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Master Poker Series Makes a Successful Debut, Luke Lee Takes Down Main Event For NTD364,560 (₹8.33 Lakhs)

Luke Lee
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  • Namita Ghosh December 29, 2018
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The inaugural Master Poker Series (MPS) was hosted by the Chinese Texas Hold ‘em Poker Association in Taiwan. The NTD15,000 ($485) tournament ran its course from December 21-24 and dominating the 108-strong field was Taiwan’s Luke Lee (cover image), who took the event down for NTD 364,560 (₹8.33 Lakhs). Lee won the Champions Trophy along with an exclusive MPS ring.

Additionally, Lee was awarded with a special Lucky #1 necklace by Malaysia-based company Visiber, that sells personalized accessories based on numerology.

The final, nine-handed table of the event was live streamed on the CTPClub Twitch channel.

The four-day event saw the top 15 players take home a piece of the NTD1,414,260 prize pool.

Final Table Action

Early action on the final table saw the lone lady player on the final table –Hsiao Tsui Han take on her opponents. Han sent Wei Wang Tzu to the rail in ninth place, with her dominating the latter’s .

The next player to be eliminated was Jun Zhou who held but ran into Lee’s . With all his chips in the middle, Zhou lost his chance to the title and left to collect an eighth place payout.

Han then knocked out Chen Wei Hsun in seventh place with her staying ahead of Hsun’s . Han’s hand further improved to a set after a jack appeared on the board.

Vincent Li was bounced out in sixth place by Leewhen her failed to catch up to Lee’s .

By then, Hsiao Tsui Han and Lee had built massive stacks though Lee was ahead in chips. However, Han’s good run ended here. The hand saw Lee making a raise with and Han 3-bet with . Lee moved all in and Han snap-called. Though Han was in the lead, the board saw Lee hit a winning set of sevens and Han was eliminated in fifth place.

By then Lee held close to 65% of the chips in play and he took over the charge by sending Cheli Lin out in fourth place.

Po Hao Liao was eliminated next at the hands of Huang Chang Hau in third place, leaving the final two contenders in battle for the top prize.

The heads-up between Lee and Huang Chang Hau was short and decisive, with Lee claiming the title after relegating Hauto a runner-up finish.

Luke Lee
Luke Lee – Winner of Master Poker Series Main Event

Final Table Results (NTD)

1.Luke Lee – NTD364,560

2. Huang Chang Hau – NTD250,000

3. Po Hao Liao – NTD164,000

4.Cheli Lin – NTD133,000

5. Hsiao Tsui Han – NTD106,800

6. Vincent Li – NTD 83,500

7. Chen Wei Hsun – NTD 65,800

8. Jun Zhou – NTD 50,200

9. Wei Wang Tzu – NTD 36,800

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