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Gossip Column: Brill & Witteles File Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition Against Postle, Behbehani Arrested in Ibiza For Drug Possession & More

Gossip Column: Brill & Witteles File Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition Against Postle, Behbehani Arrested in Ibiza For Drug Possession & More
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis July 24, 2021
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It’s been almost two years, and the Mike Postle cheating scandal is still making it in the news and looks like more legal trouble for the cheater. After Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles won their respective anti-SLAPP motions against Postle, their lawyers had pre-empted that Postle would not pay up. Marc Randazza, representing Brill, and Eric Bensamochan, representing Witteles, filed their Involuntary Petition against Postle, seeking a court-mandated Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

High-stakes poker pro, Salman Behbehani, was recently arrested in Ibiza for possessing around 1.50 kg of various party drugs.

The former heads-up challengers Landon Tice and Bill Perkins have entered a WSOP prop bet. Tice has offered Perkins 8:1 odds on winnings a bracelet at the upcoming 2021 WSOP live series in Las Vegas.

Massachusetts-based poker pro Scott Robbins has filed a $1.20 Million lawsuit against Borgata Casino, contesting a lifetime ban and a psych hospital trip he was made to undergo after the casino misunderstood his suicide jokes.


Veronica Brill & Todd Witteles File Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition Against Mike Postle

We are nearing the two-year mark now, and the Mike Postle cheating saga is still making the news. You would have thought that after Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles were awarded approx. $27K each in their anti-SLAPP motions against Postle would be the last we would hear of this drama. Nope! There’s more!

Veronica Brill
Veronica Brill


Considering the public records of other debts owed by Postle, it was evident that he had no intention of paying anything. To force his hand into paying the fine, on July 21, Brill and Witteles, represented by attorneys Marc Randazza and Eric Bensamochan, respectively, filed their Involuntary Petition against Postle, seeking a court-mandated Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Todd Witteles
Todd Witteles


The document states that the debts were incurred by Postle through the aforementioned anti-SLAPP judgments in the Superior Court of California Sacramento.

Let’s go back a little and do a recap of what has transpired recently. When Postle filed his initial defamation case against Brill, Witteles, and numerous other named and unnamed defendants, Brill and Witteles lawyered up to fight the charges against them. Those two chose to fight with anti-SLAPP motions, claiming that their rights to speak of allegations against Postle were protected by California’s free speech laws and as matters of public interest.

Mike Postle
Mike Postle


Postle abruptly dropped his case against all defendants on April 1. The defamation lawsuit had been filed by Postle in October 2020, seeking defamation and slander damages, among other charges. Apart from Brill and Witteles, the lawsuit listed Daniel Negreanu, Haralbos Voulgaris, Joe Ingram, poker training sites Upswing Poker, Solve for Why, Poker Coaching, Crush Live Poker, Run It Once, as well as ESPN and PokerNews as defendants. Two months later, Postle’s lawyers filed paperwork, dropping him as a client.

With no counsel to guide him, Postle possibly did not understand the consequences of his decision not to fight the anti-SLAPP claims, and this automatically resulted in wins for Brill and Witteles.

Consequently, both Brill and Witteles won their anti-SLAPP cases. Witteles was awarded $26,982 in May instead of the full $43,314.50 that he had asked. Brill was awarded $27,745 against her claim of $78,600 in June.

Neither Brill nor Witteles believed they would see that money, though. Not only did Postle seem unwilling to accept the judgments, but he also had more debt. Wells Fargo Bank and Discover Bank both sued him for unpaid debts. The court granted Wells Fargo Bank $8,682. Discover is still going after the $5,018.81 he owes them.

In the July 21 filing by Brill and Witteles states: “The debtor is generally not paying such debtor’s debts as they become due unless they are the subject of a bona fide dispute as to liability or amount.”

The US Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of California, Sacramento Division, has issued summons to Postle. If he fails to respond to the petition, the court will order the relief. Postle will enter into an involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


High Stakes Poker Pro Salman Behbehani Arrested in Ibiza For Drug Possession

A private jet with around 30 passengers, including some poker players, landed in Ibiza from the US this week. Immediately afterward, a poker player was arrested for possessing around 1.5 kg of various party drugs. It has now been revealed that the player in question was high stakes pro Salman Behbehani.

Salman Behbehani
Salman Behbehani


Among other things, Behbehani had 315 g of cocaine, 171 g of CB, 705 g of hashish, marijuana, speed, ecstasy, LSD, and other party drugs.

According to The Hendon Mob, Behbehani has about $3,384,336 in earnings. Behbehani is a member of a wealthy Kuwait-based family. The family has been ranked 19th out of the 100 richest Arab business families by Forbes. The fact that Behbehani has now been imprisoned in Ibiza has caused quite the scandal.

Currently, Behbehani will remain in the custody of the Spanish Civil Guard, according to the newspaper Periódico de Ibiza. Due to the serious nature of Behbehani’s case, he is unlikely to get bail.


Landon Tice & Bill Perkins Strike Up a WSOP Prop Bet

Landon Tice and Bill Perkins are back at it again! But this time, they aren’t getting back on a heads-up challenge, but a prop bet. After losing $312,680 to Perkins through their heads-up challenge, the 22-year-old poker pro has been looking to win some money back

Landon Tice
Landon Tice


On July 22, Tice tweeted looking for bets on him winning a WSOP bracelet (live or online) this year.

The four-time bracelet winner Shaun Deeb offered 1.5-1 odds that Tice ended up declining.

Several notable names of the poker fraternity had a lot to say about Tice’s offer.

Just as the Twitter trolling was getting stronger, Perkins swooped in to book a wager.

As it stands, Perkins accepted the 8:1 odds offered by Tice

The 2021 WSOP Online Series on WSOP.com and the GGPoker Network do not count. Tice can only win the prop bet by taking down a live tournament at the 2021 WSOP set to take place in Las Vegas from September 30 to November 23.

Having already lost a heads-up challenge to Perkins for what many have speculated was poor negotiation skills, Tice took to Twitter to ask if the odds he offered Perkins were fair.

An overwhelming majority (73.6%) believed it was ‘Bad Price.

Even though Tice has minimal live tournament experience, he did ship the 1,123-player $1,100 buy-in MSPT Main Event at Venetian last November for $201,529. Overall, he has $270,183 in live tournament cashes. Whether he will be adding a bracelet to his list of achievements this year, we’ll have to wait a few months to find out.


Poker Player Scott Robbins Sues Borgata Over Lifetime Ban After Suicide Joke

According to documents filed with New Jersey Superior court last month, professional poker player Scott Robbins from Massachusetts is suing the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The lawsuit is related to a lifetime ban which he received and a psych hospital trip after allegedly one of his jokes did not land well with the hotel staff.

Scott Robbins
Scott Robbins


Robbins wants $1.20 Million in potential lost earnings, arguing that Borgata management’s alleged overreaction to his off-the-cuff remarks made at the front desk violated his civil rights.

Meanwhile, the defendants’ subsequent actions and statements were “an effort to distract from their failings” and slandered Robbins while breaching public trust, the lawsuit claims.

In September 2020, Robbins arrived at the Atlantic City casino to play in the WPT Borgata Poker Open Main Event. While there, he was able to win an entry ticket worth $3,500 in a $400 satellite.

That evening, while checking into the hotel, Robbins was asked by the desk clerk whether he would prefer a room on a high floor or a low floor.

“If I had to jump from a high floor window [meaning, in case of fire or earthquake], would I make it?” Robbins jokingly asked, according to the lawsuit.

When a clerk told him not to do that, he said he wouldn’t but kept asking similar questions.

“Would I make it if I had to jump out of a lower floor?” Robbins asked.

The clerk again told him not to jump. Robbins again said he wouldn’t, but said then, “since I wouldn’t survive either, I guess it doesn’t matter what floor you give me.”

Robbins asserts in his complaint that there was laughter, and the jocular context of the conversation was understood. He was allocated a room on Borgata’s 50th floor. The lawsuit notes that the hotel windows at the Borgata are several inches thick and do not open.

Shortly after Robbins had unpacked his belongings, casino security arrived at his room to inform him he was a danger to himself and would have to go to a hospital to be examined by a psychiatrist before he could return.

Robbins was bemused but complied with the casino’s request. The ambulance transported him to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center. Robbins was later charged $1,157 for the ride.

There, a psychiatrist immediately issued Robbins a psychiatric clearance notice ($865) stating the poker player neither posed a danger to himself nor anyone else. Robbins even laughed the incident off with the psychiatrist.

Still, he had to pay an $865 bill for the visit to the psychiatrist, as well as the ambulance ride, which cost him $1,157. Upon returning to the Borgata, the hotel security had moved his personal belongings, which resulted in Robbins looking for another hotel for the night, the lawsuit claims.

Not only was he barred from participating in the tournament for which he held a $3,500 ticket, but also from all future tournaments held at the Borgata.

Robbins says he was a regular on the Borgata poker circuit. Nationwide, he has grossed $417,325 in live tournament wins since 2018.

As a result, he lost corporate and individual sponsorships estimated at up to $200,000, the lawsuit states.

Based upon his earnings from previous Borgata poker tournaments, in conjunction with his yearly earnings percentage, Robbins believes he could have made an approximate net amount of $85,000 per year at the casino

He is demanding $850,000 for ten lost years of theoretical future tournament play, plus another $200,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

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