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Online Rankings: Shashank Mehrotra’s PokerBaazi Classics The MoneyMaker Victory Makes Him the First Weekly Topper of 2022

Online Rankings January 9 - Shashank Malhotra, Ujjwal narwal, Ranjeet Negi
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  • Namita Ghosh January 9, 2022
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In this feature, we bring you to the top three weekly, monthly, and yearly performers every Sunday. These rankings are based on cumulative winnings (cashes). However, the rankings only include players registered to our online ranking system, so if you haven’t signed up on PokerGuru yet, hurry up and register!

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We are just nine days into 2022, and all indications point towards an action-packed year ahead for online poker.

But it would be remiss to continue without first applauding Young Gun Gaurav Sood for his incredible consistency. The 25-year-old MTT pro from Gurgaon has held on to the ‘Winningest Player of the Year’ title for two consecutive years – 2020 and 2021 – adding over ₹8 Crore in as little time, and is all but guaranteed to make a hattrick attempt this year! Even though not in the top 10 on our list in the opening week of 2022, Sood started the New Year by adding ₹6.13 Lakhs to his tally.

This brings us to our first weekly topper of the year. And the distinction falls upon Shashank Mehrotra, who makes his debut in this weekly column. The poker player from Gurgaon will remember last Sunday fondly, where he topped the 1,174-player field in the ₹1 Crore GTD PokerBaazi Classics #1 The MoneyMaker, collecting a personal-best ₹19.75 Lakhs. Mehrotra profited by a substantial ₹19.35 Lakhs on the back of the feat, thereby becoming the first weekly topper of 2022 – both in winnings and profits!

Young Gun Ujjwal Narwal (opted out of our tracking) comes in at #2 on the weekly charts! In addition to winning Spartan Poker`s Sunday Superstack, Narwal fired up a trailblazing Friday run, finishing runner-up in The Elite and fourth in the PBC#10 Weekly HighRoller, picking up ₹15.32 Lakhs from these top finishes alone.

The PBC #1 The MoneyMaker runner-up finisher Ranjeet Negi takes the #3 spot, adding ₹14.96 Lakhs this past week!


Weekly Online Rankings (January 2 – 8)

PlayerWeekly CashesWeekly Profit
Shashank Mehrotra₹19,80,168₹19,35,109
Ujjwal Narwal₹15,32,114₹14,46,034
Ranjeet Negi₹14,94,290₹12,62,650

1. Shashank Mehrotra

Weekly Cashes – ₹19,80,168

Weekly Profit – ₹19,35,109

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 948

Shashank Mehrotra cashed only one event this week, but boy, did he make it count. The Gurgaon-based player enlisted his name as 13th The MoneyMaker champion after winning the opening event in the PokerBaazi Classics, PBC#1 – The MoneyMaker, last Sunday.

Mehrotra was among the 1,174 players who entered the ₹1 Crore GTD The Moneymaker and defeated Ranjeet Negi heads-up to collect a personal-best ₹19.75 Lakhs for the outright win!

Shashank Mehrotra


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s PBC#1 The MoneyMaker for ₹19.75 Lakhs on January 2

Shashank Mehrotra - Total Profit Graph
Shashank Mehrotra – Total Profit Graph


2. Ujjwal Narwal

Weekly Cashes – ₹15,32,114

Weekly Profit – ₹14,46,034

Weekly Leaderboard Points – N/A

Young Gun Ujjwal Narwal has opted out of our tracking, making it extremely challenging to pin his weekly tally to an exact number. Still, Narwal was clearly one of the trailblazers this week.

The IIT Delhi alumni found early success in Spartan Poker`s Sunday Superstack as he won the title for ₹7.55 Lakhs. He followed through with a profitable Friday grind – placing runner-up in The Elite and fourth in PBC#10 Weekly HighRoller. These three finishes alone earned him ₹15.32 Lakhs, enough to put him at #2 in the weekly standings!

Ujjwal Narwal


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s Sunday Superstack for ₹7.55 Lakhs on January 2

– 2nd in Spartan Poker’s The Elite for ₹5 Lakhs on January 7

– 4th in PokerBaazi’s PBC#10 Weekly HighRoller for ₹2.77 Lakhs on January 7


3. Ranjeet Negi

Weekly Cashes – ₹14,94,290

Weekly Profit – ₹12,62,650

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 1,021

Ranjeet Negi is off to a dream start in the New Year, picking up an impressive ₹14.94 Lakhs in the first week. His standout run was his close second-place finish to Shashank Mehrotra in PBC#1 The MoneyMaker for ₹13.84 Lakhs.

Ranjeet Negi


Top Cashes This Week

– 2nd in PokerBaazi’s PBC#1 The MoneyMaker for ₹13.84 Lakhs on January 2

Ranjeet Negi - Total Profit Graph
Ranjeet Negi – Total Profit Graph


Vinayak Bajaj (Weekly Cashes – ₹14 Lakhs), PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer Singh Chadha (Weekly Cashes – ₹13.60 Lakhs), and Tanmay Benara (Weekly Cashes – ₹9.34 Lakhs) were the other top-ranked players of the week.

For a complete list of online rankings, check out our ‘Leaderboards’ page. If your name is not on our list, register and enter your screen names to your account to get ranked!

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