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Heather Alcorn Wins WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Southern Indiana Main Event, Indian-Origin Abhishek Yerra Finishes 4th

Heather Alcorn
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  • PG News October 10, 2018
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The Horseshoe Southern Indiana played host to the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) with its headline $1,700 Main Event crowning a champion. After a four-day run, Heather Alcorn (cover image) bested the 389-strong field to claim the title along with her maiden WSOPC gold ring. Alcorn won $129,654 in prize money and a seat into the WSOP Global Casino Championship (GCC).

Indian-origin player Abhishek Yerra finished fourth in the event for $43,469.

While Alcorn plays in live tournaments only once or twice a year, she’s a known part of the poker community, since she travels the circuit as a dealer. At the WSOPC Horseshoe Southern Indiana, Alcorn final tabled two events prior to registering for the Main Event. She finished eighth in the $400 NLHE for $1,752 and placed fourth in the $400 NLHE Monster Stack for $10,150.

‘I couldn’t work this event for personal reasons so I just happened to be driving through town so I thought I’d just stop and say hi to everybody. I thought I was going to stay one night and play one tournament, ended up final tabling, so I stayed the next day and final tabled that one. So I went ahead and played the main,” Alcorn said, after her win.

She was second in chips when Day 3 began. Initially she lost several big hands and was close to elimination but soon picked up momentum after two double ups and eliminated several players from the final table.

‘I didn’t really have a strategy per say. I just wanted to keep playing the way I was playing. It was a great final table,’ Alcorn recalled.

The event allowed players to opt for a single re-entry on each flight, and so each player had the chance to fire a maximum of four bullets at the event. The late registration and re-entry remained opened till the start of Level 13 on each flight, registering a total of 389 entries that generated a prize pool of $589,335.

A total of 166 players joined the field on Day 1A and only 31 were left in action by the day’s conclusion. The numbers rose on Day 1B where 223 entered with 43 among them managing to advance further.

Day 2 began with 74 players and the top 45 finishers were assured the $2,663 min-cash, but all eyes were on the top prize.

Brian McKain (12th for $9,924), Day 1A chip leaderJames Hill (13th for $8,145),Ari Engel (16th for $6,777), James Osborne (18th for $6,777), defending champion Justin Boggs (23rd for $4,874), Gregory Wilson (25th for $4,214), Day 1B chip leader Michael Shanahan (26th for $4,214) and Chad Hahn (33Rd for $3,270) were among the notables who made it in the money.

Charles Whaley (10th for $9,924) and James Chubak (11th for $9,924) were eliminated in quick succession, paving the way for the final table play.

Final Table Recap

Robert James ended up as the first casualty on the final table in a cooler where his pocket queens were busted by Dave Sill’s pocket aces, sending James out of the tournament in ninth place. With James’ elimination, the play was halted for the day and the eight remaining finalists bagged their stacks for the final day.

Eight-handed Chip Counts

1. David Sill – 3,125,000

2. Heather Alcorn – 2,760,000

3. Kevin Iacofano – 2,295,000

4. Abhishek Yerra – 965,000

5. Daniel Loizzo – 895,000

6. Saleem Delawalla – 615,000

7. Michael Foley – 550,000

8. Michael Lech – 465,000

Final Day Recap

Action on the final day saw its first elimination within the first 30 minutes when Daniel Loizzo’s ace-seven were defeated by David Sill’s pocket sevens that improved to a set on the seven-four-six flop. The six on the turn didn’t help Loizzo, but he paired his ace on the river. However, Sill’s hand was still superior and Loizzo was eliminated in eighth place.

Sill then knocked out Saleem Delawalla in seventh place with his pocket aces holding up against Delawalla’s ace-queen.

In the very next hand Michael Lech was shown the door and it was Sill who once again did the damage. Lech moved all in from middle position for 280,000 and Sill called from the button. Lech’s card 3card 3 had a good chance of holding up when the flop fell card 1card 3card 3 but Sill with card 3card 3 flopped a pair of aces. The card 3 on the turn opened up a straight draw for Lech but the card 3 on the river blanked out. Sill won the pot eliminating Lech in sixth place.

The chips exchanged hands for several hands before Michael Foley tangled with Alcorn in a hand where Kevin Iacofano raised to 100,000 from under the gun and Folay moved all in for 300,000. Sill called from the button, and Alcorn responded with an all-in re-raise from the small blind. Big blind Abhishek Yerra folded, and so did Iacofano, followed by Sill. Alcorn and Foley then tabled their cards and Alcorn’s card 2card 1 were clearly dominating Foley’s card 2card 1. The runout card 3card 2card 1card 2card 2 busted Folay in fifth place.

Next up, action folded to small blind Abhishek Yerra who raised to 175,000 and Iacofano called from the big blind to see the flop open card 1card 3card 2. Yerra moved all in for 880,000 while Iacofano made the call. Yerra’s card 3card 3 were at risk against Iacofano’s card 1card 2. The card 3 turn and the card 1 completed the board and Iacafano scooped the pot with his queens, while Yerra was sent packing in fourth place.

Despite his dominating play that saw him pack off many players to the rail, David Sill became short-stacked and was then put at risk of elimination in a hand where Alcorn raised to 225,000 from the button and Iacofano called from the small blind. Sill 3-bet shoved from the big blind for 3,900,000 and Alcorn moved all in for 4,100,000, forcing Iacofano to give up. Alcorn tabled card 3card 2 against Sill’s card 1card 1 and the former held through the rundown card 1card 3card 3card 3card 3, eliminating Sill in third place.

Several hands into the heads-up match between Kevin Iacofano and Alcorn, the final hand was dealt where Iacofano raised all in for 1,100,000 with card 3card 1 and Alcorn called holding card 2card 3. Iacofano kept his lead on the flop card 3card 2card 3 but the advantage was soon counterfeited as the card 1 turn and the card 3 river brought both players two pair, tens and sevens, but Alcorn`s ace-high kicker won her the title, while Iacofano had to settle for a runner-up finish.

Heather Alcorn
Heather Alcorn

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Heather Alcorn – $129,654

2. Kevin Iacofano – $80,120

3. David Sill – $58,545

4. Abhishek Yerra – $43,469

5. Michael Foley – $32,799

6. Michael Lech – $25,088

7. Saleem Delawalla – $19,483

8. Daniel Loizzo – $15,346

9. Robert James – $12,258

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