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Online Rankings: Abhishek Jain Rules the Weekly Charts, Gaurav Sood Completes Fifth Straight Week as the Annual Leaderboard Topper!

Online Rankings 12-09
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  • Namita Ghosh September 12, 2021
  • 6 Minutes Read

In this feature, we will bring you to the top 5 weekly and monthly performers every Saturday. However, the rankings will only include players who are registered to our online ranking system, so if you haven’t signed up on PokerGuru yet, hurry up and register!

This past week was one of the dullest in terms of online MTT action in over two months. The only silver lining was Spartan Poker`s 1 Crore GTD The Millionaire that made for an electrifying weekend. Of course, with the Final Table Series (FTS) 3.0 now running full throttle and PokerBaazi`s IMPS Gold Edition and PokerStars India`s INCOOP starting soon, the next few weeks could bring about a significant churn in the leaderboard standing.

For now, it looks like Young Gun Gaurav Sood has perched himself at the top of the annual leaderboard. Even though he did not win a title all week, Sood added 6.75 Lakhs in weekly earnings, almost touching 3.41 Crores annually (1.69 Crores in corresponding profits). This marks the fifth consecutive week Sood has topped the online rankings this year.

Manish Lakhotia and PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh also completed their fifth consecutive week ranked #2 and #3 on the annual charts.

The week`s biggest winner was none other than Spartan Poker`s most recent The Million champion Abhishek Jain. The 30-year-old poker player from Siliguri took down the weekend flagship for career-defining 17.03 Lakhs enough to keep him ahead of everyone else on our tracked database! PokerStars India`s Bounty Builder HR champion Mithun Mahesh and Sunday Superstack runner-up finisher Rishab Malik round out the top three places on this week`s leaderboard.

Due to a glitch in our tracking module, we are not publishing the September rankings this week.

Online Rankings from September 5 – 11 (Weekly Rankings)

PlayerWeekly CashesWeekly Profit
Abhishek Jain₹17,03,000₹16,11696
Mithun Mahesh₹13,64,125₹9,25,936
Rishab Malik₹13,11,450₹9,52,285


Online Rankings from January 1 – September 11 (Yearly Rankings)

PlayerYearly CashesYearly Profit
Gaurav Sood₹3,40,66,361₹1,68,63,474
Manish Lakhotia₹3,08,31,231₹82,21,246
Laksh Pal Singh₹3,01,02,178₹1,57,41,087


Weekly Online Rankings

1. Abhishek Jain

Weekly Cashes – 17,03,000

Weekly Profit – 16,11696

Weekly Leaderboard Points – N/A

30-year-old entrepreneur cum poker player Abhishek Jain made headlines on Sunday after storming into the “Millionaire Club.” Jain ran past a 1,863-entry field in Spartan Poker`s weekend flagship to collect a career-best 17.03 Lakhs. His singular feat also made him the weekly topper.

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD for 17.03 Lakhs on September 5

Abhishek Jain - Total Profit Graph
Abhishek Jain – Total Profit Graph


2. Mithun Mahesh

Weekly Cashes – 13,64,125

Weekly Profit – 9,25,936

Weekly Leaderboard Points – N/A

Last week’s Godfather and Running Hot champion, PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun Mahesh, kept his breakout run unbroken after scoring an impressive 13.64 Lakhs this week.

Mahesh pulled out six standout scores, the most significant of them was his third-place finish in The Millionaire for 6.59 Lakhs on Sunday. On Tuesday, he also won the Bounty Builder HR for 2.52 Lakhs.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh


Top Cashes This Week

– 3rd in The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD for 6.59 Lakhs on September 5

– 1st in the Bounty Builder HR 10 Lakhs GTD for 2.52 Lakhs on September 7

– 4th in Highroller 12 Lakhs GTD for 1.18 Lakhs on September 9

Mithun Mahesh - Total Profit Graph
Mithun Mahesh – Total Profit Graph


3. Rishab Malik

Weekly Cashes – 13,11,450

Weekly Profit – 9,52,285

Weekly Leaderboard Points – N/A

Former The Millionaire champion Rishab Malik takes the #3 spot on the weekly charts this time. Last Sunday, Malik placed runner-up in the Sunday Superstack, eventually losing the title to Rahul Kumar for a 6.32 Lakhs payday.

On Thursday, Malik claimed his second Highroller title on PokerStars India for 2.52 Lakhs, working up 11.36 Lakhs in weekly earnings.

Rishab Malik
Rishab Malik


Top Cashes This Week

– 2nd in the Sunday Superstack 40 Lakhs GTD for 6.32 Lakhs on September 6

– 1st in the Highroller 12 Lakhs GTD for 2.52 Lakhs on September 9

Rishab Malik - Total Profit Graph
Rishab Malik – Total Profit Graph



Yearly Online Rankings

1. Gaurav Sood

Yearly Cashes – 3,40,66,361

Yearly Profit – 1,68,63,474

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 48,097

This past week was the fifth straight week (in 2021) for dentist-turned-poker pro Gaurav Sood at the top of the annual charts. The 25-year-old Young Gun racked up 6.75 Lakhs over the week, headlined by a runner-up score in The Summit worth 2.75 Lakhs.

By now, Sood has accumulated almost 3.41 Crore in annual cashes. Sood was the undisputed leaderboard topper last year and going by his present form, he is a hot favorite to repeat this feat this year. And the “Gaurav Sood effect” is still running strong, as he continues to be the profitable player on our tracked database with 1.69 Crores in net profits. Not to forget, he is the only one with over 10 Crores in online winnings to his name.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


Top Cashes This Year

– 1st in Adda52’s WPT India Super Highroller 1 Crore GTD for 32.60 Lakhs on August 12

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD for 14.51 Lakhs on April 18

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s FTS#2 – Kick-off 75 Lakhs GTD for 14.39 Lakhs on March 7

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s APT #22 Championship Event 50 Lakhs GTD for 12.06 Lakhs on August 4

Gaurav Sood - Total Profit Graph
Gaurav Sood – Total Profit Graph


2. Manish Lakhotia

Yearly Cashes – 3,08,31,231

Yearly Profit – 82,21,246

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 60,375

Siliguri-based pro Manish Lakhotia got slightly better results this week than the last few updates and picked up 3.88 Lakhs in cashes. Even with a litany of deep runs, Lakhotia could only score one final table finish this week – placing fourth in Fridays The Weekly HighRoller for 1.39 Lakhs.

Lakhotia`s annual tally has crossed 3.08 Crores – keeping him at #2 on the yearly rankings. On the contrary, with a little over 82.21 Lakhs in recorded profits, he has slipped down to #9 on the annual profits charts.

Manish Lakhotia
Manish Lakhotia


Top Cashes This Year

– 2nd in Adda52’s Adda52 DOPT Main Event 1.5 Crores GTD for 17.93 Lakhs on June 13

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s APT Championship 40 Lakhs GTD for 12.15 Lakhs on January 21

– 3rd in PokerBaazi’s NPS#36 NPS (6-Max) Super Highroller 1 Crore GTD for 10.74 Lakhs on June 17

Manish Lakhotia - Total Profit Graph
Manish Lakhotia – Total Profit Graph


3. Laksh Pal Singh

Yearly Cashes – 3,01,02,178

Yearly Profit – 1,57,41,087

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 35,906

PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh was really slow in adding up scores this week. The former IOPC The Crown champion could only muster 1.43 Lakhs this week. However, that is not to say that the week was entirely insignificant for Laksh, who crossed the 3 Crore milestone in annual cashes. With 1.57 Crores in yearly profits, Singh retains his #2 spot on the profit charts.

Laksh Pal Singh
Laksh Pal Singh


Top Cashes This Year

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #117 – The Crown 3.5 Crores GTD for 53.12 Lakhs on February 1

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s Millionaire Series #8 – High Roller 50 Lakhs GTD for 17.24 Lakhs on May 6

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD for 14.47 Lakhs on April 11

Laksh Pal Singh - Total Profit Graph
Laksh Pal Singh – Total Profit Graph


Kunal Patni (Yearly Cashes – 2.63 Crore), Young Gun Arsh Grover (Yearly Cashes – 2.60 Crore), and Anirban D Das (Yearly Cashes – 2.38 Crore) are the other top-ranked players on the annual leaderboard.


For a complete list of online rankings, check out our ‘Leaderboards’ page. If your name is not on our list, register and enter your screen names to your account to get ranked.

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