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IPC Megastacks: Mahesh Shyamsundar Lifts the ₹25K Kick-Off Trophy, Wins Career-First Live Title & ₹8.15 Lakhs in Prize Money

Mahesh Shyamsundar Wins IPC Megastacks 25K Kick-Off
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 20, 2022
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Day 2 of the IPC Megastacks was marred with thunder, lightning, and torrential rains. But while the storm raged outside, the action was electric inside the Spartan LIVE poker room at Casino Vegas by Big Daddy at Hotel Mechhi Crown. And finishing off such a tumultuous day in style was Mahesh Shyamsundar (cover image), who captured his first-ever live title in the series-opener ₹25K Kick-Off, taking home a whopping ₹8.15 Lakhs top prize!

The 35-year-old Chartered Accountant from Bengaluru returned on Day 2 with an above-average stack of 400,000. He started his climb to the top by eliminating Shailender Pradhan (16th place for ₹83,200) and Spartan Poker Team Pro Nikita Luther (13th place for ₹99,700).

Nikita Luther
Nikita Luther


Shyamsundar bagged a double whammy when he knocked out start-of-day chip leader Young Gun Siddhanth Kripalani (12th place for ₹1.16 Lakhs) and Umer Fayaz (11th place for ₹1.16 Lakhs) in the same hand. By the time the eight-handed final table was formed, Shyamsundar was firmly in the driver’s seat with a stack of 1.70 Million.

Siddhanth Kripalani
Siddhanth Kripalani


The last four players struck an ICM deal, keeping the title and ₹2 Lakhs in play. Sameer Agarwal, who was the chip leader when the deal was struck, locked in ₹9.87 Lakhs, with Harsh Bubna (₹7.19 Lakhs), Kanishka Samant (₹6.74 Lakhs), and Mahesh Shyamsundar (₹6.15 Lakhs) assuring themselves corresponding payouts.

Harsh Bubna was the first of the four to fall, followed by poker coach and long-time MTT pro Kanishka Samant.

Shyamsundar was staring down a 2:1 chip deficit at the start of his heads-up battle with Agarwal. But he played with aggression, and a few well-timed bluffs were the added touch he needed to earn the bragging rights of winning the first-ever Phygital IPC Megastacks trophy and ₹8.15 Lakhs in prize money!

After taking down the series-opener, Shyamsundar said, “This being my first title, I am very ecstatic about it. Actually, this is my 6th or 7th live event, right, so I am very happy that I managed to ship the first event of the series. Looking forward to the other events.”

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“It’s been a great experience coming here to IPC. It’s my first time. I must say, I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Spartan (Poker) and IPC for really organizing a great gig,” added the Kick-Off runner-up finisher, Sameer Agarwal.

Running alongside Day 2 of the ₹25K Kick-Off was the ₹100K High Roller. Sporting a ₹1 Lakh buy-in, the High Roller commenced at 5 PM. Day 1 of the High Roller was initially slated to play down till Level 10, following which late registrations would be closed. However, due to the pool party kicking off at 10 PM, the clock was paused with 10 minutes still left in Level 10. Already 156 entries have been clocked in the event, and late reg will remain open for the remaining 10 minutes of Level 10 and a 15-minute break tomorrow! The field was full of notables, but the rush to wrap up proceedings didn’t allow us to take an accurate count of the day-end survivors, nor could we get the Day 1 chip counts.

The ₹25K Kick-Off final table was live-streamed on delay across several social media platforms, including the PokerGuru Facebook page. You can watch the complete replay below.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Mahesh Shyamsundar – 1,705,000

2. Sameer Agarwal – 1,405,000

3. Harsh Bubna – 1,280,000

4. Samay Modi – 1,090,000

5. Arjanveer Singh Chadha – 465,000

6. Kumar Vatsal – 395,000

7. Kanishka Samant – 315,000

8. Ashish Ahuja – 95,000


Final Table Recap

The #3 ranked player of the year, PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Ahuja, was the shortest stack on the FT and expectedly hit the rail early in eighth place. He fought valiantly and even managed to double-up through Kanishka Samant but ultimately fell prey to start-of-final table chip leader Mahesh Shyamsundar. The Chandigarh-based pro’s ran into Shyamsundar’s . The community cards drew a blank, and Shyamsundar’s Ace-high pulled him through, sending Ahuja to the rail.

Ashish Ahuja
Ashish Ahuja


Talking about his eighth-place finish, Ahuja said, “I finished eighth in the Kick-Off event, and I am happy with it. I was the shortest stack on the final table, so it didn’t matter. I had a 4 BB stack, and I put it in with Queen high. I got called with Ace high, and that’s fine. I am happy to make the final table in the first event of the series.”

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Not long after that, the actor-cum-poker reg Samay Singh Modi was sent packing in seventh place. He led out for 120K, and Sameer Agarwal raised to 400K behind him. The action folded around to Modi, who moved all-in with and Agarwal snap-called holding . The board ran , and Agarwal’s turned pair of King’s ended Modi’s deep run.

Samay Singh Modi
Samay Singh Modi


Speaking to us after busting the Kick-Off event, Modi said, “I played the 25K Kick-Off at the IPC yesterday, and I had a good run going. I think the event has overall been organized very well, and there have been a lot of entries. I think they broke the guarantee.”

“I had a really good run, and I think I made a mistake on the final table. I came 7th. That’s the nature of the game. You make a mistake, and it costs you, and it should be like that. Overall, I had a lot of fun, and I think the High roller started today, and the Main Event is coming up, so I am looking forward to that,” he added.

Next to go was Vatsal Kumar. The former FTS #14 – Monster Stack winner was chip leading the tournament at one point on Day 1, but he had his work cut out for himself on the FT. One of the shorter stacks on the table, Kumar, moved all-in pre-flop for 285,000, holding and found two callers in Agarwal and Shyamsundar. Both of them checked the flop . On the turn , Agarwal fired a bet of 105K, getting Shyamsundar to fold. Agarwal turned over and had Kumar dominated with his two-pair. His hand bettered to a boat on the river , leading to Vatsal’s sixth place exit.

Kumar Vatsal
Kumar Vatsal


Vatsal sounded thrilled about his sixth-place finish, given that it was his career-first live cash. He said, “I am excited for the deep run I had in the Kick-Off. It’s a good structure. I ran very deep. Normally Kick-Offs are shallow structured. You’ve got to win your flips on the FT if you want to win the tournament. But sixth place is not bad; it’s my first live cash. Hope to see more.”

The other PokerGuru Ambassador on the final table, Arjanveer Singh Chadha, held the fifth largest stack at the start of the FT, which turned out to be his eventual finishing position. He was the short stack in UTG and moved all-in for 260,000 with . The action folded around to Samant in the big blind – who took his time before calling off with . Samant had to put in 180K more to call, and he had about 1 M in chips – making it a relatively easy decision for him considering Chadha’s range. The flop fell , and Chadha needed a 10 only to survive. The last two streets brought the and the , ending Chadha’s dream run.

Arjanveer Singh Chadha
Arjanveer Singh Chadha


Sharing his first impressions of the series, Chadha said, “I am really excited to come to Nepal for the IPC this time. The journey was a little difficult initially, but when we reached the venue, it was absolutely amazing. The organization that the IPC guys have done is tremendous, and I applaud them for their efforts.”

“Coming to this event, the Kick-Off event, I ran very deep in that, and I just finished 5th in that, and I am really excited for the high roller now, and hopefully, I can do even better in the next one,” he said about his plans for the rest of the series.

Once down to four players, the finalists wasted little time in striking an ICM deal, leaving the title and ₹2 Lakhs in play for the eventual champion.

Deal Payouts

Sameer Agarwal – ₹9,87,403

Harsh Bubna – ₹7,19,762.50

Kanishka Samant – ₹6,74,741

Mahesh Shyamsundar – ₹6,15,548.50

The MTT reg from Kolkata, Harsh Bubna, has been causing quite the storm on the virtual felts of late. Less than a week ago, he crossed the ₹1 Crore-mark in tracked online winnings after winning the ₹5 Lakhs GTD PPL#27 5-Max Turbo on PokerBaazi. However, a fourth-place finish was as far as he could come in the Kick-Off event. The Patni Millionaire champion’s were bested by Agarwal’s on the runout .

Harsh Bubna
Harsh Bubna


The two-time IPC Main Event champion Kanishka Samant is one of the most celebrated players at the IPC. The veteran pro had entered the final table with the second shortest stack and did splendidly well to spin up to a third-place finish. On his last hand of the tournament, Samant’s faced off against Agarwal’s . While both players flopped a pair on the board, Agarwal spiked the superior pair.

Kanishka Samant
Kanishka Samant


Samant was all praises for the Casino Vegas by Big Daddy, saying, “This is my first time in Nepal, and I love the casino. There is a comfort of wearing flip-flops and shorts. It’s very comfortable. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere.”

Talking about his run, he said, “Glad I ran deep. I kind of did a deal four-ways, and in the end, you know how it goes. We got short, and it is what it is.”

With Samant gone, the event got down to the heads-up play, with Sameer Agarwal (45.45 Million) enjoying an over 2:1 chip lead over Mahesh Shyamsundar (22.05 Million). Despite starting on the backfoot, Shyamsundar was able to turn the tide in his favor. His aggressive style of play, coupled with a few well-timed moves, got him the title.

Sameer Agarwal
Sameer Agarwal


On the last hand of the event, Agarwal, sitting with 2.5 Million, jammed with from the button. Unfortunately for him, Shyamsundar woke up with in the big blind and made the easy call. Agarwal caught the middle pair on the flop , but the turn and river closed out the 2-day event with Shyamsundar walking away with the extra ₹2 Lakhs and the winner’s trophy!

Mahesh Shyamsundar
Mahesh Shyamsundar


Complete Payouts of the 25K Kick-Off

Rank NamePrize Money
1Mahesh Shyamsundar₹8,15,579*
2Sameer Agarwal₹9,87,442*
3Kanishka Samant₹6,74,788*
4Harsh Bubna₹7,19,791*
5Arjanveer Singh Chadha₹2,72,000
6Kumar Vatsal₹2,25,400
7Samay Singh Modi₹1,92,100
8Ashish Ahuja₹1,63,900
9Vineet Kumar₹1,33,200
10Himanshu Chhikara₹1,16,300
11Umer Fayaz₹1,16,300
12Siddhanth Kripalani₹1,16,300
13Nikita Luther₹99,700
15Laksh Pal Singh₹99,700
16Shailender Pradhan₹83,200
17Ankit Wadhawan₹83,200
18Arsh Grover₹83,200
19Sunil Choudhary₹66,600
20Himanshu Kataria₹66,600
21Harshad Barve₹66,600
22Kiran Gurung ₹52,300
23Shardul Parthasarathi₹52,300
24Nimit Patel₹52,300
25Aman Mehta₹44,500
26Makrim M₹44,500
27Priya Rajkumar₹44,500
28Dhaval Mudgal₹39,000
29Siddarth Singhvi₹39,000

*denotes a four-way ICM deal


Stay tuned to PokerGuru for all the latest updates from IPC Megastacks!

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