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Gossip Column: Luke Schwartz Taunts Phil Galfond, Dan Cates Calls Out Tom Dwan

Phil Galfond, Luke Schwartz, Dan Cates & Tom Dwan - Gossip Column
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly February 13, 2020
  • 4 Minutes Read

Pull up a chair and get your popcorn buckets ready folks because this time we have a lot of drama to report. Getting things in motion was none other than the ever-opinionated Luke Schwartz, who went after Phil Galfond on Twitter just a day after the PLO legend announced that he was suspending his ongoing challenge against ‘VeniVidi1993.’

Schwartz still backed off in the end, after Galfond subtly threatened to reveal the texts they had shared regarding their own challenge match-up. Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, on the other hand, seems to have reached a point of no return with his anger against Tom Dwan. Even after a decade since the ‘Durrrr Challenge’ was abandoned by Dwan, Cates still hasn’t let Dwan off the hook. Though Cates has deleted the tweets wherein he had charged at Dwan and called him out for being unethical, something tells us we haven’t heard the last of the story yet.


Luke Schwartz Taunts Phil Galfond For Losing Over €900K

The brash Luke Schwartz is back at it again. Known for being outspoken (read: cocky), Schwartz took a pot-shot at Phil Galfond after the latter suspended his challenge against ‘VeniVidi1993′ after being stuck over €900,000 in his match.

Luke Schwartz
Luke Schwartz


Taking to Twitter to share his opinionated rant, Schwartz called Galfond a “washed up nice guy” who “can’t beat the top guys in PLO anymore.”

As expected, this caused the poker Tweeteratti to come out in droves. While there was support for both parties, Galfond still got more people to side with him.

Not to be deterred, Schwartz lashed out at those tweeting against him.

However, it was Galfond who ultimately gave the most fitting reply to Schwartz’ rant.

Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond


Following Galfond’s response, Schwartz quickly backed off, claiming that he was “just hyping it.”

Ever the gentleman, Galfond had a fitting reply for Schwartz yet again.

As the situation stands now, it looks like the match-up between Galfond and Schwartz will most likely take place after the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP).


Dan Cates Calls Out Tom Dwan on His Unethical Behaviour

On the heels of Schwartz rant on Twitter, it seems that ‘Jungleman,’ aka Dan Cates, also has some bones to pick with Tom Dwan. The duo’s ‘Durrrr Challenge’ has time and again been a hot topic of discussion within the poker community, especially following Dwan’s disappearance from the limelight. But since Dwan has returned to the game two years back, Cates has tried all means to either get him to finish the heads-up challenge or pay Cates what he is owed, which according to the latter, is over a million dollars.

Dan Cates
Dan Cates


In a since-deleted tweet, Cates apparently called out Dwan, saying, “I have no problem calling @TomDwan out for behaving wildly unethically.”

It continued: “Not just with me but with others he owes money to including his friends who have no real power. The real dilemma I have in my mind is where the line between justice in vengeance is, and how far I should go…”

Dwan had made his comeback at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Jeju in July 2018. Talking about his challenge with Joey Ingram, he had even revealed how he had managed to trick Cates. The latter wasn’t very impressed with the clip.

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan


Peeved at Dwan’s globetrotting lifestyle, Cates fired off the first in what would be a volley of Twitter shots at Dwan.

While Dwan did not respond to the tweet, Ingram brought up the Galfond challenge that Cates will also be participating in.

This tweet was reportedly followed by Cates asking, “how far should I go?” However, this was later deleted.

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