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Gossip Column: ACR CEO Phil Nagy Apologizes After Making Crude Comments on Twitch Stream & More

Gossip Column: Nagy Apologizes After Making Crude Comments on Twitch Stream, Perkins Wins Day 8 Against Tice & Brill Receives $27K in Anti-SLAPP Judgement
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis June 18, 2021
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There has been a lot of controversial gossip surrounding Americas Cardroom (ACR) CEO Phil Nagy this past week. The poker honcho was caught making crude comments on a Twitch stream last Friday, some of which was directed towards poker streamer ‘WeePro83.’ Following the incident, ACR Twitch streamer Ruben Costa tweeted he was quitting ACR because of Nagy’s comments against his partner ‘WeePro83.’ Nagy later apologized profusely for his behavior, trying to undo the damage.

Moving on to the Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins heads-up challenge. After a brutal Day 7 that saw Tice punching a $90,568.2 profit, Perkins managed to make a small comeback on Day 8 by booking a $10,682.21 profit. Tice is still in the lead for $95,899.18 after 3,144 hands.

Finally, there was a small celebrated win for the lead defendant in the massive $330 million defamation lawsuit filed by alleged poker cheat Mike Postle, Veronica Brill. She won a $27,745 judgment against Postle for her legal costs in defending the case.


ACR CEO Phil Nagy Apologizes After Strong Backlash For Making Crude Comments Against Twitch Streamer ‘WeePro83’

Poker is a male-dominated sport, and misogynistic comments are sadly not unheard of. But coming from a person who holds a prominent place within the industry is a major setback when it comes to bringing about gender neutrality. The latest offender was Americas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy, who on June 11 made several crude sexual comments on a twitch stream, some of which aimed at poker streamer ‘WeePro83.’

Phil Nagy
Phil Nagy


Nagy’s comments led ACR Twitch streamer Ruben Costa, who also happens to be ‘WeePro83’s partner, to quit the ACR Stormers.


‘WeePro83’ also took to Twitter to state that she would not be playing her Sunday session on ACR, for which she had sold action.


Nagy was quick to apologize to Costa.


Nagy also replied to several other tweets regarding his behavior.


On June 17, Nagy issued a full-fledged apology a week after the incident happened.


His apology was appreciated by many within the poker community.


Bill Perkins Wins Day 8; Landon Tice Still in the Lead Just Shy of $100K!

With eight sessions of the Landon TiceBill Perkins heads-up challenge now in the books, things are still as swingy as ever. So far, 3,144 hands of the 20,000-hand challenge have been played, and while Tice is ahead by $95K, the latest session saw Perkins come out on top to claim a $10K+ profit.

Bill Perkins
Bill Perkins


Tice has given Perkins’s a handicap of 9 BB’s/100 hands in their two-table, $200/$400 HUNL battle over 20,000 hands on ACR – effectively a $720,000 head start for the high-rolling poker amateur.

Landon Tice
Landon Tice


Since the outset, the pair have swapped session victories, though a big hit from Tice this week in the seventh session put him on course to meet his tricky pre-profit target. While Perkins has bounced back on Day 8, Tice is presently dominating the challenge.

Day 7 Recap

The 384-hand seventh session took place on June 15, and it was dominated by Tice, who booked a $90,568.2 profit, taking his overall lead to $106,571.39.


Watch the Day 7 action below.


Day 8 Recap

The eighth session took place two days later, on June 17. The duo played 353 hands, and Perkins made a slight comeback, registering a profit of $10,682.21. He is still trailing Tice by $95,899.18.


In the aftermath of Day 8, Perkins, who loves making prop bets, found himself making another one. He claimed that if he won his heads-up challenge against Tice, he would sponsor a $200,000 prize boxing match between Matt Berkey and Rob Kuhn.


Poker Twitterati had a lot to say about Perkins’ offer.


Veronica Brill Awarded $27K in Frivolous-Lawsuit Filed by Mike Postle

Veronica Brill, the lead defendant in anti-SLAPP against Mike Postle has been awarded $27,745 in legal fees by a court in California. The Presiding Judge, Shama H. Mesiwala, decided to chop down original legal reimbursement fees filed by Brill and her team. As expected, Postle did not appear for Wednesday’s final hearing on the amount being awarded to Brill in the case. Due to Postle’s non-appearance, the anti-SLAPP ruling became enforceable and in immediate effect.

Veronica Brill
Veronica Brill


Brill and first amendment attorney Marc J. Randazza claimed $78,600. Still, the judge quickly whittled down that amount saying there was not enough legal expertise or paperwork to merit those high charges. The ruling for this case was not very complicated as Postle decided to drop his defamation lawsuit in April, making it a frivolous case.

Brill’s co-defendant Todd Witteles was awarded $27,000 in an Anti-SLAPP ruling in May. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Brill has also been awarded a similar amount as the main difference in the case was that Brill’s ruling was postponed to June 2021 due to circumstances that had nothing to do with the anti-SLAPP hearing.

Brill has the right to appeal this ruling if she feels that the amount awarded is too little. However, she is unlikely to file an appeal as she told CardsChat News, “I’m happy with the result, and I’m glad that he has to pay at least something. It feels a little bit like he’s paying something back.”

Brill had been able to defend herself in the case due to the monetary assistance of multi-millionaire and high-stakes poker player Bill Perkins.

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