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Poker Dream Vietnam: Taiwan’s Zong Chi He Champions Megastack For VN₫ 765.22 Million; Indian Pro Abhinav Iyer Finishes 23rd (VN₫ 36.10 Million)

Zong Chi He & Abhinav Iyer
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis October 18, 2022
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The last two days of the inaugural Poker Dream Vietnam, underway at the Hoiana Hotel & Suites KHOS in Quảng Nam, Vietnam was dominated by players from Taiwan and Malaysia. Both nations added two titles each and scored multiple final table finishes.

Leading the charge was Taiwan’s Zong Chi He, who championed the 296-player field in the Megastack, besting fellow compatriot Fu Bang Huang (2nd for VN₫ 485 Million) heads-up to win the title for VN₫ 765.22 Million!

India’s Abhinav Iyer was the lone ‘desi’ pro to register a score in the event. The WSOP bracelet winner finished 23rd for VN₫ 36.1 Million, getting India its third cash of the series.

Like several top regs from India, Iyer has been actively participating in the live MTTs in the South-Asian belt. The 2019 APT Vietnam Main Event champion has picked up several scores through the year, with one of his deepest runs coming in Event #14: ₱76K High Rollers – Single Day of the 2022 APT Philippines II, where he finished fifth for ₱171,900.

Thailand’s Chunharas Tossapat went head-to-head with fellow Thai pro Phachara Wongwichit in the High Roller Single Day. Tossapat came out on top to claim the title and top prize of VN₫ 1.869 Billion, and Wongwichit banked VN₫ 1.328 Billion in second place.

Malaysia’s Yeu Wei Hsiang (Won Short Deck-Ante Only Event for VN₫ 1.747 Billion), Taiwan’s Sin-Ren Chen (Won Pot Limit Omaha Turbo for VN₫ 83.80 Million), and Malaysia’s Jason Wai Kit Lau (Won Short Deck Event for VN₫ 59.30 Million) won the other side events!


Taiwan’s Zong Chi He Wins Megastack (VN₫ 765.22 Million); India’s Abhinav Iyer Finishes 23rd (VN₫ 36.10 Million)

The VN₫ 15 Million buy-in Megastack saw 296 hopefuls coming in through two starting flights, generating a prize pool worth VN₫ 3.876 Billion. The event paid out 46 places, and the field dwindled to a heads-up clash between Zong Chi He and Fu Bang Huang, where Taiwan’s title tally would increase regardless of who won.

In the end, He edged past fellow countryman Huang, winning his maiden live title for VN₫ 765.22 Million. Huang collected VN₫ 485 Million in second place.

From India, WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer was also seen in action. The Young Gun had a strong run on Day 2, where he grabbed the chip lead and was responsible for eliminating several players. However, Iyer`s run ended in 23rd place, fetching him VN₫ 36.10 Million.

Abhinav Iyer
Abhinav Iyer


The elimination of Yi Wei Peng (10th for VN₫ 65.2 Million) got the nine-handed final table going.


Final Table Recap

Phung Quoc Minh was the first player to fall out of the final table after his ran into Zong Chi He’s that rivered a ten-high straight on the runout .

Nguyen Manh Trung was sent packing in eighth place, and he lost his stack with to Shyh Chyn Lim’s .

Vu Thai Bao was next to join the rail. Bao`s failed to improve against Fu Bang Huang’s , fetching him the seventh-place payout.

Shyh Chyn Lim settled for a sixth-place finish. With the pressure increasing, he jammed his 10-BB stack with and got looked up by Oh Junseok holding . The board drew a blank, and Junseok’s Queen-high kicker packed off Lim.

Hwang Seong Il was next to fall in fifth place, his getting crushed by Huang’s .

Rungrot Nuannoi was the next player to exit the final table. He lost the last of his chips with against He’s , collecting the fourth-place payout.

Oh Junseok was dimissed in third place when his was bested by He’s and flopped a flush on the board .

The all-Taiwanese heads-up clash had Zong Chi He (110 BBs) starting off with a considerable lead over Fu Bang Huang (69 BBs). The heads-up lasted for 20 minutes, with He emerging as the victor.

On the final hand, He’s went up against Huang’s . The board ran , and He spiked an Ace on the river to take down the title.

Zong Chi He
Zong Chi He


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Zong Chi He – VN₫ 765,220,000
  2. Fu Bang Huang – VN₫ 485,000,000
  3. Oh Junseok – VN₫ 363,000,000
  4. Rungrot Nuannoi – VN₫ 293,000,000
  5. Hwang Seong Il – VN₫ 229,500,000
  6. Shyh Chyn Lim – VN₫ 175,300,000
  7. Vu Thai Bao – VN₫ 128,700,000
  8. Nguyen Manh Trung – VN₫ 94,600,000
  9. Phung Quoc Minh – VN₫ 77,600,000


Thailand’s Chunharas Tossapat Ships High Roller Single Day For VN₫ 1.869 Billion

The heads-up of the High Roller Single Day was a battle of the Thai pros, Chunharas Tossapat and Phachara Wongwichit. The tournament took 15 hours to complete, and in the end, Tossapat stood tall with the Poker Dream Vietnam’s custom-designed dragon trophy in his hand and the VN₫ 1.869 Billion up-top!

The more popular Wongwichit settled for a runner-up payout worth VN₫ 1.328 Billion.

The VN₫ 100 Million buy-in High Roller gathered 73 entries, posting a VN₫ 6.796 Billion prize pool, which was distributed among the top 11 finishers.

Chunharas Tossapat
Chunharas Tossapat


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Chunharas Tossapat – VN₫ 1,869,000,000
  2. Phachara Wongwichit – VN₫ 1,328,700,000
  3. Wayne Heung – VN₫ 869,400,000
  4. Ewe Eng Soon – VN₫ 669,500,000
  5. Hyun Soong Joo – VN₫ 530,200,000
  6. Kannapong Thanarattrakul – VN₫ 414,600,000
  7. Siow Choon Tong – VN₫ 326,300,000
  8. Jun Wah Yap – VN₫ 254,900,000
  9. Benjamin Sai – VN₫ 193,700,000
  10. Jimmy Guerrero – VN₫ 170,000,000
  11. Thanisorn Sealor – VN₫ 170,000,000


Malaysia’s Yeu Wei Hsiang Ships Short Deck-Ante Only For VN₫ 1.747 Billion

The final table of the VN₫ 120 Million buy-in Short Deck-Ante Only was stacked with Malaysians. Hence, it was hardly surprising when Malaysian player Yeu Wei Hsiang topped the 46-entry field to clinch the lion’s share of the VN₫ 5.139 Billion prize pool worth VN₫ 1.747 Billion.

Hong Kong’s Co Chung Chuen finished runner-up for VN₫ 1.207.

Kong Chen Ming (3rd for VN₫ 770.90 Million), Jun Wah Yap (5th for VN₫ 462.60 Million), and Kok Wai Sim (6th for VN₫ 359.80 Million) were the other Malaysians who FT-ed the event.

Yeu Wei Hsiang
Yeu Wei Hsiang


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Yeu Wei Hsiang – VN₫ 1,747,120,000
  2. Co Chung Chuen – VN₫ 1,207,700,000
  3. Kong Chen Ming – VN₫ 770,900,000
  4. Danny Tang – VN₫ 591,000,000
  5. Jun Wah Yap – VN₫ 462,600,000
  6. Kok Wai Sim – VN₫ 359,800,000


Taiwan’s Sin-Ren Chen Wins Pot Limit Omaha Turbo For VN₫ 83.80 Million

Sin-Ren Chen brought Taiwan her second title in the series after shipping the Pot Limit Omaha Turbo for VN₫ 83.80 Million. Hong Kong’s Devan Tang came second for VN₫ 57.90 Million.

The VN₫ 6 Million buy-in tourney locked in 47 entries, collecting VN₫ 246.20 Million in the prize pool.

Korea’s Lee Haerok (4th for VN₫ 28 Million) and Filipino Jason Kyle Magbanua (6th for VN₫ 17.30 Million) picked up their second FT scores of the series.

Sin Ren Chen
Sin Ren Chen


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Sin-Ren Chen – VN₫ 83,800,000
  2. Devan Tang – VN₫ 57,900,000
  3. Prommin Talordpong – VN₫ 37,000,000
  4. Lee Haerok – VN₫ 28,000,000
  5. Ngo Anh Quan – VN₫ 22,200,000
  6. Jason Kyle Magbanua – VN₫ 17,300,000


Malaysia’s Jason Wai Kit Lau Champions Short Deck For VN₫ 59.30 Million

The Short Deck registered 57 entries, generating a VN₫ 298.56 Million prize pool. Jason Wai Kit Lau won the single-day VN₫ 6 Million buy-in event for VN₫ 59.30 Million, becoming the first Malaysian to win a title at the series, even before Yeu Wei Hsiang took down the Short Deck-Ante Only!

Lau struck a four-way deal in the event with Nguyen Kinh Huyen (2nd for VN₫ 60.70 Million), Tam Lon Tek (3rd for VN₫ 51.22 Million), and Wai Cheong Wong (4th for VN₫ 56.60 Million).

Jason Wai Kit Lau
Jason Wai Kit Lau


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Jason Wai Kit Lau – ₫59,300,000*
  2. Nguyen Kinh Huyen – ₫60,700,000*
  3. Tam Lon Tek – ₫51,220,000*
  4. Wai Cheong Wong – ₫56,600,000*
  5. Cao Minh Thai Bao – ₫24,500,000
  6. Satoshi Kuriag – ₫19,100,000
  7. Phachara Wongwichit – ₫15,300,000
  8. Jen Yong Wong – ₫11,900,000

*denotes a four-way deal


Content & Images Courtesy: Poker Dream & So Much Poker

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