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Live Coverage of Baazi Poker Tour – ₹100K High Roller Final Day

BPT ₹100K High Roller Final Table
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  • PG News October 11, 2019
  • 20 Minutes Read

Total No. of Entries – 161

Last Player Eliminated – Ankit Wadhawan (2nd for ₹27,57,700)

Winner – Rohit Jinwal (1st for ₹39,38,600)

Level 30 (Blinds 60,000/120,000, Ante 120,000)

Final Table Results (INR)

PlayerChip Counts/ Payouts
Rohit Jinwal1st for ₹39,38,600
Ankit Wadhawan2nd for ₹27,57,700
Siddharth Karia 3rd for ₹17,74,200
Vivek Rughani4th for ₹13,13,800
Sajjan Barnwal5th for ₹9,85,000
Abhinav Iyer 6th for ₹7,87,700
Jeeran Jain7th for ₹6,54,600
Nikhil Jain 8th for ₹5,24,600

Final Table Live Stream

Time: 01:24, Level 25 (Blinds 20,000/40,000, Ante 40,000)

The eight-player final table is presently under way. You can follow the action in the live stream below (with 15 minutes delay). We will be periodically updating the chip counts and payouts and a more detailed report will follow once a winner is crowned.


Final Table Chip Counts – Ankit Wadhawan Dominating the Final 8

Time: 01:15, Level 24 (Blinds 15,000/30,000, Ante 30,000)

The final table chip counts are here! Leading the way is the young and dynamic PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan with 2.95 Million in his kitty. Wadhawan has a litany of online scores to his name but is yet to prove his mettle on the live felts. What a fabulous opportunity this is! But it won’t be an easy task, as he has the likes of Nikhil Jain, Young Gun Siddharth Karia, India`s first solo WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer, Vivek Rughani and Sajjan Barnwal alongside him on the final table! The Final Table live stream should be up soon and we will be updating the link here as soon as the same goes live! The fight for the ₹39.38 Lakhs top prize is now on the home stretch!

BPT ₹100K High Roller Final Table
BPT ₹100K High Roller Final Table

Here are the final table chip counts.

PlayerChip Counts
Ankit Wadhawan2,935,000
Nikhil Jain1,400,000
Jeeran Jain1,350,000
Rohit Jinwal 1,295,000
Siddharth Karia1,070,000
Abhinav Iyer675,000
Vivek Rughani 540,000
Sajjan Barnwal400,000

Final 8 Remain

Time: 00:33, Level 24 (Blinds 15,000/30,000, Ante 30,000)

Following Manish Lakhotia’s exit, the eight-handed final table has been formed. The game has been paused for the time being. The venue is facing severe internet connectivity issues which has led to a delay in beginning the live stream of the feature table.

We will update the live stream link as soon as it is available. Final table chip counts to be updated shortly.

Manish Lakhotia Eliminated in 9th Place (₹3,93,100)

Time: 00:07, Level 24 (Blinds 15,000/30,000, Ante 30,000)

Manish Lakhotia shoved all-in with his last 200,000, holding . Abhinav Iyer called with . Iyer’s hand held, eliminating Lakhotia in 9th place.

Manish Lakhotia
Manish Lakhotia

Rajesh Singh Eliminated in 10th Place (₹2,86,000)

Time: 00:02, Level 24 (Blinds 15,000/30,000, Ante 30,000)

Ankit Wadhawan opened to 60,000 from the button and Rajesh Singh moved all-in from the small blind with 120,000. Wadhawan called.

Ankit Wadhawan
Rajesh Singh


Wadhawan hit a pair of jacks to knock Sigh out in 10th place.

Rajeev Kanjani Eliminated in 11th Place (₹2,86,000)

Time: 23:56, Level 24 (Blinds 15,000/30,000, Ante 30,000)

Rajeev Kanjani jammed with and Jeeran Jain called with . The board revealed and Jain flopped top pair to oust Kanjani in 11th place.

Rajeev Kanjani
Rajeev Kanjani

Bharat Kumar Eliminated in 12th Place (₹2,86,000)

Time: 23:21, Level 23 (Blinds 12,000/25,000, Ante 25,000)

Bharat Kumar got his short stack in with and Young Gun Siddharth Karia made the call with . There was no ace on the board and with that we have come down to 11 players.

Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar

Kavish Kukreja Eliminated in 13th Place (₹2,35,500)

Time: 23:07, Level 23 (Blinds 12,000/25,000, Ante 25,000)

Kavish Kukreja moved all-in for 340,000 holding and PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan made the call with . Kukreja needed help but there was none forthcoming as the community cards opened .

Kavish Kukreja
Kavish Kukreja

Complete Chip Counts

Time: 22:50, Level 22 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

The field has narrowed down to the final 13 players, with PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (2,000,000) leading the charge. Notable stacks include Sajjan Barnwal (1,350,000), Vivek Rughani (950,000), Young Gun Siddharth Karia (930,000), WSOP star Abhinav Iyer (655,000) and Rajeev Kanjani (550,000).

Here is a complete list of chip counts:

PlayerChip Count
Ankit Wadhawan2,000,000
Sajjan Barnwal 1,350,000
Vivek Rughani950,000
Siddharth Karia930,000
Nikhil Jain850,000
Rohan Jinwal787,000
Abhinav Iyer655,000
Rajesh Singh560,000
Rajeev Kanjani550,000
Jeeran Jain364,000
Kavish Kukreja340,000
Manish Lakhotia325,000

Jasven Saigal Eliminated in 14th Place (₹2,35,500)

Time: 22:40, Level 22 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

Ankit Wadhawan open raised to 40,000 and Jasven Saigal called from small blind. The flop fell . Wadhawan led out for 65,000 and Saigal check-shoved all-in. Wadhawan called with and Saigal tabled . The and completed the board. Wadhawan hit a flush on the river to knock Saigal out in 14th place.

Jasven Saigal
Jasven Saigal

Eka Vedantham Eliminated in 15th Place (₹2,35,500)

Time: 22:30, Level 22 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

Action folded to Eka Vedantham on the button and he shoved all-in with 14 BBs holding Ace-Deuce suited. Rohit Jinwal who was in the small blind, woke up with pocket queens. The board ran dry, eliminating Vedantham in 15th place.

Eka Vedantham
Eka Vedantham

Vikram Freeman Eliminated in 16th Place (₹2,00,400)

Time: 22:20, Level 22 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

The button opened, the small blind called and Vikram Freeman in the big blind jammed for 200K with ace-king. The button tank-folded and the small blind too took some time before calling and tabled queen-ten. Unfortunately for Freeman, a queen on the board ended his deep run in 16th place.

Arsh Grover Eliminated in 17th Place (₹2,00,400)

Time: 22:12, Level 22 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

Young Gun Arsh Grover has become the latest player to hit the rail. He moved all-in on the button for 158K with nine-ten and Ankit Wadhawan looked him up with ace-ten. The board ran dry and just like that Grover hit the rail.

Arsh Grover
Arsh Grover

Neel Joshi Eliminated in 18th Place (₹2,00,400)

Time: 21:59, Level 22 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

Less than 10 minutes after the money bubble burst we have our first in-the-money elimination. Neel Joshi`s pocket four`s were busted by Manish Lakhotia`s pocket tens that further improved to a set on the rundown.

Neel Joshi
Neel Joshi

Eka Vedantham Doubles Up

Time: 21:57, Level 21 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

The action was three-way on the flop . Eka Vedantham moved all-in from the small blind with and Sajjan Barnwal made the call from the big blind with . Rohit Jinwal from UTG folded. The turn and river got Vedantham the double-up!

Sreekanth KN Bubbles the High Roller

Time: 21:51, Level 21 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

Sreekanth KN open-shoved with but unfortunately for him, Abhinav Iyer woke up with behind him. There was no queen on the rundown eliminating Sreekanth on the money bubble.

All remaining players are now assured to take home at least ₹2,00,400.

Ankit Wadhawan Keeping Busy

Time: 21:44, Level 21 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan has been very active on the money bubble. We saw him in action in two hands – both significant.

The first hand saw him winning a big pot. The board was open with a lot of chips in the pot and Wadhawan made it 190K to call. Vivek Rughani was in the big blind and he folded to get Wadhawan a double up.

Soon after that, Wadhawan led out for 25,000 and Sreekanth KN moved all-in. Wadhawan had him comfortably covered and made the call.

Ankit Wadhawan

Sreekanth KN

The Jack-high board got Sreekanth a double-up!

Shashank Jain Eliminated in 20th Place

Time: 21:28, Level 21 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

The PPL High Roller Champion Shashank Jain has been eliminated two places shy of the money. He first lost a massive pot to Vivek Rughani`s pocket aces that left him all but crippled with just 5,000 behind. The last of his chips were taken away by Rajeev Kanjani.

The High Roller is now on the money bubble and hand-for-hand play has been initiated.

Shorts Stack are Doubling Up

Time: 20:57, Level 20 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

In the last few minutes, many of the shorter stacks have managed to double up in quick succession. Shashank Jain doubled up through Arsh Grover, Neel Joshi found a double up through Siddharth Karia and Vikram Freeman doubled up through Jeeran Jain.

Jeeran Jain Gets Back-to-Back Double Ups

Time: 20:37, Level 20 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

Jeeran Jain secured double ups in back-to-back hands. On the first hand, he shoved all-in for 60,000 with and Neel Joshi called with . The board blanked, giving Jeeran a much needed double up.

On the next hand, Neel jammed from the small blind with and Jeeran called from the big blind with . The runout gave Jeeran trip jacks on the flop, along with another double up.

Siddharth Karia Takes Some From Manish Lakhotia

Time: 20:33, Level 20 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

We reached the table with the board open to . Karia led out for 71,000 and Lakhotia called. The river came and both players checked. Lakhotia tabled against Karia’s . Karia took down the pot.

Arsh Grover Wins Some Chips From Kunal Patni

Time: 19:52, Level 19 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Kunal Patni called a bet from Arsh Grover to see the flop . Both players checked through to see the and complete the board. Grover bet again, which Patni called. Grover turned over and Patni mucked his cards.

Arsh Grover
Arsh Grover

Abhinav Iyer Gets A Huge Double Up

Time: 19:48, Level 19 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Rajesh Singh opened and Eka Vedantham raised to 82,000. Action folded to Abhinav Iyer who jammed with . Singh tank-folded, while Vedantham called tabling . The runout blanked, giving Iyer the massive double up.

Abhinav Iyer
Abhinav Iyer

Complete Chip Counts

Time: 19:45, Level 19 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

With 21 players left in the field, we are three places away from the money bubble. The final three tables were re-drawn and players were sent on short 10 minute break, giving us an opportunity to take the chip counts. Sajjan Barnwal is apparently the biggest stack holding 1,200,000 in chips. Giving Barnwal company at the top are Neel Joshi (704,000), Arsh Grover (630,000), PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhwan (600,000), Young Gun Siddharth Karia (505,000), Abhinav Iyer (455,000) and Vivek Rughani (430,000), while Kavish Kukreja (371,000), Nikhil Jain (297,000), Eka Vedantham (226,000), Shashank Jain (204,000), Kunal Patni (143,000) and Rajeev Kanjani (81,000) are also in contention.

Here is a complete list of chip counts:

PlayerChip Count
Sajjan Barnwal1,200,000
Rohan Jinwal754,000
Neel Joshi704,000
Arsh Grover630,000
Ankit Wadhawan600,000
Siddharth Karia505,000
Abhinav Iyer455,000
Vivek Rughani430,000
Manish Lakhotia356,000
Kavish Kukreja371,000
Nikhil Jain297,000
Sreekanth KN230,000
Eka Vedantham226,000
Shashank Jain204,000
Charu Vikram Kaushik185,000
Kunal Patni143,000
Hemant Maloo90,000
Rajeev Kanjani81,000
Jeeran Jain60,000
Rajesh Singh22,000

Neel Joshi Scalps a Player With Pocket Aces

Time: 19:38, Level 19 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

An unknown player moved all-in with and Neel Joshi made the call with . There were no surprises on the runout and just like that Joshi claimed another victim.

Manish Lakhotia Gets More Chips

Time: 19:04, Level 18 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Manish Lakhotia opens the pot from the hijack seat and Vikram “Lungi” Kumar comes along with a call on the button. Kunal Patni takes a good hard look at both Lakhotia and Kumar`s stacks before deciding to call. The flop opens and Lakhotia keeping the aggression going puts in a fat 3-bet. Both Kumar and Patni quickly fold.

Online Phenom Sam Anand Eliminated

Time: 19:15, Level 19 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

We have been writing a lot about Sam Anand these last few months given that Anand has emerged to become one of the more consistent winners on the virtual felts off late. He has made the trip to Goa to add some live scores to go with his impressive online exploits, unfortunately, his deep run in the High Roller is over. We reached the action on the flop . Rajeev Kanjani bet 3,200 and Anand put in the majority of his stack in, leaving just 5,000 behind. Kanjani called. The turn card opened and Kanjani put in 5,000 to get Anand all-in – Anand obliged with a call.

Rajeev Kanjani

Sam Anand

Anand was chasing a flush but the river was a non-heart and that was the end of Anand`s deep run.

Wilson Yomso Eliminated by Neel Joshi

Time: 18:31, Level 18 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Neel Joshi opened on the button and short-stacked Wilson Yomso jammed from the big blind with . Joshi called and showed him the bad news – . Nothing changed on the rundown .

Wilson Yomso
Wilson Yomso

Sapra Eliminated by Lungi

Time: 18:26, Level 18 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Sumit Sapra has been eliminated from the High Roller holding pocket Jacks to Vikram Kumar`s cowboys!

Sumit Sapra
Sumit Sapra

Varun Gupta`s Aces Cracked

Time: 18:20, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

We got to the action just in time to see Varun Gupta getting up to leave. A quick glance at the table gave us the complete picture – his pocket aces were cracked by Rohit Jindal`s on the runout .

Varun Gupta
Varun Gupta

Feature Table Live Stream

Time: 18:16, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

A High Roller feature table has been set up comprising of Ankit Wadhawan, Siddharth Karia, Kunal Patni, Navkiran Singh, Kavish Kukreja and Ujjwal Minocha. You can follow the delayed live stream below.

Prize Pool & Payouts Announced!

Time: 18:16, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

The BPT ₹100K High Roller has registered 161 entries locking in a massive ₹1,52,95,000 in the prize pool. The tournament organizers have decided to pay the top 18 places a min-cash of ₹2,00,400, with the ultimate champion assured to walk away with a jaw-dropping ₹39,38,600.

Here is a complete list of payouts.


Jasven Saigal Wins Another Big Pot From Lungi

Time: 17:59, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

There is a lot going on at this table and the last hand we saw the WSOP star and our Young Gun Abhinav Iyer opening to 14,000. Vikram Kumar made it 42,000 before Jasven Saigal 4-bet shoved with . Iyer folded, and Kumar called tabling . The board ran and though Kumar flopped a set, it was not enough to get past Saigal`s one card flush. This is the second sizable pot that Saigal has won off Kumar.

Vikram 'Lungi' Kumar
Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar

Lungi Antics

Time: 17:50, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

Vikram “Lungi” Kumar is an entertainer on the tables and we caught a glimpse of his humorous side recently. Kumar had bet 70,000 from the small blind and Sumit Sapra in the big blind was considering his next move when the Lungi antics started.

“Big pot going on guys” Lungi declared before adding “Not for me – for Sapra.”

Kumar went through the motions of removing his spectacles and putting on his sunglasses. Everyone on this star-studded table was literally fighting hard to control their laughter. Jasven Saigal, Abhinav Iyer, Eka Vedantham, and Dhaval Mudgal were all looking very amused.

Sapra eventually folded.

Jasven Saigal Doubles Up

Time: 17:47, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

There is a lot of action happening on one table in particular that has both Vikram Kumar and Jasven Saigal on it. We saw them both clash with Kumar all-in with and Saigal making the call with . The board ran and Saigal took down the pot with his rivered full house for a healthy double-up.

Jasven Saigal
Jasven Saigal

Notable Chip Counts After the First Break

Time: 17:45, Level 17 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

Following the first break of the day, 38 players are still left in the field and things are beginning to heat up. PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (530,000), Young Gun Siddhart Karia (510,000), Eka Vedantham (393,000), Vivek Rughani (390,000) and Kunal Patni (359,000) are among the top stacks.

Ankit Wadhwan
Ankit Wadhawan

Here is a list of the notable chip counts:

PlayerChip Count
Ankit Wadhawan530,000
Siddhart Karia510,000
Eka Vedantham393,000
Vivek Rughani390,000
Neel Joshi362,000
Samay Parikh305,000
Rajesh Singh267,000
Madhav Gupta220,000
Varun Gupta220,000
Charu Vikram Kaushik219,000
Shashank Jain189,000
Bharat Sude164,000
Anil Adiani152,000
Abhinav Iyer90,000
Kavish Kukreja82,500
Rajat Sharma52,000
Dhaval Mudgal15000

Alok Birewar Eliminated by Ankit Wadhawan

Time: 17:01, Level 16 (Blinds 2,500/5,000, Ante 5,000)

Ankit Wadhawan open-raised for 10,000 & Alok Birewar made the call in the big blind. Wadhawan put in a c-bet of 8,000 on the flop and Birewar called to see the turn card open . A couple of raises and re-raises later all the chips went in.

Alok Birewar

Ankit Wadhawan

The river missed both players and Wadhawan took down the pot with his full house busting Birewar in the process.

Alok Birewar
Alok Birewar

Raman Gujral, Kartik Ved, Raghav Bansal & Rohan Dhawan Eliminated

Time: 16:45, Level 16 (Blinds 2,500/5,000, Ante 5,000)

There has been a wave of eliminations that has swept several notables away. The list includes Raman Gujral, PokerGuru Ambassador Kartik Ved, Raghav Bansal & Rohan Dhawan.

Raman Gujral, Kartik Ved, Raghav Bansal & Rohan Dhawan
Raman Gujral, Kartik Ved, Raghav Bansal & Rohan Dhawan

Aditya Agarwal Makes an Early Exit on Day 2

Time: 16:25, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

PokerStars India Team Pro Aditya Agarwal seemed to be in a lot of pain from a hand injury. He came in early on Day 2 of the High Roller to enter but has made a fast exit. The hand in question saw Sreekanth KN open for 8,500 & Agarwal jammed for 70,000 with . Sreekanth called with pocket jacks and held.

Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal

Neel Joshi Wins a Huge Pot From Raghav Bansal

Time: 16:22, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Young talent Neel Joshi seems to be cruising his way in the High Roller after winning a big hand from Raghav Bansal. Joshi opened for 900 and Bansal called to see the flop . Bansal came in with a fat 25,000 bet and Joshi called it off to get to the turn . Bansal fired a bet of 38,000 and Joshi called again. The river went check-check and Joshi took down the pot with pocket eights. Bansal showed .

Neel Joshi
Neel Joshi

PokerGuru Ambassador Gokul Raj Eliminated

Time: 16:22, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Gokul Raj has also hit the rail. His ace-duece were busted by ace-nine.

Gokul Raj
Gokul Raj

Puneet Dua Eliminated by Jaydeep Dawer

Time: 16:08, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

The pace of eliminations continues unabated even after the re-entry period has ended. Dua gave us his elimination hand, “JD bhaiya (Jaydeep Dawer) shoved with queen-jack. I had ace-duece and I called. He turned a flush.” GG

Puneet Dua
Puneet Dua

Kavish Kukreja Scalps a Player

Time: 16:05, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

A player in the hijack opened and the button who was sporting the shortest stack moved all-in. Kavish Kukreja in the big blind tanked for some time before re-shoving. The hijack folded.


Kavish Kukreja

The community cards brought and Kukreja took down the pot.

Kavish Kukreja
Kavish Kukreja

Pros Playing Super Pros

Time: 16:01, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar opened from the cutoff and Jasven Saigal in the small blind called. Action fell on Dhaval Mudgal in the big blind who tanked for some time before announcing all-in. Kumar folded immediately but Saigal gave it some thought before mucking his hand. Lungi in his characteristic way was heard saying after the hand, “Pros playing Super Pros.”

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal

Mayank Agarwal Eliminated

Time: 16.00, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000-4,000, Ante 4,000)
2017 DPT Main Event winner Mayank Agarwal made an effort to chip up but ending up hitting the rail instead. Agarwal clashed with another circuit regular Kavish Kukreja in a hand where Kukreja opened for 8,000 with . UTG+1 called and Agarwal who held defended his big blind. The flop fell and Agarwal checked, while Kukreja bet 13,000. UTG+1 folded and after the landed on the turn, Agarwal jammed all-in for 45,000. Kukreja called and took down the pot after the bricked out for Agarwal.
Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal

Jayjit Ray Eliminated by Nitesh Baliyan

Time: 15:50, Level 15 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Ray was already struggling after taking that massive hit in the first level of play today. Once again he got dealt and he ripped it in. The action folded to Nitesh Baliyan who called with . The board ran ending Ray`s run in the High Roller.

Shashank Jain Gaining Momentum on Second Bullet

Time: 15:47, Level 14 (Blinds 1,500/3000, Ante 3,000)

The PPL High Roller champion Shashank Jain was the last one to hit the rail yesterday. He is back at work today and off to a decent start. The last hand we saw him opening UTG and he picked up calls from the button and Sanat Mehrotra behind him. Jain led out on the flop , and both the button and Mehrotra called. The turn card came the – Jain 3-bet and this got both other players to fold.

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain

PokerGuru Ambassador Jayjit Ray Gets a Huge Suckout

Time: 15:42, Level 14 (Blinds 1,500/3000, Ante 3,000)

PokerGuru Ambassador Jayjit Ray was doing well on Day 1 and had peaked at 145K before bagging roughly the starting stack. Early on here today he has taken a big hit. The hand in question saw his cracked by Deepak Singh’s on the rundown .

Jayjit Ray
Jayjit Ray

Akshay Nasa Loses Ace-Queen to Sapra`s Ace-King

Time: 15:38, Level 14 (Blinds 1,500/3000, Ante 3,000)

Akshay Nasa who came back on Day 2 with a stack of 121,500 has been eliminated just before the re-entry period closes. We spoke to him briefly about his elimination hand and he informed us, ” I just busted. Lost Ace-Queen to Ace-King of Sapra.” Will he re-enter? We will have to wait to find out.

Akshay Nasa
Akshay Nasa

Nikhil U Eliminated by Manish Lakhotia

Time: 15:32, Level 14 (Blinds 1,500/3000, Ante 3,000)

With the re-entry window about to close soon, there has been a noticeable surge in action. In what turned out to be another elimination hand, Nikhil Us ace-jack ran into Manish Lakhotia’s cowboys. The rundown blanked out for Nikhil.

Manish Lakhotia
Manish Lakhotia

Kanishk Upreti Busted by Anil Adiani

Time: 15:21, Level 14 (Blinds 1,500/3000, Ante 3,000)

Less than ten hands into Day 2 and we have seen another bustout. This time it was Kanishk “Gooner” Upreti the player at risk with ace-queen against Anil Adiani`s pocket Kings. Adiani completed his straight on the river to lock in the pot – eliminating Upreti in the process.

Vidwath Shetty Eliminated on Second Hand on Day 2

Time: 15:10, Level 14 (Blinds 1,500/3000, Ante 3,000)

The GPL India Bengaluru Hackers Team Manager Vidwath Shetty has been eliminated on just the second hand of the day. He was in good shape with pocket jacks against ace-jack but unfortunately for him, an ace on the river cut his Day 2 journey short. Re-entries are open for one hour but he has informed us that he does not plan to get back in.

Vidwath Shetty
Vidwath Shetty

Welcome to the Live Coverage of the Baazi Poker Tour – 100K High Roller Final Day

Time: 15:00

We are back with the final day coverage of the ₹100K High Roller. The 66 survivors from last night have taken their seats along with a few new faces that include PokerStars India Team Pro Aditya Agarwal.

Late registrations are still open and the plan is to play down to a winner today. Stay tuned on this page for all the updates!

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