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Baazi Poker Tour: Kunal Patni Headlines 66 Day 1 Survivors in ₹100K High Roller

Kunal Patni
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly October 10, 2019

Total No. of Entries – 150 (Late registration open)
Level 13, Blinds: 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500

Baazi Poker Tour: Kunal Patni Headlines 66 Day 1 Survivors in ₹100K High Roller

The first marquee event at the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) comeback series – the ₹100K High Roller – kicked off at 5 PM on October 10 at PokerBaazi LIVE onboard Casino Pride 2. Running alongside the final table of the ₹15K Kick-Off, which was ultimately shipped by Abhijeet Shetty for ₹8.53 Lakhs, Day 1 of this deep-structured tournament had a slow start but picked up the pace after a few hours. By the time the bags were brought out at the end of level 13, the field had logged in a total number of 150 entries and 66 players made it across to Day 2.

Kunal Patni (cover image) emerged as the overnight chip leader with a stack of 360,000 and will be leading the 66 runners who will be returning for the final day, later today at 3 PM. Late registrations and re-entries will be permitted till the start of the second level of play on Day 2.

Apart from Patni, the other top stacks belong to Sreekanth KN (280,500), Arsh Grover (279,000), Abhinav Iyer (268,000) and Vivek Rughani (255,500).

Kunal Patni
Kunal Patni

While the High Roller is expected to crown a champion on October 11, the first live leg of the ₹2 Crores GTD BPT Main Event – Day 1B – commences at 5 PM today. The Day 1A online flight of the four-flight Main Event was held on PokerBaazi on October 6 and registered 80 entries. Prabhat Kiran ‘Miracle’ Mukherjea had bagged the biggest stack of 722,851 among 11 survivors.

End of Day 1 Chip Counts & Seat Draw

Time: 06:01, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

PlayerChip CountTable NoSeat No
Rohit Jinwal192500231
Gokul Raj41000232
Bharat Suda34500233
Varun Gupta92500234
Puneet Dua104500235
Mayank Agarwal85500236
Arsh Grover279000241
Charu Vikram Kaushik226500242
Rajesh Singh228000
Avadh Shah109500244
Ranjeet Negi99000245
Sanat Mehrotra151000246
Kunal Patni360000251
Anil Adiani180500252
Ashish Munot146000253
Alok Birewar107500254
Ujjwal Minocha135500255
Samay Parikh260500256
Samit Mehta35500
Vivek Rughani255500262
Sreekanth KN280500263
Tushar Bansal63500264
Hemant Maloo82500265
Vidwath Shetty52000266
Jasven Saigal177000271
Dhaval Mudgal199000272
Eka Vedantham251500273
Abhinav Iyer268000274
Premnath K100000275
Vikram Kumar59500276
Akshay Nasa121500281
Dinesh Singh33000282
Shivam Khanna64500283
Nitesh Baliyan105000285
Jayjit Ray60000286
Wilson Yomso66500284
Vaibhav Sharma210000291
Rajat Sharma195500292
Jeeran Jain43000293
Raman Gujral84500294
Akhil Jain66500295
Sam Anand5550029
Rajeev Kanjani143000301
Raghav Bansal199000302
Rajat Jain142500303
Madhav Gupta163000304
Neel Joshi184500305
Kartik Ved118000306
Sajjan Kumar224000311
Ankitt Jajodia107500312
Jaydeep Dawer89000313
Yohan Patel226500315
Manish M Gandhi143800316
Ankit Wadhawan211000321
Mukesh Surana73500322
Sumit Sapra75000323
Anant Purohit154500324
Parvathaneni Gokul Krishna77000325
Navkian Singh150000
Manish Lakhotia235500331
Haresh Kukreja55000332
Siddharth Karia211000333
Nikhil U140500334
Sahil Chuttani15500335
Kanishk Upreti42000336

Day 1 Concludes With 150 Entries

Time: 03:46, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

Day 1 has now come to a close. 150 entries were registered following 13 levels of play. Registrations remain open tomorrow for two levels with re-entries permitted only in the first level of play. A complete list of chip counts and table re-draw will be updated shortly, so stay tuned!

Kartik Ved Sends the PPL High Roller Champion Packing

Time: 03.25, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

On the penultimate hand of the night, Kartik Ved opened the action and Shashank Jain jammed all-in from the small blind for 30,000. Ved re-shoved for 80,000 to make it heads-up to the showdown.

Shashank Jain

Kartik Ved

The community cards opened and Ved’s pair of kings sent Jain packing.

Vaibhav Sharma Doubles Up via Puneet Dua

Time 03:19, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

Puneet Dua opened with pocket jacks and action folded to Vaibhav Sharma who 3-bet holding . Dua moved all-in and Sharma called. Sharma hit two pairs on the board and scooped a double up.

Nishant Sharma Eliminated By Samay Parikh

Time: 02.45, Level 12 (Blinds 1,000/2,000, Ante 2,000)

Nishant Sharma has hit the rail just before the final level of the night began. Sharma clashed with seasoned high-stakes pro Samay Parikh in two back-to-back hands. He first lost a sizeable chunk of his stack when his was beat by Parikh’s that improved to a rivered nut flush on the board.

What ensued next was a battle of the blinds. Sharma limped from the small blind and big blind Parikh checked his option to see the flop (rainbow). Sharma checked while Parikh bet 4,000. Sharma called and the landed on the turn. Sharma then checked and Parikh fired a bet of 9,000 which Sharma decided to call off. After the river, Sharma checked once more only to see Parikh move all-in for 29,000. Sharma went deep into the tank before making the call. Parikh turned over versus Sharma’s , and just like that, Sharma’s one-pair was outshined by Parikh’s rivered trip kings.

Vinod Megalmani Eliminated by Eka Vedantham

Time: 02:36, Level 12 (Blinds 1,000/2,000, Ante 2,000)

We reached the table when both Eka Vedantham and Vinod Megalmani were on their backs. Eka Vedantham Vinod Megalmani Megalmani hit a pair of jacks on the flop and was a shoo-in to double up before Vedantham shot up the probability charts with a broadway straight drawn on the turn . The dealer put out the on the river and Vedantham could only respond by saying “boom!”

Vinod Megalmani
Vinod Megalmani

Harman Baweja Eliminated From the High Roller

Time: 01:55, Level 11 (Blinds 800/1,600, Ante 1,600)

PokerGuru spotted Harman Baweja chatting with his good friend and BPT co-founder Jasven Saigal. Out of curiosity we asked him about his elimination hand which he courteously shared with us. Baweja open shoved from cutoff holding and the player in the big blind woke up with Ace-King. It was a completely dry board which spelled the end of Baweja’s run.

Meanwhile, we have spotted WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant enter the tournament. He has started with a 30BB stack.

Harman Baweja
Harman Baweja

Notable Chip Counts After the Third Break

Time: 01:45, Level 11 (Blinds 800/1,600, Ante 1,600)

At the third break of the night, Alok Birewar (260,000) continues to retain his position as one of the top stacks in the running. Well known regs like Kunal Patni (245,000) and Siddharth Karia (216,000) are also sporting big stacks.

The other prominent stacks belong to Puneet Dua (158,600), Mukesh Surana (158,400), Ashish Munot (120,000), Avadh Shah (78,000) and Jayjit Ray (60,000).

Here is a list of the notable chip counts.

PlayerChip Count
Alok Birewar260,000
Kunal Patni245,000
Siddharth Karia216,000
Vivek Rughani207,000
Sanat Mehrotra174,000
Puneet Dua158,600
Mukesh Surana158,400
Eka Vedantham144,500
Varun Gupta130,000
Ashish Munot120,000
Nishant Sharma111,100
Dhaval Mudgal85,700
Sahil Chuttani78,000
Avadh Shah78,000
Anant Purohit77,000
Samit Mehta70,000
Sajjan Barnwal65,000
Jayjit Ray60,000
Kartik Ved54,000
Vidwath Shetty50,000
Yohan Patel50,000
Goonjan Mall47,000
Sahil Agarwal45000
Vinod Megalmani45,000
Kavish Kukreja43,000
Jaideep Sajwan40,000
Jaydeep Dawer35,000
Prabhat Mukherjea31,000
Abhishek Rathod18,000
Apoorv Malik15,800

Dinesh Kumar Eliminated by Sajjan Barnwal

Time: 01:15, Level 11 (Blinds 800/1,600, Ante 1,600)

Just before the third break of the night, Dinesh Kumar, who was left with 11 big blinds, jammed on the button with . The player in the small blind folded but Sajjan Barnwal called tabling . Barnwal turned a straight sending Kumar to the rail.

Akshay Nasa Hits the Rail & Re-Enters

Time: 01:10, Level 10 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

Akshay Nasa was knocked out by Jaydeep Dawer when the latter opened from under-the-gun and Nasa 3-bet to 8,000 from the small blind. Nayhaal Agarwal called and Dawer folded. The flop brought rainbow and Nasa once again led out for 6,300, Agarwal called to see the turn . Both players checked through to the river . The money went in at this point. Nasa tabled Ace-Nine off-suit and Agarwal turned over King-Jack suited for top pair, eliminating Nasa.

Nasa re-entered the tournament after the third break of the night.

Akshay Nasa
Akshay Nasa

Kartik Ved Eliminated by Kunal Patni

Time: 00:50, Level 10 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

We caught up with Kartik Ved while he was heading out and he informed us that he just busted his first bullet. “I had lost a 150K pot with queens vs Ace King and then busted. I had jacks on a 10 5 6 flop, Kunal Patni had 5 6.”

He has since re-entered and is presently seated at Table 14.

Kartik Ved
Kartik Ved

Siddharth Karia Scoops A Monster Pot

Time: 00.30, Level 10 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

Young Gun Siddharth Karia scooped a monster pot from Sajjan Barnwal. The action began with Barnwal opening middle position for 2,500 on which Karia 3-bet it to 7,500. Barnwal called to see the flop open . Karia fired a bet of 6,000 and this time Barnwal 3-bet to 19,500. Karia called to see the turn. Barnwal led out 22,000 which Karia called. On the river, Barnwal moved all-in for 60,000 and Karia called.

Siddharth Karia

Sajjan Barnwal

Barnwal’s failed triple barrel bluff cost him a sizeable chunk of his stack while Karia chipped up to 194,000.

Siddharth Karia
Siddharth Karia

Shravan Chhabria Eliminated by Ankit Wadhawan

Time 00:28, Level 10 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

Action preflop saw Rohit Jinwal open and Kartik Ved 3-bet. Shravan Chhabria 4-bet jammed holding pocket tens. Action folded to Ankit Wadhawan who re-shoved holding . Both Jinwal and Ved folded their hands. The board ran out and with that, Chhabria was ousted from the tournament.

Shravan Chhabria
Shravan Chhabria

Ashish Ahuja Eliminated by Neel Joshi

Time: 00:25, Level 10 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

Kanishka Samant opened the action and PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Ahuja jammed with 27 BBs holding . Neel Joshi called with pocket kings and Samant got out of the way. The board spread out . Though Ahuja did pick up a pair of kings, Joshi’s hand improved to a set of kings, bringing an end to Ahuja’s run.

Ashish Ahuja
Ashish Ahuja

Dinesh Singh Doubles Up From Anant Purohit

Time 00:20, Level 9 (Blinds 600/1,200 Ante 1,200)

We reached the table on the flop . Dinesh Singh led out for 7,200 and Anant Purohit re-raised it to 27,100. Singh tanked for a while before announcing all-in. Purohit made the call.

Dinesh Singh

Anant Purohit

The turn and the river bricked for Purohit, giving Singh the double up.

Anant Purohit
Anant Purohit

Akhil Jain Eliminated By Sahil Chuttani

Time: 23.55 PM, Level 9 (Blinds 500-1,000, Ante 1,000)

Sahil Chuttani just sent Akhil Jain packing to the rail. Jain opened under-the-gun with 2,500 and Chuttani 3-bet from the cutoff with 8,000. Jain jammed all-in preflop, tabling . Chuttani turned over . The board was of no help to Jain’s and he got up to leave.

A few minutes before this, Laksh Pal Singh was eliminated on another table.

Tushar Bansal Spins His Stack Up

Time: 23.20, Level 8 (Blinds 400-800, Ante 800)

Tushar Bansal has just chipped up to 87,400 in a hand where his hit a full house against on the rundown .

Sajal Gupta Eliminated by Tushar Bansal

Time: 23:37, Level 9 (Blinds 500/1,000, Ante 1,000)

Sajal Gupta was at the receiving end of a brutal bad beat that left him hanging with just two bigs. He put them in with and was in good shape against Tushar Bansal’s . The board ran and Bansal rivered a straight to bust Gupta.

Sajal Gupta
Sajal Gupta

Vinayak Bajaj Eliminated by Abhinav Aditya

Time: 23:15, Level 8 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

Vinayak Bajaj opened from the hi-jack seat with pocket jacks and action folded to Abhinav Aditya in the big blind who moved all-in for around 24 big blinds holding . Bajaj called only to see Aditya spiking an ace on the river to take down the pot. Bajaj has been eliminated though he can still choose to re-enter.

Notable Chip Counts After Dinner Break

Time: 22:50, Level 8 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

The players have just come back from a 30-minute dinner break and it looks like Alok Birewar is sitting with one of the larger stacks in the field holding 193,600 in chips. Giving him company on the top are notables like Kunal Patni (160,000) and Sajjan Barnwal (147,000). Many others like Madhav Gupta (143,300), PokerGuru Ambassadors Jayjit Ray (101,000) & Kartik Ved (91,000) and Shravan Chabbria (75,000) are also going strong.

Here is a list of notable chip counts:

PlayerChip Count
Alok Birewar193,600
Kunal Patni160,000
Sajjan Barnwal147,000
Madhav Gupta143,300
Avadh Shah142,400
Jayjit Ray101,000
Rajat Sharma98,000
Puneet Dua91,700
Kartik Ved91,000
Akshay Nasa89,800
Ankit Wadhawan84,000
Shravan Chabbria75,000
Varun Gupta73,800
Kavish Kukreja66,000
Ujjwal Minocha58,000
Gokul Raj55,000
Jaydeep Dawer52,300
Yohan Patel52,000
Sajal Gupta45,000
Laksh Pal Singh40,000
Ayush Garg36,600

Puneet Dua Adds to His Stack

Time: 22:22, Level 7 (Blinds 300-600, Ante 600)

Just before the break, Puneet Dua was seen playing a hand where the hijack opened with and Dua called from the button with . The hijack seat led out on the flop [S3] and Dua called to see the turn card open . Dua’s opponent checked and Dua bet only to find the player in the hijack re-raise. Dua moved all-in and the hijack called. The landed on the river and Dua scooped the pot with his flopped two-pair. The defending BPT champion is now sitting with a stack of 91,700.

Puneet Dua
Puneet Dua

Feature Table Live Stream

Time: 22:00, Level 7 (Blinds 300-600, Ante 600)

A feature table has been set up for the High Roller comprising of Bollywood actor Harman Baweja, PPL High Roller winner Shashank Jain, Nikhil Jain, Vaibhav Sharma, Samay Parikh, and Hemant Maloo. You can follow the delayed live stream below.

Mohammad Azhar Eliminated

Time: 21:30, Level 6 (Blinds 300/500, Ante 500)

Mohammad Azhar had jumped into the High Roller after busting the Kick-off event at 8th place. Unfortunately, he has busted his first bullet – though he can always choose to re-enter with the window to get back in open till the end of the first level of play tomorrow.

Azhar’s elimination took place across three back-to-back hands.

On the first hand, Azhar opened UTG for 1,400 with and Yohan Patel raised it to 4,500. Azhar 4-bet it to 17,500 and Patel 5-bet jammed with . Azhar called but got unlucky as Patel flopped a straight to rake in the huge pot!

Azhar was left with 7,000 after that massive blow and moved all-in the very next hand with pocket sevens from the small blind. Shravan Chhabria was next to act and made the relatively easy call with . Fortunately for Azhar, his pocket sevens held doubling him up to 14,000.

In the very next hand, Azhar picked up pocket jacks but came up against Yohan Patel’s . An ace on the river proved to be the nail in the coffin for Azhar`s first bullet in the High Roller.

Mohammad Azhar
Mohammad Azhar

PokerGuru Ambassadors Clash, Jayjit Ray Doubles Up From Gokul Raj

Time: 21:20, Level 6 (Blinds 300/500, Ante 500)

A player opened for 1,000 and both Gokul Raj and Jayjit Ray joined the action. Raj led out for 2,100 on the flop and Ray made it 6,500 to call – enough to get the initial raiser to fold. Raj called to see the turn card open . Ray bet 11,000 here on which Raj announced all-in. Ray called and tabled for a flopped straight and Raj turned over for both a better straight and flush draw. Any four – nine – or a diamond would have done it for Raj but the river was a brick card and just like Ray scored a massive double up!

Chip Counts:

Jayjit Ray – 100,000

Gokul Raj – 49,000

Jayjit Ray
Jayjit Ray

Rohan Dhawan Eliminated by Charu Vikram Kaushik (Vikram Freeman)

Time: 20:40, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

One of the partners at the PokerBaazi LIVE poker room, Rohan Dhawan had become short and finally ripped it in with . The action folded to Charu Vikram Kaushik who called tabling . The board ran and that was the end of Dhawan’s run in the High Roller.

The field now has 104 players and counting!

Vikash Mantri’s Big Slick Cracks Manish Gandhi’s Cowboys, Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar Out

Time: 20:28, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

Vikash Mantri moved all-in holding but Manish Gandhi woke up with pocket kings behind him and made the call. Mantri got the better of the community cards that brought him an ace for a massive double-up!

On another table, Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar has just been eliminated.

Vikash Mantri
Vikash Mantri

Raman Gujral Chips Up to 100K

Time: 19.57, Level 4 (Blinds 200-300, Ante 300)

The High Roller has seen a deluge of players joining in the action in the last hour or so – enough to get the playing field up to the psychologically comforting 100-player mark.

We just witnessed an interesting hand take place at the far end of the poker room where Nishant Sharma raised from middle position to 700, Romit Advani called from the cut-off, Raman Gujral came along for the ride from the button. Abhishek Rathod makes it 3,700, and all three players called. The flop gets checked around and the turn card is the . Sharma sensing weakness fired a bet of 10,000 and only Gujral made the call to see the river. Sharma now bet 17,000 and Gujral retaliated by moving all-in for 51,000. Just when we thought Sharma had committed enough in the pot to call, he surprised everyone by mucking his hand, sending the sizeable pot Gujral’s way.

Notable Chip Counts at First Break

Time: 20:01, Level 4 (Blinds 200/300, Ante 300)

As expected in a deep structured event like the High Roller, many among the 81 players presently in the running are hovering around the average stack of 60K. However, some players have managed to break ahead of the others like Sajjan Barnwal (117,000) who is possibly one of the top stacks at the moment, along with PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot (110,000).

Here is a list of the notable chip counts:

PlayerChip Counts
Sajjan Barnwal117,00
Ashish Munot110,000
Kunal Patni92,300
Abhishek Rathod87,000
Mohd Azhar71,000
Ankit Wadhawan70,800
Vidwath Shetty70,000
Meherzad Munsaf69,500
Ashish Ahuja65,000
Goonjan Mall65,000
Sreenkanth KN62,000
Raman Gujral62,000
Puneet Dua60,000
Romit Advani60,000
Nishant Sharma60,000
Anil Adiani60,000
Sumit Sapra60,000
Vikram Freeman60,000
Jayjit Ray57,300
Jaideep Sajwan55,000
Sanat Mehrotra52,300
Prabhat Mukherjea52,000
Eka Vedantham52,000
Gokul Raj 46,300
Vikram Kumar 46,000
Dinesh Kumar45,000
Prashanth Sekar 41,500
Mukesh Surana27,000
Sandeep Varma15,000
Jasven Saigal8,000

Vaibhav Sharma Takes a Pot off Harman Baweja

Time: 19:47, Level 4 (Blinds 200/300, Ante 300)

Action has been lukewarm so far in the High Roller so every decent-sized pot gets our attention. This time we saw the PPL High Roller champion Shashank Jain opening the action for 1,300 and action folded to Vaibhav Sharma who re-raised it to 3,200. Bollywood actor Harman Baweja called and so did the initial raiser Jain – making it three-way to the flop . Both Baweja and Jain checked and Sharma fired a bet of 3,000. Baweja called while Jain folded. Both Sharma and Baweja checked through the turn and river. Baweja confidently turned over pocket nines but Sharma tabled pocket tens to take down the pot.

Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma

More Players in the Field

Time: 18:51, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

The High Roller field has now expanded to around 49 players which includes many well-known names like PokerGuru Ambassadors Ashish Munot, Ashish Ahuja, Kartik Ved, Gokul Rak, Jayjit Ray and Tathagata Sengupta, along with Young Gun Siddharth Karia, Samay Parikh, Vaibhav Sharma, Harman Baweja, Hemant Maloo, Eka Vedantham, Prabhat Mukherjea and Goonjan Mall. Things are starting to heat up here!

Ashish Munot, Ashish Ahuja & Kartik Ved
Ashish Munot, Ashish Ahuja & Kartik Ved

Notables Currently in the Field

Time: 17:52, Level 2 (Blinds 100/200)

Slowly and steadily the field in the High Roller is expanding with several familiar faces joining the action including the likes of Rajat Sharma, Kunal Patni, Abhishek Rathod, Sajal Gupta, Mukesh Surana and Meherzad Munsaf. Mohammad Azhar, who was recently eliminated from the Kick-Off event in eighth place for ₹1.13 Lakhs, has jumped into the High Roller as well. There are approximately 25 players in the mix.

Being a deep structured tournament, each player starts with a stack of 60,000 with late registration open till the second level of play on Day 2. Day 1 will play out 13 levels today before the bags are brought out.

Sajjan Barnwal Rakes in a Massive Pot

Time: 17:48, Level 1 (Blinds 100/100)

Kunal Patni opened to 300 and Sajjan Barnwal made the call before Sandeep Varma seated next to him raised it to 1,500. The player in the small blind also called. Patni called, Barnwal re-raised it to 10,500 and Varma made it 26,000 prompting a fold from both the small blind and Patni. Action folded back to Barnwal and he shoved with . Varma called tabling pocket kings only to blank out on the rundown .

Sajjan Barnwal
Sajjan Barnwal

Welcome to the Live Coverage of the 2019 Baazi Poker Tour – 100K High Roller Day 1

Time: 17:00

After a smashing start in the ₹15K Kick-Off event, the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) has moved over to the second event on the schedule – the ₹100K High Roller. Back in 2016, the inaugural BPT High Roller was championed by PokerGuru Ambassador Shashank Desai who had won ₹14.50 Lakhs.

The tournament kicked off at 5 pm sharp today and has 13 players in the field at the moment. It`s a slow start but given the deep structure and the extended late registration period that remains open till the end of the second level of play on Day 2 (Level 15) tomorrow – we can safely assume a sizeable gathering in the biggest buy-in tournament at the series.

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