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Pocket52 PSL Season 3: PokerDangal Kolkata Kings` Srihari Bang Wins the Semi-Finals, MPL Goan Nuts & Bengaluru Legends Eliminated

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  • Arpit Jain February 19, 2021
  • 4 Minutes Read

After weeks of exhilarating action, the Pocket52 Poker Sports League (PSL) Season 3 (Virtual) semi-finals are finally over, and the time is fast approaching to announce the winners formally!

After the Delhi Czars and Deccan Aces qualified directly for the finals, the six remaining teams moved to the semi-finals that began at 4 PM on February 17 (Wednesday). Only four out of the six participating teams made the cut for the finals, and three players from each of these teams participated.

The PokerDangal Kolkata Kings pro Srihari Bang secured the top finish in the semi-finals, securing 6,000 points for his team. Gujarat Falcons’ Paawan Bansal (runner-up for 4,500 points) and his teammate Abhishek Goindi (3rd for 3,700 points) finished second and third.

Srihari Bang
Srihari Bang


In the aftermath of the semi-finals, MPL Goan Nuts and Bengaluru Legends ended up being at the bottom of the charts, and hence, were eliminated.

Joining Delhi Czars and Deccan Aces in the finals will be the PokerDangal Kolkata Kings, Gujarat Falcons, MPL Mumbai Anchors, and Chennai Troopers. The Grand Finale will start at 4 PM on February 20.


Semi-Finals Recap

The semi-finals started at 4 PM on Wednesday, February 17, and it took almost five hours for the 18 player field to whittle down to the six-max final table.

Abhishek Goindi
Abhishek Goindi


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Abhishek Goindi – 191,751
  2. Paawan Bansal – 187,314
  3. Akshay Nasa – 130,100
  4. Aditya Sushant – 82,950
  5. Srihari Bang – 52,960
  6. Romit Advani – 45,565


Final Table Recap

The first one to bust was the shortest stack on the table, Gujarat Falcons’ Romit Advani, who open-shoved from the small blind with . Srihari Bang from the big blind looked him up with . There was no help for Advani on the board, and he took sixth place for 1,600 points.

Romit Advani
Romit Advani


MPL Mumbai Anchors’ Akshay Nasa soon lost most of his stack and fell out in fifth place for 2,100 points. On his final hand, Nasa shoved his five big blind-stack with and Gujarat Falcons’ Paawan Bansal called with . Bansal spiked a jack on the river to send Nasa packing.

Akshay Nasa
Akshay Nasa


PokerDangal Kolkata Kings’ Aditya Sushant was the shortest stack at this point. He opened UTG with . Bansal defended his big blind with and hit a flush on the flop . Sushant led out, and Bansal check-raised. Sushant moved all-in, and Bansal snap-called with the second nuts. The turn and the river completed the board, and Sushant fell out in fourth-place to collect 2,700 points. After this hand, Bansal became the chip leader.

Aditya Sushant


Three-handed, Bang won a massive pot off Paawan Bansal to take over the chip lead. Bang continued his domination at the table by eliminating Gujarat Falcons’ Abhishek Goindi in third place. The action saw Bang open 2X with , and Goindi defended his big blind with . The flop opened and Bang fired a bet. Goindi tank-shoved and Bang immediately called. The turn and the river blanked out, ending Goindi’s run in third place for 3,700 points.

Heads-up, Srihari Bang started with a stack of 266,928 against Paawan Bansal’s 191,336, and the former managed to further pull ahead to take a commanding 4:1 chip lead. The match was soon over. On the last hand of the match, Bansal opened with , and Bang ripped it in with . Bansal called and was relegated to a runner-up finish on the runout .

Runner-up Paawan Bansal
Runner-up Paawan Bansal


Final Table Results

  1. Srihari Bang – 6,000 points
  2. Paawan Bansal – 4,500 points
  3. Abhishek Goindi – 3,700 points
  4. Aditya Sushant – 2,700 points
  5. Akshay Nasa – 2,100 points
  6. Romit Advani – 1,600 points


Its Finale Time

The four qualifying teams from the semi-finals, i.e., PokerDangal Kolkata Kings, Gujarat Falcons, MPL Mumbai Anchors, and Chennai Troopers, will now be joining Delhi Czars and Deccan Aces in the Grand Finale slated to begin at 4 PM on February 20 (Saturday).

The six-max SNG will see one player from each team participate, with each player’s starting stack directly proportional to their team’s current standings. It would be fair to assume an electrifying finale as each team will have their star player playing.

The top three finishing teams will win a share of the ₹1.20 Crore cash prize. Here are how the starting chip stacks look like for the finale –

  1. Gaurav Sood – Delhi Czars – 100,000 chips
  2. Vaibhav Sharma – Deccan Aces – 75,000 chips
  3. Srihari Bang – PokerDangal Kolkata Kings – 50,000 chips
  4. Romit Advani – Gujarat Falcons – 40,000 chips
  5. Akshay Nasa – MPL Mumbai Anchors – 30,000 chips
  6. Kanishka Samant – Chennai Troopers – 20,000 chips

Don’t forget to check out the live-stream of the finals on VOOT starting at 4 PM on Saturday, February 20, and keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates from PSL – Season 3 (Virtual)!

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