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Poker Masters 2018: Ali Imsirovic Claims Back-to-Back Titles, Wins $50K NLHE For $799,000

Ali Imsirovic
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  • PG News September 14, 2018
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Continuing his winning streak, Ali Imsirovic (cover image) bagged back-to-back titles at the ongoing 2018 Poker Masters. After taking down the $25,000 NLHE for $462,000, Imsirovic went on to capture the $50,000 NLHE, pocketing a hefty payday of $799,000. This is Imsirovic’s largest career score and with this win, his total earnings in the series have crossed $1.2 Million. Not just this, he has now catapulted straight to the top of the Purple Jacket race, holding 660 points.

“I was thinking about that last night. I was just happy to be at another final table. I knew I could take over the lead with another good showing. But with the Main Event coming up, I think I’ll save the partying for later,” Imsirovic said, after his win. The American pro clashed with Germany’s Koray Aldemir in the heads-up match. The duo engaged over nearly 100 hands before Imsirovic defeated Aldemir to claim the title.

The tournament featured the biggest buy-in among the events that had played out so far and 47 runners entered the field, with many firing multiple bullets to re-enter. Only the top seven spots were to take home a minimum assured $117,500.

Imsirovic sent many poker bigwigs packing including Dan Smith, Rainer Kempe, Matt Hyman and Elio Fox. Other prominent faces who failed to make it further included, Nick Schulman, Keith Lehr, Daniel Negreanu and Jason Koon.

The action was tense as only seven players were left in the running and one of them was to miss the final table. Eventually it was Bryn Kenney (7th for $117,500) who missed out, leaving the six finalists that made it to the final table.

Imsirovic clearly had a huge lead with 3,630,000 as the players bagged their chips at end of Day 1. He was followed by Justin Bonomo (980,000) and Jake Schindler (835,000).

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Ali Imsirovic – 3,630,000

2. Justin Bonomo – 980,000

3. Jake Schindler – 835,000

4. Koray Aldemir – 710,000

5. Seth Davies – 465,000

6. Sam Soverel – 430,000

Final Table Recap

Justin Bonomo may have been the second-biggest stack when the final table action kicked off but he was left struggling to survive after he lost a major pot to Korey Aldemir. In the next hand, Bonomo tangled with Imsirovic who raised to 50,000 in the cutoff with card 3card 1 and big blind Bonomo added 15,000 to the pot, putting himself at risk with card 2card 3. The board ran out card 3card 3card 1card 2card 1 and Imsirovic hit a pair of jacks on the turn while Bonomo failed to connect with the board and was eliminated in sixth place.

Imsirovic then sent Sam Soverel to the rail in a hand where he raised to 70,000 from under the gun with card 1card 3 and the action folded to Soverel who moved all in for 225,000 from the big blind with card 3card 3. Imsirovic snap-called and both players turned over their cards. The flop fell card 3card 1card 3 and Soverel was still trailing. Though the card 3 turn gave him a flush draw, the card 2 river was a brick and Imsirovic’s pair of queens held, sending Soverel out in fifth place.

Next up, Jake Schindler found his tournament run cut short in fourth place when Imsirovic moved all in from the small blind with card 3card 2 and Schindler who first showed his card 1card 3 to Imsirovic, tank called with his last 555,000 from the big blind. Imsirovic flopped a pair of fives on the card 3card 1card 3 runout and despite drawing two outs on the turn card 3, Schindler couldn’t improve on the card 3 river and bounced off in fourth place.

Imsirovic continued to dominate the three-handed play and soon Seth Davies faced his elimination when Imsirovic limped from the small blind with card 3card 3 and Davies raised to 110,000 from the big blind with card 1card 3. Imsirovic called to see the flop open card 3card 2card 2. Imsirovic checked to Davies who bet in 155,000, and Imsirovic check-raised all in with two pair, prompting Davies to snap-call for his last 540,000. The turn was the card 2 and the card 1 appeared on the river. Imsirovic still held the superior hand and it was time for Davies to depart in third place.

The heads-up match was a long and grueling series of hands where Imsirovic managed to bluff through several hands but Koray Aldemir fought back and the lead exchanged hands. Finally, Aldemir who was down to 10 big blinds moved all in with card 3card 2 on the button and Imsirovic wasted no time in calling from the big blind with card 3card 3. The card 1card 3card 2 flop didn’t bring any relief for Aldemir and the card 1 turn sealed the deal for Imsirovic. Aldemir was forced to concede the title to him, settling for a second place finish.

Ali Imsirovic
Ali Imsirovic

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Ali Imsirovic – $799,000

2. Koray Aldemir – $517,000

3 Seth Davies – $352,500

4. Jake Schindler – $235,000

5. Sam Soverel – $188,000

6. Justin Bonomo — $141,000

Meanwhile, the $100,000 NLHE event has opened with a total of 15 entries and only eight of them remain in the field, with Day 2 action yet to begin.

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