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Gossip Column: Scott Robbins & Borgata Settle $1.20 Million Lawsuit Over “Suicide Joke”

Gossip Column 24-09
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis September 24, 2021
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Who would have thought that a careless joke would result in a million-dollar lawsuit!? That is precisely what happened with poker player poker pro Scott Robbins and the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, it looks like the matter won’t be heard in court as both parties have settled the lawsuit amicably a little over a week before it was due to be heard in the US District Court.

Scott Robbins
Scott Robbins


In July, the Massachusetts-based player sued the casino after being banned from the venue for life. This was a repercussion from an incident in September 2019 during the WPT Borgata Poker Open Main Event. In an interaction with an employee at the front desk, the latter asked Robbins whether he would prefer a high or low room floor. To which Robbins replied, “If I had to jump from a low floor window, would I make it?”

Robbins has denied the joke was suicidal. He insists he was trying to the point that there would be no difference in the outcome if he jumped from a high or low window in the event of a fire.

Robbins asserts in his complaint that there was laughter, and the jocular context of the conversation was understood. He was allocated a room on Borgata’s 50th floor. The lawsuit notes that the hotel windows at the Borgata are several inches thick and do not open.

Shortly after Robbins had unpacked his belongings, casino security arrived at his room to inform him he was a danger to himself and would have to go to a hospital to be examined by a psychiatrist before he could return.

Robbins was bemused but complied with the casino’s request. The ambulance transported him to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center. Robbins was later charged $1,157 for the ride.

A psychiatrist immediately issued Robbins a psychiatric clearance notice ($865) stating the poker player neither posed a danger to himself nor anyone else. Robbins even laughed the incident off with the psychiatrist.

Robbins claimed his civil rights had been infringed by the ban. He also argued he had been slandered by casino staff when they allegedly told other poker players he had been barred “because of a suicide attempt.”

The lawsuit demanded Borgata pay Robbins $1.20 Million as potential he could have made in future tournaments and sponsorship deals.

However, on September 9, 11 days before the case was to be heard in the US District Court of New Jersey, an agreement principle between the pair was reached. The dismissal was not formally filed in the court, which implies that Robbins voluntarily dismissed the case.

An excerpt from the dismissal filing stated: “In this matter all claims having been amicably adjusted by and between the Parties, it is hereby stipulated and agreed that any and all claims, cross-claims, counterclaims, and third-party claims asserted by or between the undersigned parties be and are hereby dismissed with prejudice and without costs.”

Robbins alleged that the hotel employee misunderstood him since English wasn’t her first language. The sum the two parties settled for has not been disclosed. But in a recent post on the TwoPlusTwo poker forums, Robbins indicated he was satisfied with the result.

Content Courtesy: PokerNews

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