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Jeju Red Dragon 2018: Kunal Patni & Raghav Bansal Post Scores in the Flipout; Iyer, Chakravarthy & Bansal Make Day 2 of ₩3,6M NLH

Kunal Patni, Raghav Bansal, Abhinav Iyer & Kalyan Chakravarthy
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis December 8, 2018
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We are merely two days away from the grand finale of the 2018 PokerStars LIVE Asia Jeju Red Dragon, but the high-octane action is still ongoing. The ₩2.2M Red Dragon Main Event is the centre of attraction and saw 234 runners returning to the felts on Day 2. By the end of the day only 26 players were left standing with Qi Wang (1,015,000) taking on the mantle of chip leader for Day 3. Indian challenger Sumit Sapra, who was the only Indian to make Day 2, busted out before the money line was breached.

However, Team India fared much better in the side events. Kunal Patni and Raghav Bansal were seen in action at the ₩220,000 Flipout among 408 other hopefuls. Patni has recently come off the 2018 World Poker Tour (WPT) India with two scores, his most prominent performance being a third-place finish in the ₹20K NLHE Kickoff (₹3.89 Lakhs). In the Flipout, Patni took the fight for the title well past the bubble, but saw his tournament run end in 24th place (₩615,000 – ₹39,020).

Bansal who recently scored a ninth-place finish in the 2018 WPT India ₹100K NLHE High Roller (₹3.75 Lakhs) continued to take on opponents, to eventually finish in 20th place (₩695,000 -₹44,096). The event was taken down by China’s Zhao Bi, who won the event after a heads-up deal with Hao Tang. Bi pocketed the top prize of ₩15,000,000 though Tang took home a larger cash prize of ₩16,200,000.

The Indian battalion came out in full force in the ₩3,600,000 NLH. Sapra, Patni and Bansal jumped into the event with further re-inforcement coming in from MadOverPoker pro Zarvan Tumboli, Young Gun Abhinav Iyer and Kalyan Chakravarthy. Only Iyer (89,000), Chakravarthy (83,400) and Bansal (55,900) managed to survive the day`s play, even as, Tyler Jennens captured the chip lead and will spearhead the remaining 89 runners on Day 2 today.

Additionally, the ₩800,000 Deepstack crowned a champion in Xiao Yin He who banked ₩24,570,000 in prize money.

2.2M Red Dragon Main Event – Day 2

Day 2 of the Red Dragon Main Event opened to a field of 234 players, all gunning to take down the grand prize. Interestingly, 20 different countries were represented in the record-breaking 613-strong field in the Main Event.. China had an overwhelming majority with 74.1% which made up a total of 454 unique entries followed by Hong Kong which was a very distant second with 5.1%.



Many notable runners busted out early into the start of the day’s play. Among them was Team India’s Sumit Sapra. He had entered Day 2 through the first starting flight with a bag of 87,700, but could not progress any further in the event and busted out empty-handed.

Sumit Sapra
Sumit Sapra

Sapra was joined at the rail by High Roller Champion Yin Gui Li, along with former champions Alan Lau, Qiu Ming Qin, and Yoshitaka Okawa, Hong Kong’s Justin Chan, China’s Nan Hong, Event #13 NLH Turbo Champion Tyler Jennens, and Hong Kong’s Ben Lai, who were all eliminated before the payouts began.

Yuanchao Li became the tournament bubble when his ace-king got unlucky against Liang Xu‘s pocket kings.

208 eliminations took place in the nine levels that were played. Out of the 72 places that were assured payouts, 46 finished in the money including former Main Event Champion Bold Buyanjargal (28th for ₩6,130,000), Malaysia’s Victor Chong (38th for ₩5,640,000), former Baby Dragon Champion Feng Wen Chen (55th for ₩4,660,000) and Taiwan’s Chi Ying Tsai (60th for ₩4,660,000).

China’s Qi Wang (1,015,000) bagged the biggest stack of the day and will be leading the remaining 26 contenders to Day 3 that is scheduled to take place on December 8.

Qi Wang
Qi Wang

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 2

1. Qi Wang – 1,015,000

2. Wei Zhang – 866,000

3. Liang Xu – 795,000

4. Lu Chen – 751,000

5. Bingfu Huang – 728,000

6. Ziming Chen – 678,000

7. Kevin Tse – 565,000

8. Bin Di – 547,000

9. Christopher Park – 538,000

10. Guangliang Xiao – 528,000

3,600,000 NLH

The 16th event of the series was the ₩3,600,000 NLH which boasted of a ₩300,000,000 guarantee for a buy-in of ₩3,600,000. The event pulled in a total of 216 entries and featured a strong contingent from Team India.

Sumit Sapra, Kuanl Patni, MadOverPoker pro Zarvan Tumboli, Young Gun Abhinav Iyer, Kalyan Chakravarthy and Raghav Bansal were all seen in action, but only Iyer (89,000), Chakravarthy (83,400) and Bansal (55,900) made it through to Day 2.

Abhinav Iyer, Kalyan Chakravarthy & Raghav Bansal
Abhinav Iyer, Kalyan Chakravarthy & Raghav Bansal

Event #13 NLH Turbo Champion Tyler Jennens leads the 89 hopefuls coming into Day 2 today with a stack of 172,400. Shiqiang Lin (146,000) and Takashi Ogura (145,100) round out the top three stacks.

Tyler Jennen
Tyler Jennen

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 1

1. Tyler Jennens – 172,400

2. Shiqiang Lin – 146,000

3. Takashi Ogura – 145,100

4. Wei Zheng – 143,700

5. Ben Lai – 136,000

6. Yifan Zhang – 125,400

7. Jack En Ching Wu – 120,100

8. Wei Jiao – 119,200

9. Tao Fan – 118,000

10. Jung Chou Lee – 110,700

220,000 Flipout

With 410 players coughing up a buy-in of ₩220,000, the Flipout event generated a massive ₩82,000,000 prize pool. As the field narrowed down to the final two players i.e. Zhao Bi and Hao Tang, the duo made a deal that saw Bi being declared the winner. He pocketed ₩15,000,000, even while Tang finished runner-up and took home a larger cash prize of ₩16,200,000.

Representing Team India in the event were two players, Kunal Patni and Raghav Bansal and both our pros sailed past the bubble that was reached at the point when the field had whittled down to 42 players. After the bubble round, the remaining 41 players were in the money for at least ₩450,000.

Kunal Patni
Kunal Patni

Patni’s run was cut short in 24th place and he left for the rail with ₩615,000 (₹39,020). Bansal went on to score a 20th place finish, banking ₩695,000 (₹44,096) for his efforts.

Zhao Bi
Zhao Bi

Final Table Results (KRW)

1. Zhao Bi – ₩15,000,000

2. Hao Tang – ₩16,200,000

3. Xu Feng – ₩7,600,000

4. Hui Wen – ₩5,950,000

5. Qiuchen Yu – ₩4,305,000

6. Xiaosheng Zheng – ₩3,485,000

7. Wenqi Wei – ₩2,745,000

8. Zhixiang Li – ₩2,335,000

9. Zhibin Zhang – ₩1,925,000

800,000 Deepstack

The ₩800,000 Deepstack event registered a total of 135 runners making for a prize pool of ₩94,500,000.

Topping the field was China’s Xiao Yin He who defeated fellow countryman Leon Li-ta Hsu heads-up to claim the winner’s payday of ₩24,570,000.

The top 15 spots earned a minimum assured ₩1,420,000.

Xiao Yin He
Xiao Yin He

Final Table Results (KRW)

1. Xiao Yin He – ₩24,570,000

2. Leon Li-ta Hsu – ₩16,535,000

3. Qiao Heng – ₩10,865,000

4. Yanhui Li – ₩8,505,000

5. Ying Qi Lu – ₩6,615,000

6. Che Li Lin – ₩5,670,000

7. Nobuhiro Yabuuchi – ₩4,725,000

8. Huijie Zhou – ₩3,780,000

9. Xiao Bo Zhou – ₩2,835,000

Content & Images courtesy – PokerStars LIVE Asia

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