and there was no stopping the Run It Once founder from there on out.

Phil Galfond & Chance Kornuth


Recap of the Last 3 Sessions

From session 48 to 50, it was Galfond all the way. The 48th session that took place on January 15 saw Galfond book a $40,000 profit, while the 49th session brought him another $126,000 in profits.

The 50th and the final session took place on January 24. By the end of the session, the duo had played 25,000 hands out of their agreed 35,000, with Galfond pulling ahead for $726,500. Staring at the tall deficit, Kornuth decided to concede victory to his rival.


Galfond Praises Kornuth

Kornuth tweeted his decision to concede the challenge to Galfond, claiming that he wants to spend more time with his family. Given that he became a father in December, it’s understandable that he would like to get the high-pressure challenge out of the way to spend more time with his new-born.


The ever-gracious Galfond was all praises for his opponent, saying that: “He tested my game in ways no other opponents had, exposing weaknesses I wasn’t aware of, and I’m stronger now for it.”


After conceding the match on Sunday, Kornuth graciously joined Galfond for a wrap-up interview on the Run it Once YouTube channel.


What’s Next For Galfond?

Galfond has two more heads-up challenges booked with entrepreneur Bill Perkins and poker pro Dan “Jungleman” Cates. However, when these challenges will take place is uncertain. Given the shortage of choices in the US and travel restrictions in place because of the prevailing pandemic, Galfond might need to travel abroad for the challenge.

“I would love to do it,” Galfond said of his match against Perkins. “If I could do it from Vegas, I guess I’d be playing whenever he wanted to, but unfortunately, he can’t.”

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