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Phil Galfond Reveals Latest Run It Once Software Updates

Phil Galfond
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  • PG News September 6, 2018
  • 6 Mins Read

Poker pro Phil Galfond’s new online poker site, Run It Once has been more than two years in the making and Galfond has been updating fans and the poker fraternity on the proposed features of the site. And now, with the official launch of the site approaching close, though not formally announced yet, Galfond has divulged more details on improvements to the client.

In a 20-minute video posted on Run It Once’s YouTube channel, Galfond gave viewers a visual walk through the different processes within the Run It Once software. He also announced that the private real money beta will also be getting a boost. By September 13, he said, Run It Once will be adding another 1,000 players to the worldwide beta. Based on the player feedback, the scale of the beta may increase in both players and uptime, he added.

“The plan was to launch this summer and while summer is technical not over. It’s become pretty clear that we’re not going to have a full public launch by September 22. But what we will have is a lot of players playing for real money in our private beta,” Galfond said.

In the video, Galfond shows steps like selecting a dynamic avatar, buying-in to a cash game and selection of the number tables.

When a player sits out at a table, he said, a clock appears to count down for 12 minutes. If multi-tabling, the 12-minute clock starts with the first sit-out. If a player sits out at one table but continues to play on another, he will get only one minute to prevent players from table-camping. However, he pointed out, players can leave only one table and continue on others.

“We’re getting to the point now where, while there are still a lot of known bugs and we’re working on them, they’re fewer and further between,”Galfond added, talking about the latest improvements on the site. “Really, the majority of the beta feedback we’ve received so far has been positive,” he added.

Galfond also gave viewers a sneak peek into the graphics and the interface based on beta testing. A majority of the beta testers have been the Run It Once staff along with a select number of players who have been able to play real money poker on the site since April.

Run It Once was originally slated to launch in 2017 but it was only in April 2018 that the base site features were revealed, along with the first of several written updates.

Galfond has always been one to look out for public opinion on his site’s contents and early into August he called out to the poker community to give their feedback and opinion on preferred table cap, card designs and player avatar details. While Galfond admittedly preferred a four-table cap on multi-tabling, 60% of people who participated in giving a feedback favored the six-table cap.

Galfond also finalized a card front design that was approved by 56% participants, and out of the deck design options given, the one that received the majority vote i.e. 58% was picked.

The Run It Once client has also seen small changes like improved color tagging to indicate thoughts on players and larger avatars. With the site developers still working on increasing the portal’s responsiveness and improving the bet slider and option buttons, Run It Once when launched, will expectedly deliver a smooth navigation experience to users.

Watch Galfond’s Run It Once video here.

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