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PCA 2019: Sam Greenwood Takes Down $100K Super High Roller For $1,775,460

Sam Greenwod
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  • Namita Ghosh January 14, 2019
  • 4 Minutes Read

The $100,000 Super High Roller at the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) enjoyed an exciting three-day run. When the curtains finally fell, it was one of the world’s most renowned NLHE players, Canada’s Sam Greenwood (cover image) who claimed the title, along with the $1,775,460 cash prize that came with it.

While Greenwood was fourth in stacks with 2,675,000 in chips coming into the final day alongside four other contenders, he left no one in doubt that he was going to walk away with the PokerStars spade when play resumed. Greenwood totally crushed the field, eliminating three of his four opponents in less than four hours to stake claim on the title.

Everything worked out today,” Greenwood said, after his win, “I just had the best hand a lot of times. I think most players, if they had my cards today, would have won.”

The event attracted 56 entries (includes 13 re-entries) on Day 1, with only 33 among them making it past the day`s play. The final field grew to 61, after five more entries registered on Day 2.

Day 2 brought many challenging moments for the contenders. Though the eight-handed final table was reached on Day 2, the play was halted mid-way and the final five players bagged one last time before coming back for a final day of play.

Several hands before the unofficial final table, Steve O’Dwyer, who had survived through several all-ins, was eliminated by Chris Hunichen in 11th place.

Hunichen then knocked out Alex Foxen with his pocket tens dominating Foxen’s ace-six. With Foxen out in 10th place, the remaining nine players were all rounded up on the final table.

Play resumed with the money bubble looming, as the next player to hit the rail would be the last player to fall short of the money line. That infamous distinction fell upon Gregory Jensen who was the player at risk with ace-queen against Jesus Cortes’s pocket nines. Jensen was the slight underdog in the race, and with the board blanking out, he lost all his chips to Cortes.

Final Table Recap

The first casualty on the final table was Stephen Chidwick who lost two hands one after the other to Greenwood. In the second hand, Chidwick was all-in from the big blind with against Greenwood`s in the small blind. The board ran and Chidwick was eliminated in eighth place.

Not long thereafter, Steffen Sontheimer moved all in from middle position for 160,000 with and Hunichen called from the next seat with . Talal Shakerchi came along with a call in the big blind holding . The flop checked through to the on the turn. The two players checked again and the on the river sealed Sontheimer’s fate as he was eliminated in seventh place.

Next to leave was PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov who saw Hunichen making a raise to 65,000 with and Jesus Cortes called from the cutoff with . Big blind Kurganov held and bet 305,000. Hunichen jammed all in covering everyone and Kurganov called for 1,210,000. The flop fell and Hunichen asked for the eight of hearts. The poker gods were listening as the fell on the turn, followed by an incredible on the river, ending Kurganov’s run in sixth place.

The play was halted here with all final players bagging chips for the night.

Final Day Chip Counts

  1. Chris Hunichen – 4,555,000
  2. Henrik Hecklen – 3,465,000
  3. Jesus Cortes – 2,885,000
  4. Sam Greenwood – 2,675,000
  5. Talal Shakerchi – 1,670,000


American pro Chris Hunichen (4,555,000) was in the lead coming into the final day with Henrik Hecklen (3,465,000) and Jesus Cortes (2,885,000) a distant second and third in chips. Talal Shakerchi who had final-tabled the PSPC last week brought in the shortest stack to the final table, with 1,670,000 in chips.

Each of these players were already assured to take home at least the fifth place payout worth $485,300 but all eyes were on the massive $1,775,460 top prize.

Final Day Recap

Geenwood got off to a great start as doubled up through Hunichen to take an early lead.

Talal Shakerchi was the first player to be eliminated. In the hand, Greenwood opened for 100,000 on the button with and small blind Shakerchi moved all in with for 915,000. Greenwood snap-called to see the runout eliminating Shakerchi in fifth place.

Play went on for some time before Chris Hunichen`s dream run in the event came to an end. Hunichen opened the button for 100,000 holding and Greenwood defended his big blind with . On the flop , Hunichen led out for 100,000 and Greenwood dropped in a calling chip. The turn was the and both players checked their option to see the river. Greenwood bet 400,000 and Hunichen quickly called. Greenwood won the hand with his higher kicker. Left with only 345,000 behind, Hunichen waited one hand before calling Henrik Hecklen`s all-in move with . Hecklen tabled and took down the pot on the rundown .

Jesus Cortes was eliminated next in third place, when Greenwood raised the button to 160,000 with and big blind Cortes called with . The flop came and Cortes checked. Greenwood bet 200,000 and Cortes called. On the turn, Cortes checked but Greenwood bet 550,000. Cortes called again to see the river. Here Cortes checked his option and Greenwood moved all in for 1,980,000. Cortes made the call and Greenwood who had hit a straight, scooped the pot scalping yet another player.

The heads-up duel between Henrik Hecklen and Greenwood was a short affair and soon the final hand was dealt. Greenwood limped in from the small blind with . Hecklen with moved all in for 1,380,000, and Greenwood snap-called. The board ran declaring Greenwood as the champion!

Sam Greenwood
Sam Greenwood – Winner of 2019 PCA $100K Super High Roller

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Sam Greenwood – $1,775,460
  2. Henrik Hecklen – $1,284,260
  3. Jesus Cortes – $828,560
  4. Chris Hunichen – $627,340
  5. Talal Shakerchi – $485,300
  6. Igor Kurganov – $378,760
  7. Steffen Sontheimer – $301,820
  8. Stephen Chidwick – $236,720

Image & Content courtesy: PokerStars/PokerNews

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