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partypoker Caribbean Poker Party 2018: Filipe Oliveira Wins the Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 Main Event For $1.5 Million

Filipe Oliveira
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  • Namita Ghosh November 19, 2018
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After three starting flights and a week-long run, the 2018 partypoker 2018 Caribbean Poker Party (CPP) $5,300 Main Event has crowned a winner in Portugal’s Filipe Oliveira (cover image). Oliveira outlasted a field of 1,815 entries to claim the trophy and the top prize of $1.5 Million.

Oliveira staged a remarkable comeback in the event, after becoming extremely short in chips onthe final table. He scored a double up through the start of day chip leader Konstantin Maslak to find himself back in the game. In the heads-up play, Oliveira defeated Craig Mason to claim the trophy and $1.5 Million in prize money.

“I was really lucky. That’s about it. I was pretty lucky all the way”Oliveira said after his win.

The top 233 finishers took home a piece of the $10 Million prize pool and 11 players came back on the final day to play down to a champion.

Niek van der Sluijs (11th for $85,000), Anton Wigg (10th for $110,000), and Alex Lynskey (9th for $155,000) were the first ones out and fell short of the eight-handed final table.

Final Table Recap

Joe Kuether was the shortest stack on the final table and failed to get much going. Kuether moved all in with his pocket tens but came up against Mason’s pocket jacks to hit the rail in eighth place.

Alex Turyansky then saw his tournament run ending in seventh place. By then Oliveira was dangerously close to elimination but then found himself doubling up through the start of the day chip leader Konstantin Maslak to get back in the game.

Oliveira’s fellow countryman Diogo Viega, who got Portugal a bracelet this year in the 2018 WSOP Big Blind Ante $3,000 NLHE for $522,715,was taken out by Mason with the latter`s pocket fives busting Veiga’s ace-seven suited. The ace-five-ten flop saw Veiga hit top pair but Mason flopped a set that improved to a flush to eliminate Veiga in sixth place.

Next up, Konstantin Maslak ran his pocket sevens into Konstantin Maslak’s ace-eight that improved to a pair to eliminate Maslak out in fifth place.

Pascal Hartmann was shown the door in fourth place by Oliveira.

Shortly thereafter, Marc MacDonnell’s over-confident call in a hand went horribly wrong as MacDonnell saw his jack-ten defeated by Mason’s jack-six of diamonds that improved to a flush on the rundown. MacDonnell’s third place elimination set the heads-up match in motion.

In the heads-up play against Oliveira, Craig Mason lost the first pot to the former to be left with crumbs. Soon thereafter, the final hand was dealt. Mason opened and then called Oliveira`s 3-bet of 120 Million with against Oliveira’s . The flop fell and Oliveira bet 60 Million. Mason shoved for 299 Million and Oliveira who had Mason covered, made the call. Though Mason picked up some outs on the turn, his luck bricked out on the river, to be relegated to a runner-up finish, while Oliveira was declared the champion!

Filipe Oliveira
Filipe Oliveira – Winner of CPP Main Event

Final Table Results (USD)

1.Filipe Oliveira – $1,500,000

2. Craig Mason – $1,200,000

3. Marc MacDonnell – $1,000,000

4. Pascal Hartmann – $800,000

5. Konstantin Maslak – $600,000

6. Diogo Veiga – $400,000

7. Alex Turyansky – $300,000

8. Joe Kuether – $218,500

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