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Grab Up to 50% Rake Back in Khelo365’s Daily Cash Back Fest!

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  • Namita Ghosh April 6, 2021
  • 3 Minutes Read

April promises to be a very lucrative month for cash game players on Khelo365, with the site pulling out all the stops to offer some of the best deals to be found anywhere in the country.

It’s the only online poker site in the country filling in 100% of players’ TDS liability. Now, if that was not incentive enough for players, the site has extended its 50% rakeback offer on OFC tables to all cash games. The offer runs all through April!

Yes, you read that right! The site had announced an irresistible offer for OFC players in March, handing out a 40% bonus on deposits and up to 50% rake back on OFC games. Starting April 1, Khelo365 has rolled out the Daily Cash Back Fest, effectively extending the 50% rakeback offer to all cash game tables. What’s even better, the offer is valid across all stakes.

It doesn’t matter how much you win or lose at the cash tables. All you have to do is put in volume playing real-money cash games to collect Leaderboard Points (LBP). Hit the top-tier target, and you can collect 50% rakeback in bonus money daily.

The promotion is spread across four stakes, and the LBP criteria for each has eight levels, starting from a 5% rakeback at the lowest level and going all the way up to 50% rakeback at the top tier.

Stakes ₹100/200, ₹150/₹300, ₹200/₹400 and ₹200/₹500

Leaderboard PointsPrize
8,0005% Bonus Money
18,00010% Bonus Money
30,00015% Bonus Money
50,00020% Bonus Money
75,00025% Bonus Money
1,00,00030% Bonus Money
1,50,00040% Bonus Money
2,00,000 and above50% Bonus Money


Stakes ₹25/₹50, ₹50/₹100

Leaderboard PointsPrize
4,0005% Bonus Money
10,00010% Bonus Money
18,00015% Bonus Money
30,00020% Bonus Money
45,00025% Bonus Money
65,00030% Bonus Money
90,00040% Bonus Money
1,20,00050% Bonus Money


Stakes ₹5/₹10, ₹10/₹20

Leaderboard PointsPrize
1,0005% Bonus Money
2,50010% Bonus Money
5,00015% Bonus Money
10,00020% Bonus Money
16,00025% Bonus Money
23,00030% Bonus Money
32,00040% Bonus Money
45,00050% Bonus Money


Stakes ₹1/2, ₹2/4, ₹3/₹6

Leaderboard PointsPrize
2505% Bonus Money
75010% Bonus Money
1,50015% Bonus Money
2,50020% Bonus Money
4,00025% Bonus Money
6,00030% Bonus Money
10,00040% Bonus Money
15,00050% Bonus Money


Terms & Conditions

> The promotion runs from April 1 to 30

> Players don’t need a promo code to enter the promotion

> The promotion is open to cash game players across all stakes

> Comp point conversion is not allowed during the promotion


About Khelo365

> The first poker site to be granted a gaming license by Nagaland

> Runs on the industry-leading RNG certified platform by Connective Games

> Offers exciting game variants like OFC, Omaha 5 and 6

> Soft player field

> Pays 100% TDS on behalf of players


Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from Khelo365!

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