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Poker King Cup Macau 2018: Wei Ran Pu Takes Down HK$16,500 Main Event for HK$1,464,000 ($187,239)

Wei Ran Pu
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  • PG News September 26, 2018
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Asia’s gaming capital Macau has been the epicenter of some high-octane action with the Venetian Macau playing host to the 2018 Poker King Cup Macau. Capping off the show was the HK$16,500 Main Event that saw 518 runners joining the action through three starting flights. Eventually, it was Wei Ran Pu (cover image) who won the event to claim the top prize worth HK$1,464,000 (~$187,239).

Pu clashed with Jian Dong Yu in the heads-up match that lasted just ten hands before Pu defeated Yu to win the title.

Of course I’m very excited to win,” said Pu after the tournament. “This is my biggest ever win, which I think I’ll celebrate by spending the money on playing more poker tournaments,” he added.

This year’s edition of Poker King Cup Macau featured buy-ins ranging from as low as HK$2,000 to as high as HK$200,000. Summing up the action, the series saw 1,076 entries across the events, taking the overall prize money to an impressive HK$18,512,700 ($2,370,480).

President of Poker King Club, Winfred Yu called the series a success. “I think with the limited amount of time and resources we have, we are happy with the player numbers this series.”

The great turn out proves that Macau is still the number one capital of poker in Asia, and the range of buy-ins from HKD 2,000 all the way up to HKD 200,000 satisfies all types of players, from the seasoned professional to the keen amateur, and the entrants have all been happy with the tournament poker on offer this series.” he added.

A total of 63 players took home a piece of the HK$7,536,900 prize pool in the Main Event. While 63 contenders returned for Day 3, the field whittled down to the final eight players towards the end of the day’s play.

Day 1B and Day 1C chip leaders, Zhang Chao (30th for HK$45,200), Ke Fei Na (34th for HK$45,200), China’s Sun Bin (36th for HK$45,200), Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung (46th for HK$33,200), Portugal’s Antonio Martins (51st for HK$33,200) were among the notables to post scores in the event.

Ke Wang (11th for HK$107,800) from China, Hong Kong’s Chi Fu Sze (12th for HK$107,800) and Day 2 front runner Shi Qiang Lin (14th for HK$87,400) also fell before the final table. The unofficial final table comprised of ten finalists, and after the eliminations of Jeho Lee (9th for HK$147,000) and Chi Hi Fang (10th for HK$107,800), the official eight-handed final table was set.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Li Yu – 3,445,000

2. Yang Wang – 3,340,000

3. Wei Ran Pu – 2,415,000

4. Jun Fang – 2,170,000

5. Jian Dong Yu – 2,080,000

6. Cang Sheng Ni – 710,000

7. Liang Song – 740,000

8. Qi Cheng Du – 605,000

Final Table Recap

The eight-handed final table saw eliminations coming quick and intense and just three-and-half hours into play Pu was declared the champion!

Qi Cheng Duwas the first player to fall out of the final table in eighth place after his ace-king was outflopped by Yu’s king-queen.

Shortly thereafter, Li Yu, who had entered the final table with the biggest stack got into a huge three-way pre-flop all in pot against Pu and Cang Sheng Ni, where Pu tabled pocket aces against Yu’s pocket tens and Ni’s ace-king. While Ni was railed out in seventh place, Yu lost a big chunk of his stack, a loss that cost him his tournament life several hands later.

Li Yu did manage to improve against Liang Song with his pocket tens holding up against Song’s ace-five that sent the latter to the rail in sixth place.

Next up, Jun Fang was sent packing in fifth place by Pu who flipped with pocket jacks against Fang’s ace-king. Pu chipped up big in this hand though he couldn’t maintain the lead for long.

Li Yu’s remarkable run in the event ended next. As the shortest stack at the table, he chose to move all in from the button and was called by Pu from the big blind. Yu tabled card 3card 1 against Pu’s card 2card 1. Already trailing Pu’s pocket sevens, Yu couldn’t improve his hand on the card 3card 2card 2card 3card 1 runout and departed in fourth place.

Yang Wang entered the three-handed play as the shortest stack and was the first to leave. In the hand, action folded to Wang in the small blind who moved all in with card 3card 3. Pu asked for a count and called tabling card 2card 3. Pu held the lead and maintained it all the way through as the community cards ran card 3card 2card 2card 1card 3 eliminating Wang in third place.

The heads-up play between Jian Dong Yu and Pu lasted only ten hands, with Pu winning seven of them. He was clearly gunning for the title and in the final hand, Yu led out for 525,000 from the button. Realizing that he had bet in slightly more than he intended to, Pu tried to take some of the chips back but was prevented by the dealer. Taking his chances, Pu declared all in and Yu responded by moving in the rest of his stack to make the call. Yu tabled card 2card 1 while Pu held card 1card 3. Pu’s pocket sixes were in the lead, and the board card 1card 3card 1card 3card 1 blanked out for Yu, who was relegated to the rail in runner-up place. Pu’s rail cheered for his victory as he won the tournament for a handsome HK$1,464,000 payday!

Wei Ran Pu

Wei Ran Pu

Final Table Results (HKD)

1. Wei Ran Pu – HK$1,464,000

2. Jian Dong Yu – HK$1,026,500

3. Yang Wang – HK$660,200

4. Li Yu – HK$488,400

5. Jun Fang – HK$366,300

6. Liang Song – HK$46,848

7. Cang Sheng Ni – HK$244,900

8. Qi Cheng Du – HK$195,200

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