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Gossip Column: Poker Player Gets Herself Arrested & Robbery Suspect Killed By Las Vegas Police

Gossip Column - Poker Player Gets Arrested & Aquarius Casino Resort
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly August 22, 2019
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Gambling and law authorities have always had a bit of an acrimonious relationship, and the incidents that took place recently can attest to it.

A poker player in Black Hawk, Colorado managed to get herself arrested after calling the police to the Golden Gates Casino. She was apparently insulted by another player in the middle of a game. As it turned out, the woman had some outstanding warrants in her name, which instead resulted in her arrest. The details of the incident were shared by poker pro Will Givens on Twitter.

While unintentionally getting yourself arrested for a minor infraction could be considered funny, the next incident is a rather grim one. An unnamed man attempted to rob the Aquarius Casino Resort and the Golden Nugget in Laughlin and was shot and killed by the Las Vegas police following a seven-hour standoff.

Drama at the Golden Gates: Poker Player Gets Herself Arrested

If ever the phrase ‘to dig your own grave’ could be aptly quoted for a situation, the story we are about to retell is probably the one.

A poker player based in Black Hawk, Colorado recently called the police to possibly lodge a complaint against another player but instead got arrested herself since she had some outstanding warrants to her name. Former WSOP bracelet winner Will Givens was present at the scene of the arrest and tweeted about it on August 19.

Will Givens

As the story goes, a verbal altercation took place at the Golden Gates Casino between the woman and a player she was playing against when her opponent told her that he would show his hand if she showed hers. She then said that she would rather expose her breasts than the contents of her hand. The conversation soon took a more aggressive turn when the opponent declined the offer, stating that she looked like a transsexual. The woman was eventually eliminated from the tournament around two hours later, but instead of leaving the poker room, she demanded a refund for her tournament buy-in and even went to the extent of calling the cops.

Poker Player Arrested at the Golden Gates Casino in Colorado
Poker Player Arrested at the Golden Gates Casino in Colorado

In a shocking, albeit hilarious turn of events, the woman herself was apprehended by the police as she had some outstanding warrants against her name.

It was later reported that the anonymous woman had been released from custody and as per some social media posts, she denies calling the cops. She also stated that it was her opponent who insulted her unprovoked. However, Givens stands by his account of the action at the table.

Laughlin Casino Robberies: Suspect Killed by Vegas Police

After attempting to rob two Laughlin-based casino robberies, namely the Aquarius Casino Resort and the Golden Nugget, an unnamed man was shot and killed by the Las Vegas police following a seven-hour standoff with the authorities.

Aquarius Casino Resort

According to an Associated Press report, around 1 a.m., an unknown man attempted to rob the Aquarius Casino Resort and the Golden Nugget in Laughlin, about 95 miles south of Las Vegas and on the Nevada-Arizona border. He had placed a handgun on the cashier’s counter at both casinos; however, he was unable to get cash from the employees at either property. The attempted robberies took place 30 minutes apart from each other, as per the report of Las Vegas police Capt. Nichole Splinter.

Following the botched robbery attempts, the man then fled the scene and exited the casino, while firing a single shot at a casino security guard who was in pursuit as the man headed for his car. The shot missed, and the guard escaped uninjured.

The robber somehow managed to make it to his car but couldn’t get much further than that as the police had him surrounded. This resulted in a standoff which lasted for seven hours, while police awaited the arrival of SWAT officers.

The law enforcement officers did try to convince the man to peacefully surrender for the duration of the standoff. Around 7 a.m., the man exited his car and was fatally shot by officers. Splinter said the man had a gun in his hand as he got out of the vehicle.

The names of the officers who fired the fatal shots have not been disclosed yet. They will be placed on administrative leave pending the department and the district attorney review of the details surrounding the shooting.

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