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Phil Galfond Discusses Reward Updates For His Online Poker Site – Run It Once

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 23, 2018
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Three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Phil Galfond‘s online poker site – Run It Once (RIO) has been in the works for a while now. On November 19, another update came through, however, this update was not related to the software, instead it talked about the rewards program that Galfond intends to offer on his new site.


In recently published blog, Galfond talk about how streaming was an important part of the upcoming site.

“We’ve always known that in one way or another, streaming would be a focus for us. Though we will still keep open the traditional route of striking deals with individual streamers, we knew that if we were going to break into the world of poker streaming on the scale we wanted to – no… on the scale we needed to – we would have to get more of the poker community involved.”

3-Times WSOP Bracelet Winner - Phil Galfond
3-Times WSOP Bracelet Winner – Phil Galfond

Commenting on the need for a creative promotion, Galfond explained, “We went to work trying to come up with some sort of creative promotion that could get a lot of the community involved in streaming on Run It Once Poker. After plenty of brainstorming and back and forth, we finally settled on an idea we liked – one that gave streamers the chance to compete for some cool rewards.”

Even Run It Once pro Elías Gutierrez was involved in the process. “Once we locked down the basics of the promotion, my first thought was to run it by Run It Once pro, Elías Gutierrez, who has plenty of experience in the world of poker video content, streaming included”, Galfond added.

Apparently, while Gutierrez liked the idea put forth to him, he had an even better idea to offer. According to the plan suggested by Gutierrez, Run It Once streamers (streamRs) will have their “watch time” calculated, which equals the number of hours viewers watch a stream, with all viewers’ hours added together. In the example given, if someone streams for four hours in a day and has ten average viewers, that’s 40 hours of watch time.

Watch time then qualifies streamRs for one of four tiers, each of which rewards the player with rakeback.

Four Tiers of Run It Once Rakeback program:

Run It Once Rewards Program

Further additions are expected to made to this program once RIO is launched and the site has more data to work with.

Galfond emphasized that rakeback will not be the primary rewards system on Run It Once. He also clarified things on Two Plus Two, saying that this streamR program is in addition to the normal loyalty program. The rakeback given is not part of the rewards budget, so it isn’t cutting into other rewards. It is part of the marketing budget.

Galfond informed that he would be detailing the standard rewards and rakeback program in his next update post.

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