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partypoker Caribbean Poker Party 2018: Roger Teska Wins $25K MILLIONS World For $2,000,000

Roger Teska
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 14, 2018
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The five-day long $25,500 MILLIONS World at the 2018 partypoker Caribbean Poker Party was hosted inside the convention center at Baha Mar Resort in Bahamas. The event attracted a total of 205 entries across two starting flights, culminating in a $10,000,000 prize pool. When the dust settled, Roger Teska (cover image) emerged as the champion and took home the title and his best live score of $2,000,000.

Teska started the nine-handed final table as one of the shortest stacks and had to wade through competitors like Andras Nemeth, Niall Farrell and Rainer Kempe along the way. He locked horns with Irish pro Steve O’Dwyer in heads-up play and the latter had a commanding lead over him at the start of the finale. In the end, it was the Bloomington – Indiana native who had the last laugh.

A high-stakes cash game regular, Teska had this to say about the heads-up match, “I definitely wasn’t expecting to win coming into this (tournament). These guys know when to shove, what hands to shove with and I don’t. Steve is a better player than I am, so I wanted to play bigger pots.”

His latest win has overshadowed his previous best score of $371,000 and talking about what he intends to do with the prize money, Teska said, “There might be some partying for the next couple days.”

Several big names were seen in action throughout the event, but only 39 among them were able to finish in the money including Koray Aldemir (11th for $200,000), Manig Loeser (12th for $150,000), Michael Addamo (13th for $150,000), partypoker pro Isaac Haxton (17th for $90,000), Nick Petrangelo (23rd for $90,000), Pavel Plesuv (31st for $75,000), Jake Schwartz (33rd for $60,000), Ben Yu (35th for $60,000), Benjamin Pollak (36th for $60,000), partypoker pro Joni Jouhkimainen (38th for $60,000) and Timothy Adams (39th for $60,000).

Indian-origin player Ajay Chabra finished 16th for $120,000, after he went head-to-head against O’Dwyer on Day 3. His lost out to O’Dwyer’s which improved to a straight on the turn.

Indian-Origin Player Ajay Chabra
Indian-Origin Player Ajay Chabra

Patrick Eskandar bubbled the final table at 10th place for $200,000.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Steve O’Dwyer – 81,275,000

2. Ben Tollerene – 74,750,000

3. Joao Vieira – 43,700,000

4. Andras Nemeth – 42,675,000

5. Niall Farrell – 35,525,000

6. Rainer Kempe – 34,325,000

7. Roger Teska – 34,200,000

8. Charles La Boissonniere – 26,225,000

9. Paul Tedeschi – 22,475,000

$25K MILLIONS World Final Table
$25K MILLIONS World Final Table

Final Table Recap

The man from Portugal, Joao Vieira, was the first one to depart from the final table. During level 32, Paul Tedeschi opened to 2.5 Million from middle position with and Vieira jammed from the hijack with for 17.5 Million. The board brought and Tedeschi hit a set of aces on the turn, leading to Vieira’s ninth place elimination.

Immediately thereafter, the action folded to Irishman Steve O’Dwyer who raised the pot to 2.6 Million from the button. Niall Farrell, who was had only eight big blinds behind, moved all-in for 10.5 Million with . Roger Teska woke up with in the big blind and re-shoved all-in, prompting O’Dwyer to fold. The runout missed both players but Teska’s higher pair won him the pot as Farrell exited in eighth place.

Less than an hour later, O’Dwyer raised to 2.5 Million from middle position with and Rainer Kempe shoved all-in from the button with for 15.6 Million. O’Dwyer called to see the community cards open . O’Dwyer’s flopped pair of aces busted Kempe’s rivered pair of kings sending the latter to the rail in seventh place.

Finishing in sixth place was American pro Ben Tollerene when he pitted his against Teska’s . The community cards fanned out and Teska picked up a diamonds flush on the river to eliminate Tollerene.

Shortly after the dinner break, Teska doubled up through Paul Tedeschi, which drastically reduced the latter’s chip count. On his final hand of the event, Tedeschi moved all-in from the small blind and O’Dwyer called from the big blind.

Paul Tedeschi

Steve O’Dwyer

The flop fell and O’Dwyer found a pair of sevens. Tedeschi was looking for an ace but instead the and completed the board, eliminating him in fourth place.

Down to three-handed play, Teska moved all in from the small blind with and Charles La Boissonniere snap-called with for 23.8 Million. The flop brought , giving Teska the lead with a pair of queens. The turn gave La Boissonniere outs for a straight draw, but the on the river dashed those chances and ended his deep run in third place.

Steve O’Dwyer (312,000,000) had a dominating lead over Roger Teska (82,000,000) at the start of the heads-up play and was certainly the favourite to win, but Teska fought back and had conquered the lead just as the two finalists went for the last break of the day.

Runner-Up of $25K MILLIONS World - Steve O'Dwyer
Runner-Up of $25K MILLIONS World – Steve O’Dwyer

On the final hand of the event, O’Dwyer raised to 9 Million from the button with and Teska moved all-in with from the big blind. O’Dwyer tanked for a few seconds and then called with his last 126,000,000. On the rundown , Teska bettered his hand to a pair of eights and picked up the title along with the top prize of $2,000,000!

Winner of $25K MILLIONS World - Roger Teska
Winner of $25K MILLIONS World – Roger Teska

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Roger Teska – $2,000,000

2. Steve O’Dwyer – $1,300,000

3. Charles La Boissoniere – $1,000,000

4. Paul Tedeschi – $700,000

5. Andras Nemeth – $550,000

6. Ben Tollerene – $450,000

7. Ranier Kempe – $350,000

8. Niall Farrell – $300,000

9. Joao Vieira – $250,000

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