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PCA 2019: Martin Zamani Takes Down $25K High Roller For $895,110

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  • Arpit Jain January 17, 2019
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The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) 2019 has finally played out all its big tickets events. The closing event i.e. the $25,000 High Roller saw a champion emerge in Martin Zamani (cover image) who beat the end boss Dominik Nitsche heads-up to collect a paycheque worth $895,110.

The event attracted a huge field of 162 entrants that generated $3,849,930 in prize money. The top 23 places were paid.

Zamani who had $450,000 in lifetime earnings prior to this win is most recognizable for his last name that he shares with his brother, Ben. However, he is now the only member of his family who can boast of winning a $25K buy-in High Roller as he lifted the final high roller trophy last night.

Zamani started the final day of play with an average stack and outran many top high roller pros like Davidi Kitai, Sam Greenwood, and Nick Petrangelo along the day to lift the trophy. Post his win, the modest American simply said, “It was fun. I ran really good.”


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Tom-Aksel Bedell – 1,630,000
  2. Markus Durnegger – 1,590,000
  3. Thomas Muehloecker – 1,530,000
  4. Gianluca Speranza – 1,140,000
  5. Martin Zamani – 1,075,000
  6. Dominik Nitsche – 635,000
  7. Sean Winter – 215,000
  8. Davidi Kitai – 175,000


Final Table Recap

The first one to exit the final table was Davidi Kitai. Thomas Muehloecker opened and short-stacked Kitai pushed all in with pocket queens. Muehloecker called with . The board ran and Muehloecker’s rivered two-pair sent Kitai packing in eighth place.

Following Kitai to the rail was Sean Winter, who opened and Tom-Aksel Bedell called. The eventual champion Martin Zamani 3-bet and Winter called. Action folded back to Bedell who ripped it in and Zamani quickly folded.

Tom-Aksel Bedell
Sean Winter

The board missed both players ending Winter’s run in seventh place.

Gianluca Speranza ran out next when Dominik Nitsche won a massive pot through him that left him all but crippled with just 35,000 in chips. In the very next hand, Bedell and Zamani limped in and Speranza jammed with pocket sevens. Action came to Markus Durnegger, who re-shoved with Ace King off forcing both Bedell and Zamani to get out of the way. The runout proved fatal for Speranza as Durnegger picked up the pot.

Zamani then pulled up his socks by eliminating two players in one hand. Markus Durnegger pushed all in with pocket fives. Tom-Aksel Bedell re-shoved with and Zamani snap called with pocket queens. Zamani dodged all the risky cards to knock out both Durnegger and Bedell at one go.

Zamani then set his sights on Thomas Muehloecker when the latter limped in and the former 3-bet. Muehloecker went into a tank and decided to push all-in holding . Zamani called with and rivered an eight to eliminate Muehloecker at third place.

In the heads-up finale, Zamani came up against a very capable Dominik Nitsche. In the final hand, Nitsche limped and Zamani raised. Action came back to Nitsche, who called to see the flop open . Zamani fired another bet and got the call from Nitsche. The turn brought the and Zamani raised enough to effectively put Nitsche all in. Nitsche called with and Zamani tabled for flopped two pairs and a flush draw. The river ended it for Nitsche as Zamani was declared the champion!

Martin Zamani
Martin Zamani

Final Table Results

  1. Martin Zamani – $895,110
  2. Dominik Nitsche – $606,360
  3. Thomas Muehloecker – $404,240
  4. Tom-Aksel Bedell – $331,100
  5. Markus Durnegger – $265,640
  6. Gianluca Speranza – $205,980
  7. Sean Winter – $152,460
  8. Davidi Kitai – $112,040


Image & Content courtesy: PokerStars/PokerNews

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