Paul Jux Holderness Wins 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event For €74,900

Winner of 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event - Paul Jux Holderness
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 27, 2018
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The four-day long 2018 Unibet Open Dublin €1,100 Main Event hosted at the Bonnington Hotel in Dublin, pulled in a total of 359 entries over three starting flights, generating a prize pool of €359,000. After close to 12 hours of play, UK’s Paul Jux Holderness (cover image) hoisted the trophy, banking €74,900 in prize money.

The 34-year-old player from Bournemouth had come very close to winning another title this series when he finished third in the €2,200 High Roller. He had also participated in the Battle of Malta charity event where he pipped tennis legend Boris Becker in runner-up place to win the title.

Jux Holderness had entered the final table with the fifth-largest stack and played strategically to reach the heads-up finale alongside Frenchman Julien Kron. Even though Kron was in the lead initially, Jux Holderness fought hard to ultimately take down the event.

The top 47 spots took home a portion of the €359,000 prize pool and amongst the notables who finished in the money were Patrick Clarke (11th for €6,250), Rory de Vos (13th for €5,450), Sean Foley (17th for €4,750), Peter Cahill (20th for €3,750), Jari Hurri (23rd for €3,350), Benny Glaser (25th for €3,000), along with Unibet Poker ambassadors David Lappin (27th for €3,000), Quentin Lecomte (43rd for €2,150) and Dara O’Kearney (47th for €2,150).

Robbie McCormack finished 10th for €6,250 and become the final table bubble boy.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Michael Brock – 2,865,000

2. Julien Kron – 1,570,000

3. Mick McCloskey – 1,425,000

4. Henri Koivisto – 1,300,000

5. Paul Jux Holderness – 955,000

6. David Schable – 875,000

7. Joseph Ellis – 725,000

8. Keith Brennan – 665,000

9. Jakub Groblewski – 400,000

2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event Final Table
2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event Final Table

Final Table Recap

Joseph Ellis was the first elimination on the final table when his ran into Julien Kron’s . With the board opening , Ellis made his way to the rail in ninth place.

Almost an hour later, David Schable raised to 100,000 with and Jakub Groblewski 3-bet to 340,000 from big blind holding . The flop favoured Groblewski as he picked up a set of aces, but Schable added outs to a gutshot straight. The turn was a blank but Schable completed his ace-high straight on the river , eliminating Groblewski in eighth place.

Shortly after the remaining seven players returned from a 15-minute break, Henri Koivisto jammed from the hijack for 1,140,000 and received a call from Michael Brock.

Henri Koivisto

Michael Brock

The board brought and Brock rivered a pair of aces which sent Koivisto packing in seventh place.

Following Koivisto to the rail was the man who eliminated him, Michael Brock. The British pro moved all-in for his last 835,000 from the cutoff with and Kron called from the big blind with . The board ran and Kron improved to three-of-a-kind jacks to eliminate Brock in sixth place.

Down to five-handed play, Mick McCloskey shoved all-in for 840,000 with and Keith Brennan tanked for a while before calling from the big blind with . The runout missed both players and Brennan’s pocket sixes were good enough to end McCloskey’s deep run in fifth place.

In what was possibly one of the most interesting hands on the final table, Julien Kron brought about the double elimination of David Schable and Keith Brennan. Schable moved all-in for 940,000, Kron considered his move before re-shoving for 3,145,000 from the button. Brennan called from the small blind for 2,320,000.

David Schable

Keith Brennan

Julien Kron

The flop , improved Kron’s hand to a full house. The remaining two streets brought and which were of no help to either Schable nor Brennan, with the former finishing in fourth place and Brennan coming in at third place.

Runner-Up of 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event - Julien Kron
Runner-Up of 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event – Julien Kron

After the double elimination, Julien Kron (6,580,000) was in the pole position heading into the heads-up play against Paul Jux Holderness (4,200,000). Jux Holderness chipped his way to the top over the course of approximately three hours. On the final hand, Jux Holderness raised to 325,000 with and Kron called with . Both players flopped top pair on . Kron checked and Jux Holderness bet 325,000. Kron called to the turn and then checked once more. Jux Holderness bet 675,000 and Kron moved all-in for around 2.8 Million. Jux Holderness snap-called to see the completing the board. Jux Holderness with his rivered full house won the trophy and the first-place prize money of €74,900.

Winner of 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event - Paul Jux Holderness
Winner of 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event – Paul Jux Holderness

Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Paul Jux Holderness – €74,900

2. Julien Kron – €46,550

3. Keith Brennan – €32,100

4. David Schable – €23,750

5. Mick McCloskey – €18,300

6. Michael Brock – €14,050

7. Henri Koivisto – €11,250

8. Jakub Groblewski – €9,000

9. Joseph Ellis – €7,200

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