Poker King Cup Macau 2018: Kui Song Wu Wins HK$200K Super High Roller For HK$1,720,000 ($220,124)

Kui Song Wu
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The HK$200,000 Super High Roller at the 2018 Poker King Cup Macau was held over a period of two days at the luxurious Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, attracting a field of 21 players that created a prize pool of HK$3,910,000. Outlasting the field was China’s Kui Song Wu (cover image), who defeated the likes of Michael Addamo, Takashi Ogura and Mikita Badziakouski to ship the event and claim the trophy and top prize worth HK$1,720,000 ($220,124).

Day 1 of the Super High Roller event saw 16 entries, one of which was a re-entry by Shan Huang.

Jacob Rasmussen, Gui Fei Zhang, James Chen and Duan Chao busted out, as Ye Wang (710,000) led the 11 survivors to Day 2.

Chen re-entered on Day 2 before the late registrations closed, along with Wenling Gao, Chan Wai Leong, Jing Hui Ying and Louis Nyberg.

Six eliminations took place on Day 2, including Sergio Aido, who bubbled the final table, after which the nine-handed final table commenced.

Kui Song Wu
Kui Song Wu

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Ye Wang – 878,000

2. James Chen – 876,000

3. Takashi Ogura – 800,000

4. Kui Song Wu – 748,000

5. Shan Huang – 636,000

6. Mikita Badziakouski – 505,000

7. Phanlert Sukonthachartnant – 282,000

8. Michael Addamo – 270,000

9. Phachara Wongwichit – 255,000

Final Table Recap

Busting out in ninth place was Phanlert Sukonthachartnant who shoved for 91,000 from early position and was called by Mikita Badziakouski in the hijack. Sukonthachartnant pitted his card 2card 3 against Badziakouski’s card 3card 1. The community cards fanned out card 2card 1card 3card 2card 3 and while both players flopped a pair of aces, Badziakouski’s jack high kicker helped him win the pot, as Sukonthachartnant was sent to the rail.

Immediately after Sukonthachartnant, Phachara Wongwichit jammed from the hijack with 198,000 and Michael Addamo called from the small blind with 201,000.

Phachara Wongwichit card 1card 3

Michael Addamo card 3card 1

The runout card 2card 1card 2card 3card 3 missed both layers, but Addamo’s ace kicker kept him in the running, while Wongwichit departed in eighth place.

Almost two hours later, Takashi Ogura shoved all in for 610,000 from the cutoff and James Chen re-shoved from the button, covering Ogura by 10,000. Addamo asked what the exact amount was and decided to also shove from the small blind, having them both covered.

Takashi Ogura card 1card 2

James Chen card 3card 2

Michael Addamo card 2card 3

The flop fell card 3card 3card 2, putting Chen in the lead with three-of-a-kind nines. The rest of the board dealt card 1 and card 3. While Chen was confirmed as the new the chip leader, Addamo lost majority of his stack and Ogura was railed in seventh place.

Soon thereafter, Mikita Badziakouski shoved from the small blind for 510,000 and Kui Song Wu promptly called from big blind. Badziakouski tabled card 3card 2 and Wu turned over card 3card 1. The board spread out card 1card 3card 2card 1card 2 and Wu’s high cards helped him eliminate Badziakouski in sixth place.

An hour later, Chen moved all-in and Addamo folded his small blind, but Shan Huang called in the big blind for around 260,000.

Shan Huang card 2card 3

James Chen card 2card 1

The rundown brought card 3card 1card 1card 3card 3 and Chen rivered a pair of jacks, while Huang became the tournament bubble and busted out in fifth place.

Down to four-handed play, Michael Addamo shoved for 230,000 from under-the-gun and Ye Wang re-shoved from the button for 605,000, as the rest of the table folded. Addamo revealed card 1card 2 against Wang’s pocket fives. The board card 1card 3card 3card 3card 3 did not help Addamo better his hand and he became the first player to finish in the money as he bounced off in fourth place.

Several hands later, Ye Wang jammed from the button for his last 370,000 and received a call from Chan in the big blind. Wang’s card 3card 3 ran into Chan’s pocket nines. With the board card 3card 3card 3card 3card 2 not turning in Wang’s favour, he bowed out in third place.

Following the third-place elimination, the heads-up match was set up between Kui Song Wu (4,200,000) and James Chen (1,000,000). Wu had a massive lead over Chen and a few hands into the heads-up, Wu min-raised from the button and Chen called to see the flop card 3card 3card 3. Wu fired out a continuation bet and Chen check-raised all-in. Wu snap-called and both players their cards.

James Chen card 3card 3

Kui Song Wu card 3card 1

Chen, who had flopped a pair of sixes, was in the lead as his rail started to cheer. The turn card 2 was inconsequential but the card 3 on the river ended Chen’s hopes of victory as Wu hit the higher pair of kings and took home the trophy and first-place prize money of HK$1,720,000.

Kui Song Wu
Kui Song Wu

Final Table Results (HKD)

1. Kui Song Wu – HK$1,720,000

2. James Chen – HK$1,017,000

3. Ye Wang – HK$704,000

4. Michael Addamo – HK$469,000

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