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Gossip Column: Robbi Jade Lew Passes Polygraph Test in HCL Cheating Scandal

Gossip Column: Robbi Jade Lew Passes Polygraph Test
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  • Namita Ghosh October 15, 2022
  • 4 Minutes Read

Cheating accusations during live-streamed games somehow always bring in unwarranted attention, a case in point being the Postlegate saga involving the now infamous Mike Postle.

The recent controversy surrounding the jack-four call by Robbi Jade Lew during a live-streamed cash game session at Hustler Casino Live on September 29 has also cascaded into a full-blown controversy. The alleged victim Garrett Adelstein has been unwilling to back down on his claim that he was cheated out of his money by Lew!

Fresh controversies have since been added to the initial narrative, and the venue and production company have hired third-party investigators to make a thorough investigation into the incident. In the latest, Lew was made to take a Polygraph test and seems to have passed it, proving that she was not lying when she said she did not cheat!

The poker community has been divided in its opinion on the cheating incident. Even after Lew made the Polygraph test results public, many poker players reacted that the tests were not admissible in court.

Lew, in the meantime, has initiated the move to press charges against Bryan Sagbiscal, a former HCL employee, for stealing $15,000 in poker chips from her during the HCL show broadcast.

On the other hand, Adelstein has announced he was greatly affected by the cheating incident and wasn’t sure when he would play poker again.


Robbi Jade Lew Passes Polygraph Test, Makes Results Public

According to a PokerNews update, Robbie Jade Lew recently flew to Las Vegas from her home in Southern California to take a polygraph test conducted by James Hannah.

Robbi Jade Lew
Robbi Jade Lew


Lew was asked the following questions –

> Were you using any cheating devices while engaged in the Hustler Casino Live poker games?

> Did you cheat in any way during the Hustler Casino Live poker games?

> Did you conspire with anyone during the Hustler Casino live poker games to cheat?

After the test, she was given a clean chit that declared “no deception detected.” Lew even tweeted the results.


Poker Community Gives a Thumbs Down

Many bigwigs of the poker community were not ready to change their opinion on the matter. Many even questioned the legitimacy of the Polygraph test, which is known to be only 87% accurate according to data.

Lew, along with Bill Perkins, Mike Matusow, and Tom Dwan, joined Joey Ingram to discuss the incident on Ingram’s podcast.

You can watch Ingram’s Thursday podcast below.

For those who may not be aware, high-stakes cash game reg Perkins has challenged Lew to a $2 Million heads-up match, questioning Lew’s claims that she did not cheat in the HCL stream.

Talking to Ingram in Thursday’s live stream, Perkins addressed Lew saying – “Your behavior after the hand is not consistent with somebody who didn’t cheat.”

Mike Matusow is another well-known poker personality who has not minced his words in criticizing Lew in the aftermath of the cheating incident. The four-time WSOP bracelet winner did not hold back his thoughts and reacted sharply to Lew passing the polygraph test.

Responding to Robert Mizrachi’s question of how he can be sure Lew cheated, Matusow said he would not call her guilty out of guessing. He also questioned whether a polygraph test could be believed.

Subsequently, when Alex Jacob shared Lew’s interview with Joey Ingram, Mizrachi had a lot to say.

Clearly, Mizrachi was not impressed.

Tom Dwan has also come charging at Lew, accusing her of conspiring with Chavez. Lew admitted to Dwan that she soft-played her friend Chavez in a heads-up pot.

Daniel Negreanu was another player who took a jibe at Lew.

Conspiracy theories are being thrown left, right and center! Some have even come out with bizarre ideas that Lew’s twin sister took the lie detector test on her behalf.


Lew Presses Charges Against Fired HCL Staffer Bryan Sagbiscal

Bryan Sagbiscal, a former HCL production team member, adds more dirt to the raging controversy. He was caught on camera stealing $15K in poker chips from Lew’s stack during the September 29 broadcast!

Bryan Sagbiscal
Bryan Sagbiscal


While Lew initially didn’t want to press charges against the staffer – who was fired once his transgressions were found out – given that he was only 24 years old and had no prior criminal record, she changed her mind once she found out that he had been involved in a robbery and prison escape in 2017. The following year he impinged with a battery charge at 18.

In her latest tweets, Lew mentioned that she spent the afternoon at the Hustler Casino and met with Gardena Police’ Lead Detective Hugo Gualotuna, to whom she submitted evidence to finalize the arrest of Bryan Sagbiscal.

The move helps Lew’s case, especially since Garrett Adelstein has made fresh allegations that she didn’t cheat alone but had help from Sagbiscal, and a player, Jacob “RIP” Chavez.


Garrett Adelstein Reacts

One of the most profitable high-stakes cash game players in the game, Garrett Adelstein, seems to be very shaken by the cheating incident and the subsequent developments, or so he told LA Times in a recent interview.

Adelstein tweeted the link to the interview, admitting the incident has altered his professional life forever, and he wasn’t sure when he would be up for playing poker again.

In the meantime, High Stakes Poker Productions have handed the investigations into the incident to a third-party firm that is yet to come up with any concrete updates.

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