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Khelo365’s Enticing “NO TDS” Promotion is Here to Stay, Site Confirms Paying Over ₹25 Lakhs on Behalf of Players!

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  • Arpit Jain September 2, 2020
  • 2 Minutes Read

Interest for online poker is booming in the country, bringing in more operators in this space. Despite the fierce competition, Khelo365 has enjoyed a constant presence in this growth story. Being one of the industry’s old-timers, it holds the distinction of being the first Indian poker operator to be granted a gaming license by Nagaland.

After a brief hiatus where they were undergoing a transition to a new platform, the site has rolled out one of the most enticing offers for any serious poker player – a NO TDS policy across all cashouts on the site. Yes, Khelo365 is taking on the burden of paying 100% of all its players’ TDS liability.

Unlike other operators that offer such promotions for select players like VIP’s or the High Rollers or during special events, Khelo365 has been running the offer across the board – applicable for all players and across both cash games and tournaments!

The irresistible offer has found many takers, and in the last five months alone, Khelo365 confirms that it has paid ₹25 Lakhs in TDS on behalf of its players.

So how has this outlandishly lavish promotion panned out for the brand, and what do the loyal Khelo365 players have to say about it? Read on to find out.


No TDS Policy – Too Good to be True!

Poker winnings in India are taxed under Section 194B of the Income Tax Act that requires the operator to deduct 30% of all winnings above ₹10,000 at the source. This is an inordinately high tax rate, and despite numerous representation by poker companies and other bodies, there has been no change in these provisions by the government to date.

Such a high TDS compounded with the rake (platform fee) charged by operators makes a severe dent in successful players’ profits. This is why Khelo365’s “No TDS” policy is an irresistible proposition for players.

Any player can play at any stakes, win and cash out the entire amount without worrying about TDS. Khelo365 will pay the entire TDS on behalf of the player and even provide the TDS certificate for his/her tax filings!

The smart players have caught on to this. According to an update from Khelo365, it has already paid over ₹25 Lakhs in TDS for its players.

Elaborating on the same, Khelo365’s Marketing Manager, Sunanda Sanyal, said, “At Khelo365, we recognize that variance plays a big part in every player’s poker journey, and when TDS has to be paid by a player, it becomes challenging to stay ahead of the game. We currently are paying the entire TDS of every player so players can focus on their game, and we will pay the required taxes.”


What the Players Have to Say!

Over time, Khelo365 has built a loyal customer base. Sharing his experience playing on the site, high stakes cash game player Nafeef “Nafish” Athar said, “Khelo365 is one of India’s best poker sites that I have played in the past 10 years of my poker career. One of the best things is the Speed Cash-outs and customer care support whenever I have any queries or any issues. The no TDS feature is the cherry on top.”

Another high stakes player, Farshid “Varun777” Loochan, stated, “I enjoy playing poker on Khelo365. It has a great interface, and when you win big, you need not pay any taxes to cash-out. The promotions are good, and the support is excellent.”

Another player, Jaydan “Ca. To” VP, highlighted the smooth playing experience on the site: “I started playing on Khelo365 in 2018. To date, I have not experienced any technical issues, withdrawal/deposit issues, or RNG related issues.”


Other High-Value Promotions

Khelo365’s palette of offerings doesn’t stop at its “No TDS” policy. The site is also running several other lucrative promotions.

> Daily Fiesta – The “DAILY FIESTA” offers up to 50% cashback in instant bonuses daily across all NLHE and PLO Cash tables.

> Speed Cashouts – Khelo365 offers one of the best cashout TAT in the industry. All cashout requests over ₹2,000 are processed within 2 hours during banking hours.

> Monthly Tournament Leaderboard – The top 15 leaderboard finishers receive a share from the ₹2.50 Lakhs Monthly Tournament Leaderboard each month.

Clearly, from becoming the first poker site to get the Nagaland gaming license, bringing on industry-standard software, its enticing NO TDS policy, and more, Khelo365 has steadily leveled up its game to offer the best playing experience to poker zealots!

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