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Online Rankings: Ankit Wadhawan Dominates the Monthly & Weekly Charts with Unprecedented Scoring Streak, Ashish Munot Holds Steady as POY Front-runner for Eleventh Consecutive Week

Online Rankings: Ankit Wadhawan & Ashish Munot
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  • Naman Sharma May 21, 2023
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In this feature, we bring you to the top three weekly, monthly, and yearly performers every Sunday. These rankings are based on cumulative winnings (cashes). However, the rankings only include players registered to our online ranking system, so hurry up and register if you haven’t signed up on PokerGuru yet!

This past week witnessed a whirlwind of excitement in the online poker world, with PokerBaazi’s dynamic Baazi Turbo Series 4.0 taking center stage. ‘The Fantastic Five variations of The MoneyMaker served as the Sunday mainstay for the game’s stalwarts. Meanwhile, Adda52’s high-profile MHW series of tournaments captured the interest of the circuit’s heavyweights.

After a brief period of calm, the Player of the Year (POY) race sprang back to life with significant alterations occurring in just three weeks. Among the most relentless contenders in the domestic circuit, Ashish Munot (annual winnings – ₹2.54 Crores), experienced a prosperous streak online. He pocketed nearly a Million Rupees following several weeks of low activity, proving that consistency indeed pays off.

Simultaneously, Ankit Wadhawan climbed up the ranks, making a remarkable leap to the #2 spot on the annual leaderboard, just two weeks after his debut on the podium. In the last week alone, Wadhawan accumulated a noteworthy ₹31.33 Lakhs, toppling Young Gun Gaurav Sood (₹2.25 Lakhs), from his pedestal and relegating him to the lower rungs of the annual rankings podium – a position vied for by many aspiring Indian players.

Wadhawan’s stellar run not only earned him the top spot in the monthly rankings (monthly winnings – ₹51.12 Lakhs) but also positioned him at the forefront of the weekly scorers’ tally (weekly winnings – ₹31.33 Lakhs).

Shashank Shekhar (monthly winnings – ₹39 Lakhs) retained #2 spot on the monthly rankings, while Advait Rajguru (monthly winnings – 37.35 Lakhs) slipped to the #3 position.

Rounding out the weekly rankings are Mitesh Gupta (weekly winnings – 29.77 Lakhs) and Abhishek Paul (weekly winnings – 22.85 Lakhs).


Weekly Online Rankings (May 14 – May 20)

PlayerWeekly CashesWeekly Profit
Ankit Wadhawan₹31,33,264₹22,47,503
Mitesh Gupta₹29,77,211₹26,30,111
Abhishek Paul₹22,84,500₹20,08,899


Monthly Online Rankings (May 1 – May 20)

PlayerMonthly CashesMonthly Profit
Ankit Wadhawan₹51,12,410₹29,80,860
Shashank Shekhar₹38,99,615₹22,45,480
Advait Rajguru₹37,35,438₹29,88,350


Yearly Online Rankings (January 1 – May 20)

PlayerYearly CashesYearly Profit
Ashish Munot₹2,54,33,616₹1,56,99,237
Ankit Wadhawan₹2,34,98,227₹83,00,675
Gaurav Sood₹2,24,82,823₹1,00,79,352


Weekly Online Rankings

1. Ankit Wadhawan

Weekly Cashes – 31,33,264

Weekly Profit – 22,47,503

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 1,421

This week of May, Ankit Wadhawan experienced a blissful week of poker action, amassing a remarkable total of over 31.33 Lakhs. His substantial earnings were backed by an impressive net profit of 22.48 Lakhs, a testament to his gaming prowess.

Wadhawan’s remarkable winning streak has effectively elevated his position on both monthly and annual leaderboards.

Throughout this week, Wadhawan has consistently shown exceptional skill with monetary placements in no fewer than thirteen tournaments. The pinnacle of his performance, as evidenced by the title victory in the Wednesday High Roller, was further complemented by prestigious podium finishes in both the MHW Colossus and MHW Top Liners.

Ankit Wadhawan
Ankit Wadhawan


Top Cashes This Week

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Colossus for 16 Lakhs on May 14

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners for 7.75 Lakhs on May 13

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s Wednesday High Roller (6-Max) for 3.58 Lakhs on May 17

Ankit Wadhawan - Total Profit Graph
Ankit Wadhawan – Total Profit Graph


2. Mitesh Gupta

Weekly Cashes – 29,77,211

Weekly Profit – 26,30,111

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 75

A relatively lesser-known Mitesh Gupta, whose name first came to prominence in March following his commendable fourth-place finish in the FTS G.O.D, seized the spotlight this Sunday. Showcasing his escalating skillset, he clinched the title in Adda52’s MHW Colossus, earning a career-high 26.61 Lakhs. Gupta’s prowess didn’t end there. He further demonstrated his talent with another deep dive in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners, landing in 8th place and adding a significant 2.63 Lakhs to his tally.

These impressive performances contributed to an awe-inspiring weekly total of 29.77 Lakhs, positioning Gupta at an esteemed second place in the overall weekly standings.

Mitesh Gupta
Mitesh Gupta


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in Adda52’s MHW Colossus for 26.61 Lakhs on May 14

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners for 2.63 Lakhs on May 13

Mitesh Gupta - Total Profit Graph
Mitesh Gupta – Total Profit Graph


3. Abhishek Paul

Weekly Cashes – 22,84,500

Weekly Profit – 20,08,899

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 420

Abhishek Paul masterfully triumphed in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners, claiming an astounding 21 Lakhs, the single largest score of the week. Further proving his capabilities, Paul secured in-the-money finishes in two additional tournaments, accumulating a total of 22.85 Lakhs for the month. This impressive performance not only reaffirmed his poker acumen but also solidified his position at the admirable third place in the overall standings.

Abhishek Paul


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners for 21 Lakhs on May 13

Abhishek Paul - Total Profit Graph
Abhishek Paul – Total Profit Graph


Manish Lakhotia (Weekly Cashes – 15.18 Lakhs), Vaibhav Sharma (Weekly Cashes – 14.13 Lakhs), and Siddarth Singhvi (Weekly Cashes – 13.90 Lakhs) were the week`s other top scorers.


Monthly Online Rankings

1. Ankit Wadhawan

Monthly Cashes – 51,12,410

Monthly Profit – 29,80,860

Monthly Leaderboard Points – 3,586

In a breathtaking display of skill, Ankit Wadhawan has ascended in the rankings, moving up to second place on the annual leaderboard while surmounting his previous #5 spot to clinch the peak of the monthly rankings. Furthermore, he’s led the charge in the weekly scorers’ tally. Wadhawan now reigns supreme in the monthly leaderboard with total earnings exceeding 51.12 Lakhs, over half of which represents his net profit, amounting to an impressive 29.81 Lakhs.

As one of the nation’s preeminent tournament professionals, Wadhawan has delivered an outstanding performance this month with nine appearances at the final tables. This includes an array of more than a dozen six-figure earnings and a solitary yet notable seven-figure score.

Ankit Wadhawan
Ankit Wadhawan


Top Cashes This Month

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Colossus for 16 Lakhs on May 14

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners for 7.75 Lakhs on May 13

– 2nd in Adda52 Millions for 4.06 Lakhs on May 7

Ankit Wadhawan - Total Profit Graph
Ankit Wadhawan – Total Profit Graph


2. Shashank Shekhar

Monthly Cashes – 38,99,615

Monthly Profit – 22,45,480

Monthly Leaderboard Points – 3,756

Shashank Shekhar, the distinguished top-ranked player of April, continues to assert his dominance, maintaining a steady hold on the second position with his accrued earnings of 12.74 Lakhs this past week. Winning big-ticket flagships has become almost routine for Shekhar, as evidenced by his successful conquest of his career-second The Elite title this week.

Shekhar’s impressive gameplay this month has led to the acquisition of nearly 39 Lakhs in total winnings, with an impressive share of this – a cool 22.45 Lakhs – being net profits.

Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar


Top Cashes This Month

– 1st in MHW Adda52 Big Game for 14 Lakhs on May 12

– 1st in Adda52’s Godfather for 6.12 Lakhs on May 4

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Elite (6-Max) for 5.64 Lakhs on May 19

Shashank Shekhar - Total Profit Graph
Shashank Shekhar – Total Profit Graph


3. Advait Rajguru

Monthly Cashes ~ 37,35,438

Monthly Profit ~ 29,88,350

Monthly Leaderboard Points – 1,218

Advait Rajguru, who held the position of top scorer in the second week of May (opted out of our tracking) and the leading player until last week, has seen a shift in the ranks. Despite maintaining his consistent scoring streak and amassing a significant sum of at least 7.78 Lakhs over the past week, he has now been placed at the #3 position on the monthly leaderboard.

Rajguru’s commendable performances this past week include a notable title victory in the Deepstack Turbo, a prestigious podium finish in the Wednesday High Roller, and an impressive final table score in the Ultron tournament.

Advait Rajguru
Advait Rajguru


Top Cashes This Month

– 2nd in Adda52’s MHW Adda52 Big Game for 8.40 Lakhs on May 12

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s BSS HighRoller for 4.71 Lakhs May 7

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s Tuesday High Roller (6-Max) for 3.91 Lakhs on May 9

– 2nd in Spartan Poker’s Wednesday High Roller (6-Max) for 3.49 Lakhs on May 10

Mitesh Gupta (Monthly Cashes – 32.58 Lakhs), Aman Parakh (Monthly Cashes – 29.25 Lakhs), and Ankit Jajodia (Monthly Cashes – 27.21 Lakhs) are the other top-ranked players of May.


Yearly Online Rankings

1. Ashish Munot

Yearly Cashes – 2,54,33,616

Yearly Profit – 1,56,99,237

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 13,277

Ashish Munot continues to preside over the Player of the Year (POY) rankings, boasting a resounding lead of over 18.88 Lakhs ahead of the second-ranked Ankit Wadhawan. Known for his prowess in Super High Roller (SHR) tournaments, Munot is entering his twelfth week as the undisputed leaderboard frontrunner.

While he may not have dominated the spotlight this past week, Munot still displayed his consistent skill by reaching the final table of Adda52’s MHW Colossus (securing 5th place with 9 Lakhs) and achieving an in-the-money finish in PokerBaazi’s 7-MAX BSS Championship (30th place for 28,140). This casual addition of 9.28 Lakhs to his yearly earnings maintains his formidable presence in the poker scene. Munot’s current annual winnings stand at an impressive 2.54 Crores, with a staggering 1.57 Crores as pure profit!

Ashish Munot
Ashish Munot


Top Cashes This Year

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #141 The Crown for 57.73 Lakhs on February 5

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s Sunday High Roller for 13.75 Lakhs on February 26

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #69 Friday Prime for 12.97 Lakhs on January 27

– 6th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #62 Super High Roller for 7.37 Lakhs on January 26

Ashish Munot - Total Profit Graph
Ashish Munot – Total Profit Graph


2. Ankit Wadhawan

Yearly Cashes – 2,34,98,227

Yearly Profit – 83,00,675

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 23,644

Ankit Wadhawan has proven to be a master of stealth, as a significant portion of his top annual scores come from understated yet powerful podium finishes. Despite having only a handful of titles to his name, he has impressively stormed his way to the #2 spot on the annual leaderboard a mere two weeks after first stepping onto the podium.

Over the course of the past week, Wadhawan has compiled a noteworthy sum of 31.33 Lakhs from thirteen successful cash finishes. His impressive streak includes standout performances in the MHW Colossus and the Wednesday High Roller. Just a week ago, he was trailing by 21.18 Lakhs behind the then second-place holder, Gaurav Sood, on the annual leaderboard. However, he swiftly turned the tables, decisively ousting Sood from his spot on the leaderboard, in a testament to his competitive spirit and unwavering determination.

Over the past week, Wadhawan’s annual earnings have soared impressively, reaching a lofty total of 2.35 Crores. Concurrently, his profit margin has experienced a dramatic surge, accumulating an extraordinary sum of 83.01 Lakhs.

Ankit Wadhawan
Ankit Wadhawan


Top Cashes This Year

– 2nd in Spartan Poker’s FTS #58 G.O.D (Game Of Diamonds) for 27.79 Lakhs on March 12

– 2nd in Adda52’s MHW Colossus for 22.43 Lakhs on April 9

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Colossus for 16 Lakhs on May 14

– 3rd in Adda52’s MHW Top Liners for 9.75 Lakhs on May 13

Ankit Wadhawan - Total Profit Graph
Ankit Wadhawan – Total Profit Graph


3. Gaurav Sood

Yearly Cashes – 2,24,82,823

Yearly Profit – 1,00,79,352

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 29,290

Young Gun Gaurav Sood has had a quieter presence in May, and his participation in various tournaments has unfortunately yielded more setbacks than successes. He recorded a net loss exceeding 1.97 Lakhs this week, which led to his displacement from the #2 position in the annual rankings.

However, he is the winningest player on our tracked database, and he has the ability to produce remarkable scores seemingly out of nowhere. For Sood, making such achievements is merely a part of his routine. Hence, it would be wise to remain patient and anticipate his inevitable resurgence. As a two-time Player of the Year (POY), his strategic manoeuvring on the leaderboard is highly anticipated.

Currently, his scorecard displays a total earning of 2.25 Crores, with corresponding net profits amounting to a substantial 1.01 Crores.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


Top Cashes This Year

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire for 14.82 Lakhs on February 26

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s 1000X#32 Main Event for 7.89 Lakhs on January 8

– 1st in Adda52 Millions for 6.18 Lakhs on January 29

– 1st in Adda52’s The Ballers for 5.76 Lakhs on January 6

Gaurav Sood - Total Profit Graph
Gaurav Sood – Total Profit Graph


Young Gun Arsh Grover (Yearly Cashes – 1.96 Crores), Laksh Pal Singh (Yearly Cashes – 1.91 Crores), and Aditya Agarwal (Yearly Cashes – 1.84 Crores) are the other top-ranked players of the year.


For a complete list of online rankings, check out our ‘Leaderboards’ page. If your name is not on our list, register and enter your screen names into your account to get ranked!

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