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Poker Dream Vietnam: Ewe Eng Soon Champions Super High Roller For VN₫5.23 Billion, India’s Kartik Ved Finishes 11th (VN₫424 M)

Poker Dream Vietnam - Ewe Eng Soon and Kartik Ved
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  • Namita Ghosh October 20, 2022
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The inaugural Poker Dream Vietnam running at the Grand Hall of Hoiana Hotel & Suites in Hoi An, Vietnam, since October 14, is already a huge success!

One of the latest events to play down to a winner was the VN₫230 Million (~$9,400) buy-in Super High Roller. Malaysia’s Ewe Eng Soon toppled the 92-player field in the event and defeated Hong Kong’s Devan Tang heads-up to win his first-ever live tournament title and a hefty VN₫ 5.23 Billion (~$215,000) payday! Tang secured a runner-up payday of VN₫ 3.634 Billion.

The Super High Roller recorded a massive VN₫19,699,960,000 (~$805,000) prize pool – the biggest prize pool yet in the series. The top 13 finishers earned a payout, including India’s Kartik Ved. The WSOP bracelet winner made it as far as 11th place, netting VN₫424 Million, his second standout score in Vietnam in less than a month. Last month, Ved had come close to taking down the 2022 WPC-SEAPT Main Event, finishing runner-up for VN₫ 2 Billion.

Kartik Ved
Kartik Ved

Team India has another title sweat brewing, with Kunal Patni storming into the final table of the two-day Deepstack. Only two days ago, Patni took down the Mystery Bounty for VN₫ 353.25 Million, getting India its first title in the series. The former banker will be returning for the final day`s play chasing the title and the VN₫379.18 Million (~$15,450) up top!

Poker Dream Vietnam Deepstack final table
Kunal Patni on the Poker Dream Vietnam Deepstack final table

Most of the attention is now on the showstopper event of the festival, the VN₫25M (~$1,020) buy-in Main Event that features a prize pool guarantee of VN₫10 Billion – the biggest prize pool ever guaranteed in Vietnam. As we speak, the first of the three Main Event starting flights is up and running. Level 5 is underway, with over 200 hopefuls in the fray.

Returning to the Super High Roller, it took nine hours for the money bubble to burst. The eventual champion, Ewe Eng Soon, doubled up twice during the hand-for-hand play on the money bubble. The only player from the Philippines remaining in the event, Lester Edoc, was eliminated as the bubble boy after he shoved his last eight big blinds with king-nine into Short Deck High Roller champion Yeu Wei Hsiang. With Edoc out in 14th place, all the remaining 13 players were in the money, and each assured at least VN₫ 394 Million.

Wai Leong Chan (10th for VN₫ 424 Million) was the last player to fall before the final table started.

You can watch the replay of the final table live stream below.



Final Table Recap

The nine-handed final table witnessed its first three eliminations in quick succession. Malaysia’s Ewe Eng Siang was the first to leave in ninth place. His two compatriots, Zhi Yi Ning and Yeu Wei Hsiang followed soon after.

Next up, Vietnam’s Pham Tien Dung shoved with ace-five, but Hamish Crawshaw looked him up with pocket nines. With no ace on the runout, Dung’s tournament run ended in sixth place.

Crawshaw next took out Malaysia’s Tzer Chiuan Lim in fifth place.

As Crawshaw kept scoring knockouts, the eventual runner-up Devan Tang survived multiple all-ins to orchestrate a dramatic rise from a three-BB stack.

In what was the biggest pot on the final table yet, Hong Kong’s Danny Tang engaged with Soon in a hand where he held ace-king versus Soon’s pocket sixes. Soon improved to two-pair on the runout to take down the pot. Down to his last three big blinds, Tang was quickly eliminated in fourth place by Crawshaw.

New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw had been dominating the final table, but he couldn’t survive much longer. Crawshaw lost two all-in showdowns against Devan Tang and lost the remainder of his stack to Soon in third place.

Coming into the heads-up, Soon started with 82 big blinds versus Devan Tang’s 25 big blinds. On the second hand of the match, Tang shoved with , going up against Soon’s . The board ran , getting Soon his first-ever live title and a jaw-dropping VN₫5.23 Billion first-place cash prize!

Ewe Eng Soon
Ewe Eng Soon

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Ewe Eng Soon – VN₫5,230,000,000
  2. Devan Tang – VN₫3,634,000,000
  3. Hamish Crawshaw – VN₫2,403,000,000
  4. Danny Tang – VN₫ 1,882,000,000
  5. Tzer Chiuan Lim – VN₫ 1,516,000,000
  6. Pham Tien Dung – VN₫ 1,182,000,000
  7. Yeu Wei Hsiang – VN₫ 935,960,000
  8. Zhi Yi Ning – VN₫729,000,000
  9. Ewe Eng Siang – VN₫552,000,000

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