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Upcoming Players Are in For a Treat as MPL Poker Announces a Multitude of Freerolls & High-Value Micro MTTs Running Daily

  • Naman Sharma August 6, 2022
  • 3 Minutes Read

Do you love playing MTTs and want to get a head start in your poker journey without risking much? If you answered the above in the affirmative, then MPL Poker has got you covered with a stellar lineup of freerolls and high-value micro tourneys running at half an hour intervals daily. Sounds interesting? Read on for all the details.


Daily Freerolls

If you love playing poker but are still learning the ropes or are on a budgetary constraint, you can never go wrong with freerolls. And for those wondering where to find such freerolls, head to MPL Poker.

MPL Poker has a packed schedule of over 20 freerolls running daily between 9 AM to 11 PM – with over ₹10,000 in cash prizes up for grabs!

TimeEventGTD (₹)
9 AMFreeroll₹500
9:30 AMFreeroll₹500
10:30 AMFreeroll₹500
11 AMALLIN Freeroll₹500
11:30 AMFreeroll₹1,000
12 PMFreeroll₹500
12:30 PMALLIN Freeroll₹500
1 PMFreeroll₹500
1:30 PMFreeroll₹1,000
2:30 PMALLIN Freeroll₹500
3 PMFreeroll₹500
3:30 PMFreeroll₹500
4 PMFreeroll₹500
4:30 PMFreeroll₹500
5 PMFreeroll₹500
6 PMALLIN Freeroll₹500
7 PMFreeroll₹1,000
7:30 PMFreeroll₹500
8 PMFreeroll₹1,000
8:30 PMDepositor's Freeroll₹10,000
9 PMALLIN Freeroll₹500
9:30 PMFreeroll₹1,000
10 PMFreeroll₹500
10:30 PMFreeroll₹500


Daily Micro Buy-in Tourneys

Do you want to play poker despite being financially bound? MPL Poker has the answer to your dilemma.

High-value micro buy-in tourneys priced as little as ₹1, ₹2, or ₹5 and guaranteeing as much as ₹5,000 are abound on MPL Poker. The relatively softer fields are perfect for anyone looking to get a headstart in their poker career.

TimeEventGTD (₹)
10 AM1 Pe 1,000₹1,000
11 AM2 Pe 2,000₹2,000
12:30 PM1 Pe 1,000₹1,000
2 PM5 Pe 5000₹5,000
2:30 PM1 Pe 1,000₹1,000
3:30 PM2 Pe 2,000₹2,000
5:30 PM5 Pe 5000₹5,000
6 PM1 Pe 1,000₹2,000
6:30 PM2 Pe 2,000₹2,000
7:30 PM1 Pe 1,000₹1,000
8:30 PM1 Pe 1,000₹1,000
9 PM1 Pe 1,000₹1,000
11 PM5 Pe 5,000₹5,000


Depositors Freerolls

A deposit of just ₹200 using code “10KTOURNEYcan get a ticket to the ₹10K GTD Depositors Freeroll that starts at 8:30 PM daily.

NOTE: You can use the deposit offer only once.

How much of the ₹51,000 in the daily prize pool are you aiming to win?


Keep following PokerGuru for all the updates and promotions from MPL Poker!

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