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Hannes Jeschka Defeats Warm Up Event Champion Arsenii Karmatckii Heads-up in Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party Main Event to Win Career-Best $542,000

Hannes Jeschka
  • Naman Sharma September 6, 2022
  • 6 Minutes Read

The 2022 Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party (MPP) Main Event held at the Merit Royal in North Cyprus concluded with Frenchman Hannes Jeschka (cover image) paving his way past the 1,032-strong entry field to win a career-best $542,000. He chopped the Main Event title three-way with Russia’s Arsenii Karmatckii (2nd for $471,000) and UK’s Steven Warburton (3rd for $534,000).

“It’s really hard to put into words. It’s a lot of emotions. It’s been really tough for me the past eight months or so poker-wise,” an overwhelmed Jeschka said following his victory.

“There were like a few key spots, for example, when I had the sixes versus the ace-king, where I was down to 12 big blinds or so. I got lucky on that one and won the flip. I think actually the jam was a little too wide, but it doesn’t matter. It worked out,” Jeschka added. “I feel pretty confident playing all the different stack sizes. I’m just as confident playing 20 big blinds as I am 60 big blinds.”

Jeschka’s first recorded live score came back in 2018. According to Hendon Mob, despite several deep runs in his poker career, Jeschka had to wait over two years for a title victory. The last one came in January 2020 when he won the Winter Scandinavian Open Poker Championship in Rozvadov for $12,414.

Jeschka’s biggest cash to date was the $44,340 he picked up from a fifth-place finish in a $600 NLHE event at the Wynn Summer Classic in Las Vegas a year ago. He now has more than $700,000 in live tournament winnings.

The Main Event runner-up, Karmatckii, was chasing his second title at the 2022 MPP. He got his scorecard ticking early in the series after winning the $2,200 Warm Up event and came excruciatingly close to grabbing another title. After his breakout run in the series, Karmatckii has climbed four places to #24 on Russia’s All-Time Money List and boasts $2,848,718 in live tournament earnings.

The Main Event was littered with top pros. Some notables who crossed the money line included Day 2 chip leader Sergey Bobrik (22nd for $30,000), Day 1C chip leader Andrey Litvinov (32nd for $25,000), four-time WSOP bracelet winner David Peters (47th for 20,000), and other bracelet winners Christopher Frank (46th for 20,000) and Niall Farrell (50th for $18,750).

The MPP Main Event ran from August 29 to September 4 and registered 1,032 entries across three starting flights, generating a healthy $4,747,200 prize pool. The event paid 155 places, with a min-cash worth $10,00.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Arsenii Karmatckii – 16,610,000
  2. Koray Korkmaz – 14,720,000
  3. Steven Warburton – 13,950,000
  4. Yiannis Liperis – 13,200,000
  5. Hannes Jeschka – 11,790,000
  6. Gabriel Akiki – 11,735,000
  7. Manuel Fritz – 8,740,000
  8. Nuri Hadioglu – 8,095,000
  9. Riccardo Saraniero – 4,060,000


Final Table Recap

The final day began with 21 players and Jeschka in the lead. By the time the final table was set, Jeschka had slipped to the middle of the pack while Karmatckii moved into pole position. Karmatckii had a big bluff picked off to give up the lead but soon knocked out Riccardo Saraniero (9th) to make up some of those losses.

Following the eliminations of Gabriel Akiki (8th) and Manuel Fritz (7th), Karmatckii sent a second opponent to the final-table rail when his Queen-Jack held on against the Queen-Nine of Koray Korkmaz (6th).

Not long after that, he won a battle-of-the-blinds preflop race with Ten-Eight (suited) besting the pocket deuces of Nuri Hadioglu (5th) to narrow the field to four contenders.

Karmatckii continued his elimination spree when he shoved from the button into the two short stacks in the blinds. Yiannis Liperis (4th) called off his 6.4 big blinds with King-Jack but could not shake off the Queen-Four of Karmatckii that rivered a boat.

Jeschka was the clear short stack when three-handed play began, but he found a timely double-up through Karmatckii early on to narrow that gap considerably. With things tightened up a bit, the final three paused the action to discuss a deal. They ultimately came to an agreement that locked up the following payouts while leaving $100,000 and the title in play.

Steven Warburton – $534,000

Arsenii Karmatckii – $471,000

Hannes Jeschka – $442,000

Arsenii Karmatckii and Steven Warburton
Arsenii Karmatckii and Steven Warburton


Steven Warburton was the first of the trio to fall and gave up all his chips to Karmatckii after his lost out to the latter’s .

Hannes Jeschka (55,800,000) held the chip lead over Arsenii Karmatckii (47,100,000) at the start of the heads-up match and needed only a few hands to run that advantage into victory!

On the final hand, which was also the third hand of the heads-up play, Karmatckii raised to 2.60 Million with , and Jeschka reraised to 9.50 Million holding . Karmatckii shoved all in for 46.70 Million, and Jeschka called, having Karmatckii covered by just 8.20 Million. The runout missed both players, and Jeschka’s Small Slick denied Karmatckii his second trophy at the Mediterranean Poker Party.

Hannes Jeschka and his rail
Hannes Jeschka and his rail


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Hannes Jeschka – $542,000
  2. Arsenii Karmatckii – $471,000
  3. Steven Warburton – $534,000
  4. Yiannis Liperis – $230,000
  5. Nuri Hadioglu – $160,000
  6. Koray Korkmaz – $110,000
  7. Manuel Fritz – $80,000
  8. Gabriel Akiki – $65,000
  9. Riccardo Saraniero – $53,000


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerNews

Cover Image Courtesy: Tomas Stacha

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