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MadOverPoker Announces Bankroll Challenge 3.0 With Major Updates, Daily Payoffs Series & New Chill Tournaments

MadOverPoker Announces Bankroll Challenge 3.0 With Major Updates
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  • PG News May 2, 2018
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Great opportunities are rare and for any aspiring poker player, there’s nothing greater than having a generous bankroll to progress in the game. Keeping this in mind, MadOverPoker has announced the return of its popular Bankroll Challenge (BRC) that not only provides that much-needed financial boost to play, but a healthy competitive arena to hone and prove one’s skills.

The challenge exclusively aims at aspiring players, providing them a chance to learn on the go, with a hefty 4x bonus amount on deposits and an opportunity to make a name for themselves as online pros.

In its continuous efforts by MadOverPoker team to be among the chief online action-drivers in the country, BRC is among those promotions that actually equips you to win and play more!

The team has also introduced new updates to the program after feedback from previous contenders. BRC is now available in four different categories, players may choose their stakes and investment amounts, and can gain profits based on their ability to achieve these targets.

In the process, a player not only makes a great return on his/her investment but will also learn the art of managing a bankroll – something that is crucial for any poker player. Not just that, it is also an opportunity for players to move up and choose stakes that they were previously skeptical to explore.

Bankroll Challenge 3.0

BRC 3.0 will be conducted over a 3-week period, starting on May 4, 10pm till May 25, 10pm.

There are four categories in the challenge, based on the stakes with limited seats available – Explorers (₹2/₹4), Grinders (₹5/₹10), Rounders (₹10/₹20) and Sharks (₹25/₹50).

To apply, simply fill up the application form available here.

Bankroll Division

Participants will get 3x of the deposit amount as Bonus Bankroll (in BM), so total bankroll = 4x (x + 3x)

Bankroll Division

The 4x Bankroll will be released in three parts (Part A, Part B and Part C) as following –

1. Part A Bankroll will be released on May 4 2018, at the start of the BRC. Alternatively, Part A Bankroll will be provided at the time of registration, up to May 10.

2. Part B Bankroll will be released on May 11, at the end of the first week of BRC 3.0. Alternatively, Part B Bankroll will be provided a week after registration (in case of late registration).

3. Part C Bankroll will be released on May 18, at the end of the second week of BRC 3.0. Alternatively, Part C Bankroll will be provided a week after the release of the Part B Bankroll (in case of late registration).

Bankroll Boosters

In case a player exhausts the allotted bankroll within a given week, they may use the discounted SBS codes to replenish the bankrolls.

Bankroll Boosters

Terms and Conditions –

1. Participants are free to choose which games (NLHE or PLO) to play within the category, throughout the duration of the BRC 3.0.

2. Participants are restricted to play only within the stakes defined in their Category, for the entire duration of BRC 3.0.

3. Participants are not allowed to play on Heads-up tables for the entire duration of BRC 3.0.

4. Participants are not allowed to play any tournaments with their allotted Bankroll for the entire duration of BRC 3.0. They can, however, deposit separately for any tournaments and cash out the winnings from such tournaments separately.

5. Final payouts will be based on the number of raked hands played during the entire course of BRC 3.0

6. Leaderboard prizes will be based on the final standings on May 25, but players will get 3 complete weeks to finish their individual raked hand targets (in case of late registration).

Bankroll Challenge Madometers

Leaderboard type – Raked hands (Play max raked hands during the course of BRC 3.0)

1 LBP = 1 raked hand played.

There will be 4 leader boards, one for each category.

Bankroll Challenge Madometers

Terms and Conditions

1. Positions awarded – Top 5 on each leaderboard.

2. Leaderboards are open for all MOP players.

3. BRC Players are eligible to chase the leaderboard for their category only.

4. The participants need to finish 7,500 raked hands by the end of the challenge to qualify for the leaderboard prizes.

What is the selection procedure?

  • Applications will be accepted till May 3.
  • Based on the applications received, MOP will invite participants based on the quality of their application. Selection of players is at the sole discretion of MOP.
  • Once a participant receives an invitation, he/she has two days to acknowledge the invite and deposit the required amount on MOP, latest by May 4, 3pm.
  • If for any reason, the participant fails to do so, his application will be considered void.
  • The participant will receive their Part A bankroll by May 4, 10pm.

What if a player decides to quit mid-way?

If for any reason, a player decides to opt out of BRC 3.0 during the course of the challenge:

A) Before a player completes 14 days – The initial deposit will be given back, but any losses made with the bankroll provided by MOP will be subtracted from that. Winnings, if any, will be forfeited.

B) After you complete 14 days – You get payout based on the payout structure.


  • Any player participating in this BRC 3.0 agrees to lock his balance until the end of the program or until the player finishes the target of 7,500 raked hands. No cash out requests will be entertained during the course of the program.
  • If a participating player finishes his target of 7,500 raked hands, he/she can request for cashouts any time after that.
  • Cashouts will proceed as per MOP’s normal cashout policies.
  • Leaderboard prizes will be awarded at the end of the program.

For complete information, click here.

Daily Payoffs

Apart from the popular BRC, MadOverPoker team has also introduced Daily Payoffs tournaments. The daily tournaments take place each day at 7:30 pm and follow a re-entry format withbuy-ins ranging from ₹400 – ₹1,000 and corresponding guarantees which are lucrative and great value.

That’s not all, simply deposit ₹12,000 using the deposit code “PAYOFF” to avail tickets to all the tournaments for the week!

Daily Payoffs

Chill Tournaments

MOP team has also added two new daily Chill tournaments apart from their existing Afternoon Chill event and players can avail tickets to all the three events in a day by simply depositing ₹3,000 using deposit code “CHILL”.

Chill Tournaments

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