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Gossip Column: Tom Dwan Wins Close to $1 Million in High Stakes Poker Session & a COVID-Positive Marle Cordeiro Gets Bashed For Being Careless

Gossip Column
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  • Namita Ghosh January 16, 2021
  • 2 Minutes Read

We’re heading into what promises to be a blockbuster weekend of online poker. But before y`all quick dive into the grind, here’s a quick gossipy update!

Tell anyone that Tom Dwan won a monstrous pot, and no one would be surprised. Dwan is a regular at the nosebleed stakes and is legendary for his wild swings in the game. But when Dwan won a massive, $985K pot in the recently aired fifth episode of “High Stakes Poker” Season 8, the entire poker community went buzzing. Dwan was playing against the likes of Jean-Robert Bellande and Lynne Ji. They agreed to run it thrice with $985K in the pot (including the main pot and the side pots), and Dwan won through all three runouts!

Poker player and vlogger Marle Cordeiro tested positive for COVID-19 sometime back and has been recuperating at her home. But Cordeiro got a lot of flak from poker players, including Doug Polk, after sharing a picture sitting by the poolside on the third day of testing positive. Everyone pointed out how Cordeiro was putting others at risk by sitting at the shared pool at her apartment block, and things got so out of hand that Cordeiro had to delete the picture from her Twitter handle.


Tom Dwan Wins $985K Pot on High Stakes Poker

2021 seems to have got off to a good start for High stakes pro Tom Dwan. One of the participants on the latest episode of the “High Stakes Poker” that was aired on PokerGO on Wednesday, Dwan took down a monstrous $985K pot in what you can call one of the biggest pots of the season so far!

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan


The popular show was reinstated by PokerGO last month, and to bring back some of the old magic, PokerGO has even brought back the show’s original hosts, Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza.

Wednesday’s episode was the fifth at the ongoing Season 8. The action was being aired from the PokerGO Studio in Aria, Las Vegas, where Dwan is a regular at the high stakes tables. The group was playing $400/$800/$800 – even going up to $1,600.


How Dwan Won!

The hand in question was played when the blinds were at $400/$800. Three players, including Dwan, opted to move all-in preflop, aiming for a share of the $985,000 pot.

It was a star-studded lineup. Jean-Robert Bellande bet $16,000 holding on which Rick Salomon raised it to $4,000 with . Brandon Steven, whom many will remember as the bubble boy in the 2010 WSOP Main Event, called with . Dwan followed suit with pocket queens on the button.

The High Stakes Poker episode

The big blind Lynne Ji called with and Bellande had to decide whether to three-bet. He did, bringing it up to $11,000. Both Saloman and Steven called before Dwan made it $54,000. Everyone assumed Ji would fold, but she surprised everyone by jamming all-in for $163,000. Bellande followed with a shove, and Dwan called.

All the three players agreed to run it thrice with $985,000 in the middle, including the main and side pots.

First board –

Here, Dwan won with two-pair.

Second board –

Dwan won again with trip queens.

Third board –

With each player making a full house, Dwan won with fives over queens.

Essentially, Dwan’s pocket queens held up on all three runouts making him almost $1 Million richer.

Ji and Bellande leave the tables after being eliminated
Ji and Bellande seen leaving after being eliminated



Marle Cordeiro Gets Scolded For Sitting Outside While COVID-19 Positive

Poker player Marle Cordeiro is the latest from the player community to catch the COVID-19 infection. While that’s worrisome, Cordeiro, who announced her engagement to Benjamin Spragg earlier this month, found herself at the receiving end of a lot of flak for behaving carelessly.

What created the entire fuss was Cordeiro posting a picture of her sitting on the side of the swimming pool at her shared apartment block swimming pool. This many believed posed a significant risk of infection to the other residents of the building.

She updated her health status, subsequently sharing, “Third day of covid symptoms and feeling much much better every day. Today fever is gone and mainly have s cough, congestion (which I think is allergies too) and fatique. But I say out by the pool, and it felt v good. I think the end is in sight.”

Cordeiro seemed happy about her situation, but others noticed that she was putting people at risk by going out in public areas. Doug Polk was one of them and commented – “Please don’t purposefully go into public areas where people could walk near you and get Covid. Just stay home until you are better.”

Marle Cordeiro
Marle Cordeiro


Cordeiro wasn’t going to agree and responded – “It is good to walk outside for 20 min per day to get sunlight. I think doing due diligence making sure no-one’s around and wearing a mask for a few minutes outside is very reasonable.”

Like Polk, several others also pointed out that Cordeiro was acting irresponsibly.

Poker pro and Run It Once coach Kevin Rabichow commented – “IDK the situation in Nevada but breaking quarantine here is like…quite illegal? And that’s not even requiring a confirmed positive case… I don’t see hotels and apartments as any different; my condo (and I imagine any building that doesn’t want to get sued for allowing spread) explicitly says not to use common areas even with mild symptoms. Aerosols linger in elevators, hallways, stairwells. It’s just 10 days!”

Things got so out of hand for Cordeiro that she thought it would be best to delete the string of tweets and replies, sensing how things could blow out of proportion, but not before many noticed, of course.

Eventually, she backed off and replied – “It’s never my intention to put anyone in danger. And I never would.”

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