MPL Poker cash bash 7th edition June 2023

MPL Poker’s Lucrative Cash Bash & Cash Vault Promotions Can Earn You 100% Rakeback in March

MPL Poker Cash Bash & Cash Vault
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  • Naman Sharma March 9, 2023
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The festival of colors is upon us, and MPL Poker has come up with an electrifying month marking the celebrations. MPL Poker promises a staggering 10 Crores in winnings in March, with a range of giveaways and promotions across cash games, MTTs, head-to-head SNGs, and freerolls.

For cash game grinders, MPL Poker is running two top-notch promotions – Cash Bash and Cash Vault – with a combined ₹8 Crores in winnings up for grabs. And the best part? You can earn up to 100% in rakeback through these promotions!

Anyone playing on the cash tables can cash in a pretty awesome up to 100% in rakeback through them. While the Cash Bash offers up to 67% Rakeback, the Cash Vault adds another 33% cashback incentive for players. All of this is over and above any winnings, you make on the cash tables.

So, head over to MPL Poker and join the cash games at the stakes of your liking and grind your heart out for unparalleled returns.


Cash Bash

MPL Poker’s Cash Bash promotion is expected to cater to as many as 2 lakh players in March – each of them the chance to earn as much as ₹20 Lakhs, effectively a 67% rakeback, making playing cash games on the platform a win-win proposition.

To participate, hit the cash tables on MPL Poker and generate points. The more points you accumulate, the more you can earn. Achieving 1,00,000 points will get you an incredible 50% rakeback. The persistent grinders who can put in the volume at the higher stakes to muster 30,00,000 points in March get to claim 67% rakeback for the hard work.

You get 1 point for every ₹1 you contribute in rake. The more points you accumulate, the higher your Rakeback, which gets credited immediately to your MPL Poker wallet.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the point-wise winnings.

PointsWinningsTotal WinningsRakeBack %


How Does the Promotion Work?

Let’s say you collect 1,000 points on March 1. You get ₹100 on Day 1, so the total winning is ₹100. You generate another 1,100 points on March 2. The total points for March become 2,100, and you are credited ₹150 on the same day. Your total winnings are ₹100+₹150 = ₹250 till March 2.

Suppose you make another 1,300 points on March 3, extending your tally to 3,400. You will not get any additional winnings as you have yet to reach the next slab.

Now, if you hit 7,000 points on March 4, you will get ₹1,000, and the total winning will be ₹100+₹150+₹250+₹1,000 = ₹1,500.


Cash Vault

MPL Poker has launched a new promotion this month called the Cash Vault. This month-long promotion can earn you an additional 33% cashback on top of your Cash Bash winnings, with a weekly leaderboard where each player can win up to 2 Lakhs worth of cashback.

To earn points, simply play on MPL Poker’s cash tables, with all stakes available in NLH, PLO, PLO5, and PLO6. You will be paid based on the points you earn in March, with winnings for points earned before noon credited to your Locked Cash wallet before 5 PM daily.

Remember, you must reach the prize slabs mentioned on the leaderboard to win prizes, and you can check your winnings in your Poker Wallet under the Locked Cash section.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the point-wise winnings.

PointsWinningsTotal WinningsCashBack %


The Locked Cash winnings are an additional amount over and above the Cash Bash winnings, making this promotion an excellent opportunity to boost your earnings.

You can track your points under the leaderboard tab.

MPL Poker is already a market leader in India with the most cash traffic on its platform, and its promotions like the Cash Bash and Cash Vault reflect its player-first policy. With a guaranteed ₹8 Crores up for grabs and a chance at encashing as much as 100% Rakeback, cash game grinders can play the game they love the best on the site and strive to win big.

Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from MPL Poker!

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