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IndiaPlays’ Popular Progressive Leaderboard Promotion is Back in July With Unlimited Prizes

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  • RUPAM THAKUR July 6, 2022
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After hosting an insane first-anniversary party last month, IndiaPlays has brought back its popular Progressive Leaderboards promotion in July! The construct of the promotion remains pretty much unchanged, offering cash game players the opportunity to earn uncapped prizes simply by playing more!

The cash game regs in IndiaPlays would know about the Progressive Leaderboards promotion fairly well since most of them would have won handsome amounts from it in the past. The month-long promotion runs from July 1 to 30 and is divided across two separate leaderboard sprints from July 1 to 14 and July 15 to 29. The site is putting up ₹2 Lakhs in guaranteed prizes for the promotion. However, since it is a progressive leaderboard, the prize pool will keep increasing as more rake gets generated on the cash game tables during the promotional period!

Here is how the promotion works.

The leaderboard promotion runs across three different stakes: Low (1/2 to 5/10), Mid (10/20 to 25/50), and High (50/100 & above) with no separate segregation for NLHE and PLO cash tables. All you need to do is hit the cash game tables on the site and collect IP points as you contribute rake. The best part is that you can play cash games across stakes and qualify for multiple prizes by ranking on the different leaderboards.

That said, there is a minimum eligibility criterion before you qualify to win prizes. You need to collect 250 IP points for the low stakes, 500 IP points for the mid-stakes, and 800 IP points for the high stakes to be eligible for the prizes.

The key takeaway if you are looking to rake in massive prizes through this promotion is – “The more you play, the more you will win.” And since the primary objective is to collect IP points, playing the higher stakes will undoubtedly garner better rewards.

The top 25 ranked players on the three leaderboards (i.e., 75 players overall) will collect cash prizes at the end of the two sprints on July 15 & July 30, respectively. Individual winnings will be based on the percentage of the leaderboard points collected by a player relative to the total leaderboard points earned by the top 25 players across all three leaderboards (i.e., 75 players overall). That said, there is a minimum eligibility criterion before you qualify to win prizes.

To explain this better, let’s say the total prize pool for the progressive leaderboards touches ₹3,00,000 at the end of the promotion period, and the IP points earned by the top 75 players across all the three leaderboards (low, mid, and high) is 10,000. Suppose, you collect 500 IP points, then (3,00,000)*(500/10,000) = 15,000. This means you will receive a cash reward of ₹15,000.

Terms & Conditions

> This promotion applies to NLHE and PLO cash tables across three different stakes.

> The leaderboard points and prize amount will be updated daily.

> The top 25 players on the leaderboard will be awarded cash prizes at the end of the promotional period, i.e., July 15 and July 30.

> Winnings will be based on the percentage of LB points earned by a player basis the total LB points earned by the top 25 players on the leaderboard.

> Players must achieve the minimum points criteria to be eligible for the cash prizes

> Heads-up tables will be considered in this promotion.

> Winnings will be paid within 24 hours after the promotion ends

> To earn 1 IP point, a player must generate ₹10 in rake.


Other Leaderboard Promotions

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Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates and promotions from IndiaPlays!

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