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Gossip Column: Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Finds a New Suitor & Gordon Vayo Withdraws Lawsuit Against PokerStars, Site Alleges Poker Pro Doctored Evidence

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 16, 2018
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Hi there! Back so soon? Have you been craving a dose of juicy gossip? Don’t worry, we have a few cups of gossip waiting for you to gulp down.

Though we aren’t ones to poke our noses in other people’s love lives, but we couldn’t help but be a little enamoured by up-and-coming poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro and her antics to find a poker boyfriend. Seems like her prayers have been answered. In response to one of her recent vlogs, a very dashing young man put up a vlog of his own. Want to know who the mystery man is? You’ll have to read the full story to get to the bottom of that mystery.

And while we have already embroiled you in one mystery, let us also regale you with story of an alleged case of doctored evidence. 2017 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event runner-up Gordon Vayo, who supposedly presented valid evidence to support his lawsuit against PokerStars, has now withdrawn his case after the legitimacy of the proof submitted in court was challenged by the online poker conglomerate.

Aren’t you just dying to know what happened next? Well, go on and read the rest!

Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Has a New Suitor

Poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro made quite an impact on the poker community when she burst onto the scene.

Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro
Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro

Introduced by poker player and fellow vlogger Joey Ingram, Cordeiro’s vlogging skills wasn’t the only thing people were talking about. It seems that her new audience was equally, if not more interested in her relationship status and dating life. Ingram even claimed that he had received several messages from prospective suitors and Cordeiro, herself, had posted a vlog on her YouTube channel on October 15, titled “LOOKING FOR A POKER PRO BOYFRIEND – VLOG 5”.

Well, looks like Cordeiro has finally met her match, and what a cute match it is! The young man, actually the very young man in question is Andrew, the son of New Jersey-based pro Trevor Savage.

Marle Cordeiro's New Suitor - Andrew Savage
Marle Cordeiro’s New Suitor – Andrew Savage

Playing the ideal wingman for his son, Savage, who is an avid vlogger too, posted a response video titled “Poker Vlog #14 “Andrew is looking for a Poker Girlfriend”, on his YouTube channel, Raising The Nuts.

The caption read: In today’s #pokervlog, Andrew goes in search of a #poker girlfriend. #giveDrewachance.

Describing his past dating life, Andrew mentions Jamie Kerstetter and Kelly Minkin, even enacting the now-famous Minkin seven-deuce hand against Justin Young.

The video is undoubtedly comedy gold and evoked reactions from a number of people including Cordeiro and has garnered over 2,000 views.

Well, such a charming and adorable suitor certainly deserves a chance, so Marle #giveDrewachance!

Gordon Vayo Withdraws Suit Against PokerStars, Site Countersues

Back in September we had reported that the world’s largest poker site PokerStars and 2017 WSOP Main Event runner-up Gordon Vayo were locked up in a contentious legal battle regarding fraudulent withholding of the latter’s winnings.

2017 WSOP Main Event Runner-Up Gordon Vayo
2017 WSOP Main Event Runner-Up Gordon Vayo

According to the latest update, Vayo has withdrawn the lawsuit he had filed against PokerStars` parent company Rational Entertainment Enterprises Limited (REEL) after the latter discovered that some of the evidence was doctored.

The drama started back in May 2018 when Vayo accused PokerStars of fraudulently withholding approximately $692,000 worth of his winnings from a tournament win in May 2017. Vayo further stated that when he attempted to withdraw his winnings, the online poker giant had frozen his account.

PokerStars had countered by stating that Vayo was unlawfully playing from his residence in California, while Vayo said he was in Ottawa, Canada, where he is a registered player. The poker site then asked Vayo to provide physical evidence that he was present in Canada at the time of the event.

As per the latest court filing, REEL had confronted Vayo with the discovery that some of the evidence Vayo had supplied, was doctored.

PokerNews reported that a formal letter stating that, “PokerStars/REEL had been in direct contact with the forger Vayo hired to doctor his evidence. The forger shared the original documents with REEL, showing the changes made to indicate ATM transactions had been made with banks in California, and not with a bank in Ottawa, Canada. Using the wrong surcharge amounts and wrong exchange rates between USD and CAD were just some of the additional examples laid out by REEL’s representation.”

After being confronted by REEL on October 14, Vayo filed a notice that he was voluntarily dropping his claims against REEL. Two weeks later, Gordon’s lawyer Gregory A. Fayer of Los Angeles-based Fayer Gibson LLP resigned. On October 25, William A. Bowen of a Californian based law firm took over Vayo’s representation.

While the exact flow of the events has not yet been uncovered, REEL has gone ahead and filed a motion on November 12 seeking $280,000 from Vayo for legal expenses and court costs. An excerpt of the filing, as quoted by VegasSlotsOnline, details the series of events:

“[]REEL received a ‘tip’ from a third party that Vayo’s bank and internet records were altered by a document forger Vayo hired (the “Forger”), specifically in order to create the false impression that Vayo was in Canada during the SCOOP Tournament so he could fraudulently demand payment from REEL. Stern []. As described below, REEL’s further investigation confirmed this to be the case, and REEL immediately confronted Vayo about it, on a Friday evening. [] Vayo’s counsel claimed that he was not aware of any forgery (i.e., he had just passed along the documents Vayo had provided to him), that he would ask Vayo about them, and that he was concerned about speaking further because—if the documents were in fact forgeries—the crime-fraud exception could apply. [] About 48 hours later, on Sunday evening, Vayo filed a notice of voluntary dismissal of all of his claims [] and his counsel subsequently withdrew. … REEL made repeated efforts to meet and confer with Vayo’s new counsel to avoid the need for this motion, including by sending a detailed letter explaining Vayo’s forgery. []. Vayo ignored these meet and confer requests, and never denied the forgery. …”

“The third party who informed REEL of Vayo’s forgery said that he (the third party) had spoken to the Forger. … The Forger told the third party that Vayo contacted the Forger for assistance creating a virtual private network (‘VPN’) for Vayo to use while he was playing on REEL’s site in California to create the false appearance that he was in Canada. [] The Forger also provided the third party with the original statements from First Republic Bank and Bell Canada that Vayo had sent to the Forger to doctor so that they would demonstrate (falsely) that Vayo was in Canada during the SCOOP tournament. Importantly, the third party knew and volunteered that Vayo’s forged docume[/I]nts purported to be from Bell Canada and First Republic Bank, information that was not public at the time or provided to the third party by REEL.”

Even though there are still some ways to go before a final verdict on the matter is reached, the situation does not seem to be looking too good for Vayo.

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