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Heads-Up With New PokerGuru Staking Coach – Mithun Mahesh

Heads-Up With New PokerGuru Staking Coach - Mithun Mahesh
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  • Namita Ghosh September 4, 2022
  • 3 Minutes Read

We at PokerGuru knew about it for some time, but the news is now officially out! PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun Mahesh has been elevated as a coach at PokerGuru Staking!

Mahesh joined the country’s top poker stables four years back and was a member of its first batch. Trained and mentored by India’s poker veteran Aditya Agarwal, Mahesh has proved his mettle as an MTT crusher in a short period.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh


In his new role, Mahesh will be involved in bringing in new recruits playing low to mid-stakes MTTs and coaching them to move up in stakes.

Hailing from Kerala, and a resident of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Mahesh had his first tryst with poker in 2008. His Class X board exams had just gotten over, and he got a mobile phone for the first time. Poker was one of the first games he installed on the device. Mahesh, who later qualified as an Engineer, began playing real money games in 2016. Late in 2018, he made the switch to playing poker professionally. In a poker journey spanning over a decade and a half, Mahesh has become one of India’s top MTT players.

Mahesh’s poker resume is proof enough of his talents. In May last year, he added the prestigious The Millionaire title. Overcoming a field of 2,280 entries, he captured the prestigious title for ₹18.76 Lakhs (collectively won ₹19.39 Lakhs). He clinched another coveted title on August 5, 2021, bagging his career-first APT trophy in PokerBaazi’s APT#29 Highroller for ₹16.57 Lakhs. Two months later, on October 17, 2021, Mahesh took down Adda52’s Big Game for ₹11.40 Lakhs.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh


Today, Mahesh boasts of ₹7.72 Crores in online MTT winnings, with ₹2.63 Crores in net profits. He has already accumulated ₹1.85 Crores in 2022, placing himself among the top 20 ranked players of the year, with ₹48.57 Lakhs in corresponding profits. He has won nine titles throughout the year, including Adda52 Millions (₹6.60 Lakhs) and Godfather (₹6.13 Lakhs) and a runner-up finish in the Millionaire Series #10 Tuesday Millionaire (₹6.30 Lakhs). On July 18, he banked his biggest score of 2022 in the ITM #49 Main Event, where he placed fifth for ₹8.24 Lakhs. Last month, Mahesh captured PokerBaazi’s The Endeavour for ₹2.21 Lakhs!

Mithun Mahesh - Online MTT Profit Graph
Mithun Mahesh – Online MTT Profit Graph


In this candid interview, Mahesh spoke to us about his recent elevation as a coach at PokerGuru Staking, his outlook and vision for coaching at the stable, and his plans as an MTT player.


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A Vision Fulfilled

While Mahesh has taught players in the past, poker coaching in a bigger capacity is something he always wanted to do, “I have been coaching for over a decade and have trained a few players already, and I’m enjoying the process. It’s not about teaching only; coaching demands more of you and is more challenging, which I see as an opportunity to grow.”


Coaching – a Step Forward

An elevation from a team member at PokerGuru Staking to a coach is the next natural move for Mahesh to make.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh


So, what coaching style can we expect him to follow? Mahesh refused to divulge a coaching methodology, emphasizing that coaching is an evolving process though there’s a rough curriculum in place. “It will involve a lot of interaction and also a lot of scolding, of course! (chuckles) I’ll be modeling recruits to shape how they think, fix that, and bring on the dynamic and complex aspects of poker.”


Charting the Path as a Team Leader

Juggling an MTT career with coaching can be a tall task for a professional poker player, but Mahesh sounded confident that he would handle the responsibility well.

It’s not as if I’m doing anything extra. It’s just whenever I study, I turn it into a session, which makes poker all the more exciting! I’m enjoying more freedom now because I’m working without procrastinating because of the demands and the deadline.”

He insists he sees himself less as a coach and more as a team leader. “I’ll be focussing on building a team, guiding the players, and eventually building a team that is self-proficient and helps everyone in the process,” he says he has learned from his mentor, Aditya Agarwal. Everything is done under his guidance.”

Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal


PokerGuru Staking – Applications Open

Mahesh divulged that PokerGuru Staking is recruiting new players, and the applications will be invited soon.

PokerGuru Staking
PokerGuru Staking


We’ll be targeting to recruit low-stakes to mid-stakes young people who have potential, and I’ll be mentoring them. We’ll be taking applications for the same soon.”

He continued that priority will be given to young people with more time at hand and some solid background to cope with the demands of the game. Having a fundamental understanding of the game would be a plus.

To explain the process, Mahesh added that PokerGuru has an official Facebook page, and interested players can access the application format from there, fill up the form and send the application to staking@pokerguru.in.


Getting Back to the Live Poker Circuit

Speaking of live poker, Mahesh has a few deep runs on his scorecard – though he`s yet to win an offline tournament. His first live cash came in the 2019 IPC Main Event in Goa, where he placed 61st (₹89,700). While online poker and responsibilities at PokerGuru Staking kept travel at bay for Mahesh, he did make it to the Deltin Poker Tournament in April, picking up a 16th place score in the High Roller (₹1.87 Lakhs), and the IPC Megastacks in Jhapa where he ran deep in the Main Event, posting a 42nd place finish (₹1.03 Lakhs).

Runner-up Deccan Chargers
Runner-up Deccan Chargers


Mahesh doesn’t discount participating at Asian live stops in the near future.“I had plans to travel but thought it better to focus on my online games for now, so yeah, maybe next year.”


Advice to Budding Players

As a newly minted PokerGuru Staking coach, what would Mahesh advise the budding poker players?

Work on your game. That’s very important, and people neglect it. That is something you need to do it consistently, and eventually, that is going to pay off. And you’ll need things like routines in place to be able to do that. So, yeah, focus on your work and build a routine.”

Industry insiders will agree that PokerGuru Staking is not just the top-notch poker-stable operating out of India. It is THE HUB for competitive learning and nurturing the future poker superstars of the country.

With Mahesh stepping up as the team’s new coach and the stable looking to bring in fresh blood, things just got heated for the country’s exciting and ever-evolving poker ecosystem!

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