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MadOverPoker Announces Indian Bounty Championship With A Knockout-Specific Leaderboard

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  • Namita Ghosh November 30, 2018
  • 2 Minutes Read

Hot on the heels of its high value promotions – Rehab and the Cash Run November Edition, premium online poker platform, MadOverPoker (MoP) returns with a new value format tournament series for December. The site has announced the first-of-its-kind Indian Bounty Championship (IBC), slated to run from December 7-9.

The series features a total prize guarantee of ₹15 Lakhs across eight tournaments, all with a progressive knockout format with buy-in ranging from ₹630 to ₹3,150.

At the IBC, the stakes go up and the competition is sure to be fiercer than ever. With every player on the table having a bounty on his/her head, players can win extra cash as they eliminate other players.

Satellites for the series have already kicked off on the site, bringing along a chance to win free entry to the tournaments.

MoP IBC Schedule (Dec 7-9)

MOP IBC Schedule

IBC- How It Works

When you knock a player out in the Indian Bounty Championship, you win 50% of the current bounty on that player’s head, plus 50% is added to the bounty on your head. As you eliminate more players, the bounty on your head increases.

For instance, if you eliminate an opponent who has a ₹400 bounty on his head, you will find ₹200 added to your bankroll and the remaining ₹200 will be added to the bounty pool on your head. Simply put, every knockout results in 50% cash prize and 50% active bounty.

IBC Leaderboard

MoP has also come up with a bounty Leaderboard specifically for the IBC, i.e. the IBC Leaderboard themed purely on Bounty events. While the IBC is on, players will be ranked on the number of players they have eliminated from the tournament and the top scorers will win from a combined leaderboard prize of ₹2 Lakhs. The IBC Leaderboard payouts will be in bonus money.

Players can hover on the name of any opponent to check the payout split they will receive on eliminating a particular opponent.

The IBC Leaderboard features ₹50,000 as the first prize, while the second place on the leaderboard takes ₹40,000 home, and so on. The minimum Leaderboard prize amount is ₹5,000.

MOP IBC Leaderboard

Promotional Codes For Tickets to IBC Events

Adding to the attractions, MoP has announced promotional codes for players looking forward to cash on IBC events.

Players can deposit ₹8000 using promo IBCD1 to get tickets for the first three IBC events. Similarly MoP is offering different deposit codes and users can put varying amounts in their MoP account to get tickets for various IBC events. With a special deposit of ₹25,000, players can use the promo code IBCALL to play all the eight events of the IBC series.

MoP Promo Codes For IBC

MOP IBC Promo Codes

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