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Jaepil You Wins Maiden International Title in APT Korea Incheon Championships Event For ₩49,770,000 ($44,357)

Jaepil You

2018 Asia Pacific Tour (APT) Korea Incheon

One of the most popular tournaments at the 2018 Asia Pacific Tour (APT) Korea Incheon series was the Championships Event that drew in 148 entries to the field.

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One of the most popular tournaments at the 2018 Asia Pacific Tour (APT) Korea Incheon series was the Championships Event that drew in 148 entries to the field. Steering through the competitive action, US player Jaepil You (cover image) took down the event to win his maiden international live tournament title. You won a payday of ₩49,770,000 ($44,357) along with the APT Championship Trophy and the coveted APT Championship ring.

25 players made it in the money at the event and among those to score were Aleksei Seib (11th for ₩4,106,000), Yosuke Otsubo (12th for ₩4,106,000), Konstantin Pogodin (16th for ₩3,000,000), Valeriy Pak (20th for ₩2,564,000) and Preston Lee (22nd for ₩2,564,000).

The tournament started on August 15 and continued up to August 19 during which players entered through two starting flights. You had entered the second starting flight and took command on the opening day itself as he ended the day’s play as chip leader coming into Day 2. He had a swingy run on Day 2 but returned with a bang on Day 3.

When action began at the eight-handed final table, You was third in chips trailing Hideki Izutzu (2,363,000) and Tamon Nakamura (2,094,000).

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Hideki Izutsu – 2,363,000

2. Tamon Nakamura – 2,094,000

3. Jaepil G You – 1,039,000

4. Naoki Morita – 655,000

5. Hung Sheng Lin – 529,000

6. Yoshimura Hiroyuki – 369,000

7. Bae Hyun Kyu – 242,000

8. Tae Hoon Han – 114,000

Final Table Recap

The eight-handed final table saw its first elimination on just the third hand of play, when Tae Hoon Han called after Hyun Kyu Bae moved all in. Han tabled while Bae turned over . The board ran and Bae hit his winning pair of aces to send Han packing in eighth place.

Following Han was Hyun Kyu Bae, who moved all in with his remaining 420,000 and was called by Nakamura. Bae tabled vs. Nakamura’s . Bae didn’t get any help from the board and exited in seventh place.

Naoki Morita fell in sixth place after he moved all in with but Izutsu woke up with that held up on the rundown .

Next up, Hiroyuki Yoshimura tangled with You after the latter moved all in for 625,000 and two seats to his left, Yoshimura went all in as well and was the player at risk. Yoshimura tabled and though You was trailing with , he picked up two pairs – aces and jacks on the runout. Yoshimura was eliminated in fifth place.

Hung Sheng Lin’s run ended in fourth place when he raised to 65,000 from under the gun and Nakara 3-bet to 165,000 from the button. Lin moved all in and Nakamura called. Lin held , while Nakamura tabled a superior . With the board coming , Nakamura’s hand held and Lin left the table.

Hideki Izutsu was sent packing in third place by You. Already short-stacked, Izutsu clashed with You in a hand where the latter raised to 155,000 from the button and Izutsu 3-bet on the big blind to 355,000. You moved all in and Izutzu snap-called, putting himself at risk. You tabled against Izutsu’s . The board ran and You hit a set of nines eliminating Izutsu in the process.

Heads-up, You dominated the action and sent Tamon Nakamura to the rail in second place. While Nakamura attempted to take the lead with several double ups, You retaliated by staving off Nakamura’s stack in subsequent moves and soon took down the title. On the final hand, You raised to 205,000 and Nakamura made the call. On the flop , Nakamura check-called 300,000. On the turn, Nakamura checked and You led in 375,000, prompting Nakamura to move all in. You wasted no time in calling.



With You holding top pair and the river bringing no help for Nakamura, You was crowned the champion!

Jaepil You
Jaepil You

Final Table Result (KRW)

1. Jaepil You – ₩49,770,000

2. Tamon Nakamura – ₩33,181,000

3. Hideki Izutsu – ₩23,166,000

4. Hung Sheng Lin – ₩16,863,000

5. Hiroyuki Yoshimura – ₩12,744,000

6. Naoki Morita – ₩9,961,000

7. Hyun Kyu Bae – ₩8,023,000

8. Tae Hoon Han – ₩6,636,000

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