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Jake Bazeley Wins WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event For $311,616

Jake Bazeley
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly December 5, 2018
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The four-day long World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event accumulated a total of 1,127 runners through two starting flights, generating a prize pool of $1,707,405. Cincinnati’s Jake Bazeley (cover image) outlasted them all to win this event for a second time in five years and went home $311,616 richer.

In 2014, Bazeley had topped the 797-entry field to win the $1,675 Main Event for $239,096. This year, he defeated an even bigger playing field and took home $311,616 for his victory. After this win, Bazeley’s total live earnings presently stand at $4,387,253.

“This I was more prepared for. That last time was my first huge win,” Bazeley told WSOP officials. “I was comfortable today, coming in… been here before.”

Out of the 117 runners who made it in the money, the notables included Allen Kessler (12th for $24,911), Eric Salazar (20th for $13,932), Irene Carey (30th for $8,571), Ralph Kennedy (41st for $5,771), Steven Snyder (42nd for $5,771), Ryan D’Angelo (49th for $5,156), Will Givens (52nd for $5,156) and Ralph Massey (92nd for $3,312).

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts

1. Kyle Cartwright – 8,200,000

2. Toby Boas – 5,530,000

3. Mai Chaitib – 4,155,000

4. Ian Holt – 3,275,000

5. Ken Baime – 3,085,000

6. Jake Bazeley – 2,900,000

7. Jim Striker – 2,545,000

8. Virgil Beddingfield – 1,540,000

9. David Shaw – 1,495,000

10. Michael Kaczmarek – 1,140,000

Michael Kaczmarek bubbled the final table when his was bested by Kyle Cartwright’s on the runout . Kaczmarek finished 10th for $24,911.

Final Table Recap

David Shaw was the first elimination on the nine-handed final table when he shoved all-in from small blind with and Cartwright looked him up with . The rundown did not improve Shaw’s hand, leading to his ninth-place finish.

During level 30, Jim Striker moved all-in from the small blind for about 900,000 and Jake Bazeley called from the big blind.

Jim Striker

Jake Bazeley

The board ran out and Bazeley’s king kicker held on, busting Striker in eighth place.

Around 30 minutes later, Ken Baime pitted his against Cartwright’s . On the runout , Cartwright flopped a pair of nines, eliminating Baime in seventh place.

Finishing in sixth place was Virgil Beddingfield. He bet 250,000 from the hijack with and Bazeley jammed from the button with . The board ran and Bazeley’s king high won him the pot, as Beddingfield bounced out of the competition.

The lone female player on the final table Mai Chaitib went out in fifth place. On her final hand, she moved all-in from the button when Toby Boas opened with a min-raise of 480,000. Boas snap-called and tabled , putting Chaitib at risk. The latter turned over . The community cards fanned out and were of no help to Chaitib who busted out in fifth place.

Mai Chaitib
Mai Chaitib

Down to four-handed play, Boas opened for 600,000 from under-the-gun and Ian Holt shoved all-in for around 3,500,000. Bazeley called and Boas folded. The board revealed and Bazeley rivered a pair of aces, eliminating Holt in fourth place.

Soon thereafter, Bazeley opened from the button with and Toby Boas 3-bet to 1,750,000 from the small blind, holding . Cartwright folded his big blind and Bazeley 4-bet to 3,400,000. Boas moved all-in and Bazeley quickly called. The dealer flipped over on the board and Bazeley defeated Boas, in third-place.

The heads-up play began with Jake Bazeley (25,510,000) in a dominating lead over Kyle Cartwright (8,300,000). Cartwright tried hard to bridge the chip gap but was unable to do much.

Kyle Cartwright
Kyle Cartwright

On the final hand of the event, Cartwright led out for 800,000 holding and Bazeley raised to 2,600,000 with . Cartwright moved all-in and Bazeley called immediately. The broad brought and Bazeley flopped a set of tens to win the his second gold ring for an impressive $311,616 payday.

Jake Bazeley
Jake Bazeley

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Jacob Bazeley – $311,616

2. Kyle Cartwright – $192,459

3. Toby Boas – $143,012

4. Ian Holt – $107,567

5. Mai Chaitib – $81,904

6. Virgil Beddingfield – $63,106

7. Kenneth Baime – $49,190

8. James Striker – $38,775

9. David Shaw – $30,904

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