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Haryana Hawks Are the MIPL Season 4 Champions!

Haryana Hawks Win MIPL Season 4
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 14, 2019
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It’s been only a few days since Team India brought home the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) Asian Nations Cup, and if you thought that there would be no more Match Poker to be enjoyed till the World Championship in December, then let us give you the good news. The Match Indian Poker League (Match IPL) came back for its fourth season earlier this week, and this time nine teams were seen battling it out to claim the honor of representing India in the 2020 Nations Cup. In the end, Haryana Hawks were named the Season 4 champions and became the only team in the league to claim the title twice!

Captained by Jagdeep Singh, the Hawks, sponsored by PokerBaazi, had clinched the title for the first time in April 2018, where they had won ₹40 Lakhs for their win. Singh led his team to victory yet again and this time for an even bigger top prize of ₹65 Lakhs.

The latest edition kicked off on November 13 in Andheri, Mumbai, and following four sessions of intense play on Day 1, Haryana Hawks came out on top of the leaderboard with 1,066 points. Mumbai All Stars (1,059.5 points) and UP Indians (1,047.5 points) were placed second and third, respectively, at the end of Day 1.

Avinash from Ahmedabad Hearts headlined the Player Rankings with 76,093 chips, while teammate Rina trailed in second place with 64,148 chips. Ishaan from Haryana Hawks rounded out the top three individual rankings with 60,063 chips.

Day 2 saw the Mumbai All Stars take the lead in the first session, but the Hawks won it back soon enough and held it till the very end. The close contest saw Haryana Hawks winning MIPL Season 4 with 1,81.75 points and the Mumbai All Stars finishing a close runner-up with 1,077.5 points. Delhi Aces came third with 1,044.75 points.

The MIPL has worked tirelessly to ‘sportify’ poker trough the Match Poker format. Match Poker is a team sport where the luck element in conventional poker via the “random draw of cards” has been eliminated. Far from being another poker ‘variation’ to sit alongside Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud, etc. it is, in fact, a revolutionary approach for how any of these variations can be structured into meaningful and sporting competition through a more skill-based format.

Match Poker was devised by the IFMP to reduce the element of luck inherent in traditional forms of poker, ensuring that it is a contest based on players’ skill and conforms to the accepted definition of a sport.

The very first edition of MIPL took place in November 2017 and was won by Bollywood actor Harman Baweja-led Mumbai All Stars team, who took home ₹1.25 Crores in the top prize. The third season was championed by the Pune Kings in October 2018. The team, captained by Gaurav Gala, took home ₹1.35 Crores – the biggest first-place prize awarded in the league so far.


MIPL Day 1

The first session of play concluded with birthday boy Harman Baweja’s team – Mumbai All Stars – taking the lead with 273 points, followed by the Haryana Hawks (272 points) and the UP Indians (270 points).

Last season’s champions, Pune Kings were off to a disastrous start and could gather only 223 points, finishing in eighth place, while the Kolkata Diamonds were in the last place with 216 points.

The next session saw Haryana Hawks take the lead with 279 points, while the UP Indians jumped up a spot to second place with 265 points. Delhi Aces were in third place with 251 points, and Mumbai Indians dropped down to the fourth place with 250 points.

By the third session, the Haryana Hawks had extended their lead with 815 points, while Mumbai climbed up to the second spot with 796 points. UP Indians were in third place with 786 points.

The last session of the day consolidated the Haryana Hawks place at the top of the table with 1,066 points, with Mumbai All Stars (1,059.5 points) and UP Indians (1,047.5 points) rounding out the top three teams at the end of Day 1. Defending champions Pune Kings ended the day placed last with 921 points.


Team Rankings at the End of Day 1

1Haryana Hawks+665121066
2Mumbai All Stars+377341059.5
3Up Indians+911501047.5
4Delhi Aces+902971040.5
5Ahmedabad Hearts+81534998
6Jaipur Jewels-70235961.5
7Bangalore Royals-127110956
8Kolkata Diamonds-117545950
9Pune Kings-52337921


Individual Rankings at the End of Day 1

1AvisnashAhmedabad Hearts+76550+457+76093200
2RinaAhmedabad Hearts+67100+2951+64148200
3IshaanHaryana Hawks+54763-5300+60063200
4AbhishekUp Indians+21963-27075+49038200
5RohitDelhi Aces+17472-26514+43986200
6TanmayJaipur Jewels+36697+5438+31258200
7RajeevUp Indians+26370-1751+28121200
8AvadhDelhi Aces+47563+20539+27023200
9JagdeepHaryana Hawks+1441-25244+26685200
10RaaghavDelhi Aces+28400+3343+25056100


MIPL Day 2

Mumbai All Stars (1,337.5 points) whisked the lead away from Haryana Hawks (1,337 points) in the first session of play on Day 2 with only half a point separating the two teams. UP Indians (1,305.5 points) was only 31.5 points behind in third place.

The next session saw Haryana Hawks back in the driver’s seat with 1,615.5 points, while Mumbai All Stars was down in the second spot with 1,589 points. Delhi Aces moved up a spot to third place with 1,584.5 points, and UP Indians fell down to the fourth spot with 1,561 points. Ahmedabad Hearts (1,488.5 points) and Bangalore Royals (1,449 points) were the fifth and sixth teams to qualify for the last two sessions. Kolkata Diamonds (1,446 points), Jaipur Jewels (1,431.5 points) and Pune Kings (1,335 points) were out of the competition.

The final two sessions of the day, comprising of 75 hands each, took place in the dark. Before the start of the last session, Haryana Hawks and Mumbai All Stars were neck-to-neck. The Hawks were in the lead with a 13.25 points edge. Delhi Aces were in third place, and UP Indians, Ahmedabad Hearts, Bangalore Royals were the bottom three teams.

In the end, it was the Haryana Hawks that emerged victorious with 1,081.75 points, and Mumbai All Stars finished second with 1,077.5 points, while Delhi Aces secured the third spot with 1,044.75 points.

Haryana Hawks have become the first team to win two editions of the MIPL. They walked away with an impressive ₹65 Lakhs for their win.


Final Points Tally

Team NamePoints
Haryana Hawks1361.25
Mumbai All Stars 1344.50
Up Indians 1322.50
Delhi Aces 1320.75
Ahmedabad Hearts 1260.25
Bangalore Royals 1184.50


NOTE: This article was updated on November 15 at 12:30 pm.

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