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Khelo365 CEO Vinod Manoharan Announces New Year Plans & Other Major Changes

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  • PG News October 28, 2017
  • 3 Minutes Read

There is no better proof of a successful promotion than one that makes the company re-center all its promotions towards a VIP new year’s party and that is exactly what’s happening at the go-to Indian online poker portal, Khelo365.

Khelo365 has built itself a solid repute for throwing exclusive and lavish international parties. They leave no stones unturned when it comes to style and that extra effort may put the best-of-the-best experiences in the world to shame. Thanks to Khelo365, poker enthusiasts can once again look forward to a once in a lifetime opportunity as the site is providing the gateway to another luxurious extravaganza. The destination you ask? Pattaya and that too to celebrate New Year’s 2018!

After listening to feedback asking for shorter leaderboard races that are easier to manage and overall more entertaining for the masses, Khelo365 has now started a brand-new leaderboard race starting from October 25 that is slated to run till December 25. As usual the leaderboard offers chock full of unbelievable prizes including cars like Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Renault Kwid and Royal Enfield bike along with hefty cash prizes!


Here are how the prizes for the top 8 places pan out –

1. Honda City S Petrol + ₹2 Lakhs Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

2. Maruti Suzuki Swift Lxi (O) + ₹1 Lakh Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

3. Renault Kwid RXE + 75k Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

4. Royal Enfield Classic 350 + 50k Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

5. ₹75,000 Real Money + 25k Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

6. 55k Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

7. 50k Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

8. 45k Bonus Money + All expenses Paid VIP Trip to Pattaya

In an exclusive letter, one of the earliest poker entrepreneurs in India and the man behind successful gaming sites like Khelo365.com and DeccanRummy.com – Vinod Manoharan pens down the reasons behind the changes and how the upcoming new year’s party which has been relocated to Pattaya from Sri Lanka is going to be above and beyond anyone’s imagination.

“God, New Year is coming! And guess what, I still cherish the memories of our Pattaya New Year 2017 VIP Party and the incredible fun we had over there. I miss those funny interactions we had and fondly remember the little quirks of every VIP player with whom I had interacted.

I wish we could relive all those moments this year again and maybe that’s the way you feel too.

I write this letter to inform you about some changes in our leaderboard contest which had been forwarded to my desk. It may affect you (don’t worry! In a good way) but I’m sure we’ll both be on the same page.

For every promotion of ours, a lot of planning with regards to feasibility, customer interests, and the logistics goes through. Of all the elements mentioned above, we give more weight to the customers’ opinions as we consider them as the kingpins of our business.

Our initial feasibility check report that was forwarded to my desk suggests that based on feedback from players about our VIP Parties and Promotions – the marketing team has come up with the following points:

  • Players enjoy an exclusive VIP Party the most.
  • Players enjoy Thailand more than Sri Lanka.
  • Players either wish to be partying or spending time with their family on New Years’ Eve.
  • A 6-month long leaderboard is not much fun. Short leaderboards are fun.

Based on the above conclusions, the said team has also suggested the following changes:

  • To start a fresh leaderboard (Oct 25 – Dec 25) with a New Year’s VIP Party Package – Pattaya, Thailand, Honda City, Maruti Swift, Renault Kwid, Royal Enfield Classic 350, cash prizes, and a lot of other fantastic stuff up for grabs.
  • To compensate the existing players @ 70% of the total package price. We arrived at this figure because the current leaderboard is 70% complete and to reset the existing leaderboard. This compensation will happen on or before November 1.
  • To compensate the leaderboard winners will get an entry to a ₹70 lakhs online tournament. It is open to the players who managed to rank on either or both leaderboards. This ₹70 lakhs tournament will be hosted on November 18.
  • To compensate for the freeroll by conducting a ₹20 Lakh Freeroll tournament on Nov 19th that would be exclusive for the winners of the leaderboard.

Hey, it’s a win-win situation. Pattaya aka the city that never sleeps is always more fun than Sri Lanka. Matter of fact any other bustling Asian town.

I approved this proposal with a thumping enthusiasm keeping in mind the commitment that I have towards making Khelo365, the dynamic go-to site for all poker enthusiasts out there. Though it’s a bit tough to endure a change of plan being a customer, I can promise there will be no shortage of entertainment on this trip.

You can look forward to many sparkling amusements and rollicking fun activities in this boisterous town with us. I can’t wait; I wish the New Year was tomorrow!

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to the Khelo365 team, and we believe that this path forward will be incredibly beneficial to our loyal customers. As a team, we would like to sincerely apologize for the sudden changes put into action and hope that we can make it up to you. We want to thank you very much for your continuous support and understanding.

Kind & Warm Regards,

Vinod Manoharan, CEO Khelo365”

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