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WSOPC The Star Sydney 2018: Huss Hassan Wins $1,320 Six-Max For A$104,000

Huss Hassan
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly December 11, 2018
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The two-day long $1,320 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) International Circuit The Star Sydney pulled in 283 entries. Outlasting the huge field was Huss Hassan (cover image), who won his maiden WSOPC gold ring, along with a career-best score of A$104,000. He also picked up 50 points in the Casino Championship race.

Hassan began Day 2 as the chip leader, starting with close to 100,000 in chips more than Richard Kellett, his nearest competitor. However, by the time he reached the final table, Hassan`s stack had dwindled considerably and he was one of the shorter stacks on the table. Thereafter he played strategically and even brought about the elimination of Luis Arrilucea to reach the heads-up stage alongside Sayed Jabbour. While Hassan began the heads-up play trailing Jabbour, the former ultimately overcame the chip lead and bested Jabbour to take home his career-first WSOP Circuit ring.

“Feels good man,” Hassan said after his victory. “It’s my first WSOP Circuit win so starting off with the six-max is pretty good. I bagged a bit in the Main Event so I’m gonna try to take that down as well.”

The other notables who also finished in the money included Graeme Putt (8th for A$11,528), Richard Kellett (15th for A$4,688), Ben Richardson (19th for A$3,524) and winner of the $5,000 Challenge Matt Wakeman (30th for A$2,688).

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Zac Lowrie – 1,220,000

2. Brett Trevillian – 1,187,000

3. Sayed Jabbour – 930,000

4. Michael Fraser – 861,000

5. Huss Hassan – 651,000

6. Timo Hettinger – 648,000

7. Luis Arrilucea – 228,000

2018 WSOP International Circuit The Star Sydney $1,320 6-Max Final Table
2018 WSOP International Circuit The Star Sydney $1,320 6-Max Final Table

Final Table Recap

Even though Zac Lowrie started as the final table chip leader, he lost several pots early on and was only left with 27,000 in chips. During level 21, he moved all-in from middle position and received calls from Huss Hassan in the cutoff, Michael Fraser on the button, and Brett Trevillian and Timo Hettinger in the blinds. The flop fell . All four live players checked to see the turn . Trevillian checked and Hettinger bet 70,000 forcing all other players to fold.

Timo Hettinger

Zac Lowrie

Hettinger flopped a set of treys, while Lowrie was drawing dead. The river was of no help to Lowrie and he busted out in seventh place.

Michael Fraser was the next to go in sixth place when he got in against Trevillian in a battle of the blinds. Fraser’s ultimately lost out to Trevillian’s , as the latter’s hand bettered to three-of-a-kind kings on the runout.

Finishing in fifth place was Timo Hettinger. His were cracked by Trevillian’s , as the runout missed both players.

Down to four-handed play, Luis Arrilucea‘s luck eventually ran out when he jammed on the button with and Hassan looked him up from the small blind holding . The board ran and Hassan picked up a top pair of queens on the flop to eliminate Arrilucea in fourth place.

Immediately thereafter, Hassan open-raised the button for 90,000 and Brett Trevillian called from the small blind. Sayed Jabbour made it 380,000 from the big blind, forcing Hassan to fold and got Trevillian thinking. The latter eventually decided to move all-in and tabled . Jabbour snap-called with . The board fanned out and Jabbour’s stronger pair railed Trevillian out in third place.

The heads-up confrontation began with Sayed Jabbour (3,765,000) in the lead against Huss Hassan (1,895,000). Hassan clawed his way back into the game and by level 25, he had snatched the lead away from Jabbour. On the final hand of the event, Hassan limped in on the button with and Sayed Jabbour checked in the big blind holding . The flop came and Jabbour checked, while Hassan bet 100,000. Jabbour called to see on the turn. He checked yet again, and Hassan fired another 275,000. Jabbour called once more. The river brought , Jabbour checked for a third time. Hassan put out a bet of 550,000. Jabbour went into a tank before moving all in for about 500,000 more. Hassan called and won the pot with a flopped straight, as Jabbour finished with the runner-up title.

Huss Hassan
Huss Hassan

Final Table Results (AUD)

1. Huss Hassan – A$104,000

2. Sayed Jabbour – A$64,264

3. Brett Trevillian – A$44,616

4. Luis Arrilucea – A$31,304

5. Timo Hettinger – A$22,200

6. Michael Fraser – A$15,912

7. Zac Lowrie – A$11,528

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