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IPC Megastacks: Young Gun Siddhanth Kripalani Wins ₹60K Main Event For ₹39.72 Lakhs Following a Heads-Up Deal With Aditya Sushant 

Siddhanth Kripalani Wins IPC Megatsacks Main Event
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 24, 2022
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The guarantee-crushing IPC Megastacks is finally in the books with Young Gun Siddhanth Kripalani riding his massive Day 2 chip lead in the ₹60K Main Event to the finish line for a personal-best ₹39.72 Lakhs! He struck a head-up deal with India’s first WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant, who locked in ₹33.50 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

Kripalani started the final table as the runaway chip leader with a massive stack of 6,050,000, more than double Sushant’s stack, who was second in chips. Kripalani eliminated Sumit Sapra and J. Raju en route to his heads-up against Sushant.

Before the heads-up began, Kripalani, who held a massive chip lead, and Sushant agreed to a heads-up deal, leaving only the IPC Phygital trophy in play. The heads-up was a swingy one, and Sushant managed to steal the lead from Kripalani for some time before the latter bounced back to take down the title. This is the second time in less than two months that Sushant has finished runner-up in a flagship Main Event following a heads-up deal. He had chopped the BPT Main Event title with Nitin Arora in March.

After taking down the Main Event, Kripalani said, “It feels good. Heads-up was really tough. Sushi put me in some really tough spots. So, it feels good to get the better end of that.”

“It was really good. It’s a nice, open casino. I like the hotel. The vibe is nice. So, all in all, good experience,” he added about the series and the casino.

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The Main Event clocked in 334 entries across two starting flights, generating a ₹2,00,40,000 prize pool. Day 2 had 98 runners returning to the felts, and the ₹25K Kick-Off champion Mahesh Shyamsundar money-bubbled the Main Event in 43rd place.

Some notables who finished in the money included PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot (10th for ₹3.62 Lakhs), Kanishka Samant (17th for ₹2.57 Lakhs), Young Gun Kanchan Sharma (18th for ₹2.57 Lakhs), celebrity poker player Minissha Lamba (19th for ₹2.11 Lakhs), 2022 BPT High Roller champion Zarvan Tumboli (21st for ₹2.11 Lakhs) and Raghav Bansal (28th for ₹1.26 Lakhs).

The final table action was live-streamed (on delay) across several social media platforms, including the PokerGuru Facebook page. You can watch the replay below.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Siddhanth Kripalani – 6,050,000

2. Aditya Sushant – 1,895,000

3. Thakur Anand Mohan Singh – 1,365,000

4. J. Raju – 1,180,000

5. Sumit Sapra – 1,025,000

6. Siddharth Singhvi – 910,000

7. Niharika Bindra – 595,000

8. Rajasekhar P – 190,000


Final Table Recap

Rajasekhar P was the first player to fall out of the final table. Thakur Anand Mohan Singh raised to 150,000 from the middle position, and Rajasekhar called all-in from the big blind for his last 120,000.

Rajasekhar P

Thakur Anand Mohan Singh

The board blanked out, eliminating Rajasekhar in eighth place.

The veteran poker pro Sumit Sapra was the next one out. The hand before his elimination came about, Sapra jammed with pocket sevens, prompting J. Raju to fold his four-three (offsuit) that bumped Sapra’s stack to 20 BBs. On the very next hand, he woke up with the Cowboys and moved all-in to chip leader Siddhanth Kripalani’s 110,000 raise. The rest of the table folded, and Kripalani called.

Siddhanth Kripalani

Sumit Sapra

Kripalani spiked a king on the runout , ending Sapra’s run in seventh place.

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On the next hand, Niharika Bindra open-jammed for 370,000 from the cutoff with . Aditya Sushant called from the big blind for 320,000 holding . The board opened and Sushant flopped trip Kings, dismissing Bindra in sixth place.

Finishing in fifth place was Siddarth Singhvi. He shoved all-in for 345,000 from the button, and Thakur Anand Mohan Singh called off from UTG. Singhvi’s were pitted against Singh’s . Singhvi was ahead, but the flop gave Singh the lead with a pair of Jacks. Singhvi still had the outs for a flush draw, but the turn and river bricked out for him.

J. Raju‘s dream run came to an end in fourth place. The hand in question saw Kripalani raising to 200,000 from the button with , and Raju jammed for 1.1 Million from the big blind with . It was an easy call for Kripalani to make, and he put in the 875,000 to cover Raju. The board and no help to Raju.

Thakur Anand Mohan Singh, fondly dubbed Thakurji by the live stream commentators, fell out in third place. The lawyer opened to 100,000 from the button with . Sushant re-raised to 750,000 from the small blind with . Kripalani got out of the way, and Thakurji moved all in. Sushant snap-called. The community cards opened , eliminating Thakurji in third place.

The last two players standing, Sidhhant Kripalani (11 Million) and Aditya Sushant (3.365 Million), agreed to a heads-up deal. Kripalani locked in ₹39.72 Lakhs, while Sushant assured himself ₹33.50 Lakhs, keeping only the IPC Megastacks Phygital trophy in play.

Aditya Sushant & Siddhanth Kripalani
Aditya Sushant & Siddhanth Kripalani


It was a swingy heads-up, and even after starting with a 4:1 chip lead, Kripalani lost the chip lead for a while. But then the Young Gun came back with a vengeance, taking back the chip lead and riding it to the finish line.

On the final hand, Kripalani called for 60,000 with , and Sushant defended his big blind with . The flop gave Kripalani a straight draw. Sushant check-called a 120,000 bet from Kripalani to see the turn card open , hitting a King-high straight. Sushant checked again, and Kripalani raised to 600,000. Sushant re-raised to 1.3 Million, and Kripalani smooth-called for 700,000. The river brought improving Kripalani’s hand to a Broadway straight. Sushant moved all-in for 2.5 Million, and Kripalani called and turned over his hand, giving Sushant the bad news.

Siddhanth Kripalani
Siddhanth Kripalani


Final Table Results

1. Siddhanth Kripalani – ₹39,72,000*

2. Aditya Sushant – ₹33,50,000*

3. Thakur Anand Mohan Singh – ₹19,40,300

4. J Raju – ₹12,43,500

5. Siddarth Singhvi – ₹9,58,900

6. Niharika Bindra – ₹7,93,600

7. Sumit Sapra – ₹6,66,300

8. Rajasekhar Puttamsetty – ₹5,47,100

*denotes a heads-up deal

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