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PCA 2019: Sean Winter Takes Down $25K Single-Day High Roller For $495,210

Sean Winter
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  • Namita Ghosh January 11, 2019
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The first $25K buy-in Single-Day High Roller at the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) has reached its finale. Outrunning a field of 75 entries (includes 25 re-entries), Sean Winter (cover image) emerged victorious and banked $495,210 in prize money. Though the tournament was initially intended to play out over a day, it was halted once the heads-up between Winter and David Peters was reached, and resumed the following day only after the $50K Super High Roller got over.

Winterhad bagged the overnight chip lead with 5,120,000 in chips against Peters who entered the heads-up play with a stack of 2,380,000. The heads-up match lasted only three hands before Winter claimed the title and the top prize of $495,210. With this win, Winter’s lifetime earnings have crossed $11 Million, even as Peters added $352,040 to his bankroll to take his tally up to $29,574,421.

A total of 68 entries were registered in the first eight levels of play with another seven runners joined the action during the dinner break. Some of the notables who entered early were Igor Kurganov, Steve O’Dwyer, Joe McKeehen, Isaac Haxton, Joe Cada, Jean-Noel Thorel, and Timothy Adams.

Cada ran out of luck after his all-in move with king-high was called by O’Dwyer who held pocket nineswith the board running trey-queen-seven-five-nine..

Soon, several prominent players including Alex Foxen, Byron Kaverman, Cary Katz, Jason Koon, Manig Loeser, Matthias Eibinger and John Juanda joined the action.

Rainer Kempe, who took down the first High Roller title at the ongoing series, i.e. $50K Super High Roller for $908,100, was among the notables in attendance.

By the time the registrations were closed, the prize pool had reached $1,800,750.

A number of players were eliminated in quick succession and among the big names to hit the rail early were Andras Nemeth, Steffen Sontheimer, Benjamin Pollak, Bryn Kenney, Elio Fox, Daniel Dvoress, Ben Yu and Ramin Hajiyev.

With only 11 players assured a payday, the bubble round was slow and last nearly two hours. Peters doubled up from O’Dwyer to improve his stacks while Kaverman found a double up through Ivan Luca. Foxen then tripled up through Winter with his ace-queen getting him the big pot against Winter’s jack-six.

The money bubble finally burst on Jonathan Kamhazi whose king-four was cracked by Jack Salter’s king-nine.

Alex Foxen (11th for $45,020) and Erik Seidel (10th for $45,020) were the first players to finish in the money, and with them gone the nine-handed final table was set.

Final Table Recap

Byron Kaverman was the first one out at ninth place. In the hand, Igor Kurganov moved all in on the flop with king-queen and that was enough to eliminate Kaverman, who called with king-nine..

Despite knocking Kaverman out, Team PokerStars pro Igor Kurganov was eliminated next in eighth place. Kurganov flopped top pair with ace-jack on the board that ran out five-trey-jack-four and decided to bet and call the all in move of Peters. Unluckily for him, Peters had the overpair with kings, and Kurganov who needed an ace or jack to survive found no luck.

Next up, Stanley Choi saw Jack Salter making a raise of 100,000 from the hijack and in retaliation, Choi moved all in from the small blind for 530,000.. Salter decided to call to bring it down to a showdown.



Choi was a firm favorite on the flop and was just one card away from a big double up as the turn brought the . However the on the river saw Salter pairing his ace and with no more chips left to play, Choi was sent packing in seventh place.

Close to an hour later, Steve O’Dwyer was eliminated by Winter when the former moved all in for his last 205,000 and Winter made the call.



Winter had O’Dwyer dominated and with no help on the rundown, O’Dwyer bowed out in sixth place.

Not long thereafter, Ivan Luca was shown the door by Kempe. In the hand Peters raised to 120,000 from the button and Kempe moved all in from the small blind. Luca called from the big blind for his last 140,000 and Peters quickly got out of the way.



The flop fell , keeping Kempe ahead. Luca hit a pair of sixes on the turn but the on the river was a blank resulting in his fifth place elimination.

Gunning for back-to-back High Roller titles,Rainer Kempe fell three places short of the target. Kempe was knocked out in fourth place by Peters who moved all in from the small blind and Kempe in the big blind called for his remaining 650,000.



The flop came and Peters hit a pair of nines. The turn saw Kempe surging ahead with a higher pair of aces but the river brought a winning set for Peters.

Winter scored another elimination on the final table when he made an all in move from the small blind and found a caller in Jack Salter who moved all-in for 1,105,000 from the big blind.



Winter hit a full house on the rundown eliminating Salter out in third place.

The heads-up play between David Peters and Sean Winter saw the chips being exchanged over the next few hands. By the time the play halted for the first break, Peters remained in charge, with 5,755,000 in chips against Winter’s 1,745,000. However, Winter took over the chip lead after he paired his ace on the turn in a hand where Peters held pocket deuces. Winter went on to extend his lead over the next few hands before play was halted for the day. Both players wanted to play the $50K Single-Day High Roller first before closing out the tournament and so the chips were bagged for the night.

Heads-up Chip Counts

  1. Sean Winter – 5,120,000
  2. David Peters – 2,380,000.

Final Day Recap

All it took was three hands on the final day for a champion to emerge. Though Peters managed to double up in the very first hand, Winter took it all back in the next, leaving Peters with only 1,900,000 to play with. The third and final hand saw Winter limp in from the button only to prompt a call from Peters. The flop came down and Peters check-called the 160,000 bet from Winter. The on the turn saw Winter bet another 250,000 and Peters check-called once again. The on the river completed the board and Peters checked for the last time. Winter moved all in, forcing Peters to go into the tank. He used two time bank cards before making the call with for a flopped pair of sevens. Winters tabled for two pair and won the hand along with the title!

Sean Winter
Sean Winter – Winner of 2019 PCA $25K Single-Day High Roller

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Sean Winter – $495,210
  2. David Peters – $352,040
  3. Jack Salter – $230,500
  4. Rainer Kempe – $177,380
  5. Ivan Luca – $140,460
  6. Steve O’Dwyer – $109,840
  7. Stanley Choi – $86,440
  8. Igor Kurganov – $67,520
  9. Byron Kaverman – $51,320


There is more excitement coming up with the $10,300 Main Event scheduled to kick off today. The event will play down to a winner on January 16, while the $100K Single-Day High Roller will be crowning a champion on January 12.

Image & Content courtesy: PokerStars/Pokernews

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