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Gossip Column: Wedding Bells in Poker World, Dan Cates Calls Out Tom Dwan to Complete Durrr Challenge & K-Pop Star in Trouble For Gambling

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  • Arpit Jain January 3, 2019
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2019 is finally here and its off to a rocking start! While we have consistently kept you updated with news and updates from around the world, let’s take a break from business talk, and indulge in some much-needed juicy gossip.

This past week saw a lot of interesting developments taking place, starting with the announcements made by Natalie Hof and Felipe Ramos who took their relationship to the next stage by getting married in a wedding chapel. Following in their footsteps, Michael Mizrachi also announced his engagement.

Another big newsmaker was Dan “jungleman” Cates who tweeted on New Year`s eve seeking an update from Tom Dwan on the durrr challenge which has been long pending since 2010.

Also grabbing the headlines was former K-pop star Shoo who may face up to three years in prison if convicted for habitual gambling and that too after losing a massive KRW790 Million to Macau casinos over two years.

Natalie Hof & Felipe Ramos Get Hitched, Michael Mizrachi Engaged

It has been a very happy holiday season indeed for many in the poker circles! From Platinum Pass wins to marriage news, the global fraternity has been doused in merriment. And there are no two people who can be happier than Natalie Hof and Felipe Ramos. The reason for the joy you ask? The duo recently got married at the Little Church of the West wedding chapel on December 22.

Hof shared the big news on Instagram.

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Mr. and Mrs. Ramos ♥️ #justmarried #justthe2ofus #22.12.2018

A post shared by ♠️ Poker Player | TV Host (@nataliehof) on

Another poker pro Michael Mizrachi aka The Grinder proposed to his girlfriend in South Africa last week and is now engaged!

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I found the Rarest Diamond in South Africa ?❤️ ? #engaged #myqueen?

A post shared by Michael Mizrachi (@thegrinder44) on


Dan Cates Calls Out Tom Dwan on Twitter Asking For an Update on durrr Challenge

Back in August 2010, Tom Dwan had lost $1.2 Million to Dan “jungleman” Cates in the durr challenge. Dwan had played only 20,000 hands in the 50,000 hands challenge which has stakes as high as $200/$400 NLHE and after Black Friday, Cates has been trying hard to finish the challenge or get compensation from Dwan. If Dwan loses the challenge, Cates is to receive another $1.5 Million.

Dan Cates
Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates

On the last day of 2018, Cates took to Twitter and called out Dwan to get an update on the durrr challenge.

Cates had clarified in 2017 that Dwan has been paying him penalties to the tune of $700,000 – $800,000 every two months since 2010. Cates had further stated that the final date for any resolution on the completion of the challenge would be before 2018. However last year in September, while talking to another high-stakes pro Ilari Sahamies, Cates had mentioned that Dwan had forfeited the challenge completely.

Dwan had made his official response last year where he said; “I’d like to play it at some point…it’s more on me than him.”

Former K-pop ‘Star Shoo’ Looking at Prison Term For Gambling in Macau

According to reports, former K-pop actress and singer Shoko, may be sentenced to up to three years in prison if convicted on gambling charges where she lost KRW790 Million (~US$707,000) in Macau casinos over a two-year period, from August 2016 to May 2018. This activity violates South Korea’s laws governing ‘habitual’ gambling and the prosecutors are currently examining the amount that Shoo allegedly lost at the casinos.

Popstar Shoo
Former K-Pop star Shoko

Last August, it was confirmed that two private lenders had filed a civil action suit against Shoo after she failed to repay the KRW600 Million loan she took to play in the foreigners-only Paradise Walker Hill Casino in Seoul. Shoo was only able to enter the casino as she was born in Japan and held an overseas permanent resident card.

However, she has been charged for her activities in Macau casinos, as her actions were contrary to South Korea’s laws on its citizens engaging in ‘habitual’ gambling abroad.

The ‘habitual’ gambling laws make an exception for people who gamble “just for momentary pleasure” and Shoo may likely get away with a fine of KRW10 Million if convicted of this lesser offense, but if convicted with habitual gambling, Shoo would be looking at posting a maximum financial penalty of KRW20 Million and spending up to three years in prison. Either way, the K-pop star seems to be in a lot of trouble at the moment!

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