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Live Coverage of Baazi Poker Tour – ₹15K Kick-Off Final Day

Baazi Poker Tour
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly October 10, 2019

Total No. of Entries – 257
No. of Players Left – 1
Last Player Eliminated – Saumil Krishnani – Runner-Up for ₹5,98,300
Winner – Abhijeet Shetty (₹8,52,700)

Final Table Results (INR)

PlayersChip Counts/ Payouts
Abhijeet Shetty 1st for ₹8,52,700
Saumil Krishnani2nd for ₹5,98,300
Manas Kalita3rd for ₹3,84,800
Avadh Shah 4th for ₹2,84,800
Sahil Chuttani5th for ₹2,13,800
Charush Bhatia6th for ₹1,71,000
Anant Purohit 7th for ₹1,42,000
Mohammad Azhar8th for ₹1,13,800
Gangadhar Raj 9th for ₹85,200

Final Table is Underway

Time: 16:30, Level 20 (Blinds 10,000/20,000, Ante 20,000)

The nine-player final table has kicked off. You can follow the final table action in the live stream below (with 15 minutes delay). We will be periodically updating the chip counts and payouts and a more detailed report will follow once a winner is crowned.

Final Table Chip Counts are in

Time: 15:38, Level 19 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

Following Yohan Patel’s elimination, the nine-handed final table has been formed. Abhijeet Shetty is currently leading the nine finalists with a stack of 7,41,000. One of the survivors from last night, Mohammad Azhar (1,30,000), is yet to turn up at the event, but nevertheless has made it into the final table as the shortest stack. Other notables still in contention are start-of-the-day chip leader Avadh Shah, Charush Bhatia, Anant Purohit and Sahil Chuttani.

BPT ₹15K Kick-Off Final Table
BPT ₹15K Kick-Off Final Table

Final Table Chip Counts

PlayerChip Count
Abhijeet Shetty7,41,000
Avadh Shah6,72,000
Charush Bhatia6,01,000
Manas Kalita6,00,000
Saumil Krishnani3,32,000
Anant Purohit3,23,000
Sahil Chuttani3,00,000
Mohammad Azhar1,30,000
Gangadhar Raj1,14,000

We will share the link for the live stream of the final table as soon as it is available.

Abhijeet Shetty (Chip Leader)
Abhijeet Shetty (Chip Leader)

Yohan Patel Bubbles the Final Table; Eliminated in 10th Place (62,300)

Time: 15:30, Level 19 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

Yohan Patel open-shoved with pocket eights and Manas Kalita called off with . It was off to the races and it was Kalita who came out on top after flopping top pair on the runout to take down the pot, eliminating Patel in 10th place.

All remaining players have now been sent off on a short break while the final table is set up. We will be updating the final table chip counts shortly.

Yohan Patel
Yohan Patel

Prithviraj Ganganna Eliminated in 11th Place (62,300)

Time: 15:20, Level 19 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

Anant Purohit opened the cutoff for 50,000 and Prithviraj Ganganna jammed from the big blind for his last 80,000. Purohit snap-called tabling while Ganganna turned over . The board missed both players and Ganganna busted out in 11th place!

Shawn Jose Eliminated in 12th Place (₹62,300), Ranjit Negi Eliminated in 13th Place ( 51,100)

Time: 15:10, Level 19 (Blinds 8,000/16,000, Ante 16,000)

Left with just 11 BBs, Shawn Jose shoved all-in with from the cutoff only to run into Abhijeet Shetty`s on the button. The board ran out and Shetty’s pocket nines held on to win him the pot, as Jose walked out in 13th place. It is worth mentioning here that this was Jose’s second final table finish in less than 24 hours. He finished runner-up in the PPL MoneyMaker, pocketing ₹13.49 Lakhs in the process.

Just minutes before, Ranjit Negi who was the shortest stack from last night, was eliminated in 13th place. However, due to multiple eliminations taking place in quick succession we unfortunately missed the action.

Shawn Jose
Shawn Jose

Welcome to the Live Coverage of the Baazi Poker Tour – 15K Kick-Off Final Day

Time: 15:00

We are back with the final day coverage of the series-opener ₹15K Kick-Off. The 13 finalists from last night will resume play soon with Avadh Shah (6,16,000) returning as the start-of-day chip leader.

Start of Day Chip Counts

PlayerChip Count
Avadh Shah6,16,000
Charush Bhatia6,09,000
Abhijeet Shetty4,50,000
Yohan Patel3,82,000
Gangadhar Raj2,93,000
Saumil Krishnani2,68,000
Prithviraj Ganganna2,63,000
Mohammad Azhar2,42,000
Sahil Chuttani1,88,000
Manas Kalita1,85,000
Shawn Jose1,73,000
Anant Purohit1,30,000
Ranjit Negi58,000

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